Entrance Exams and Dates


The Freshman program offers online and in-person entrance exams. All applicants must take an entrance exam.

Online Seminars: What is the Freshman Program?

If you want to know more about the Freshman Institute, the study options offered and details about the application process, join one of our online seminars.

All online seminars are in English. Other languages are available upon request.

Registration for online seminars: freshman(at)fh-aachen.de

Date   Time (Berlin Time)
12 March 2021   12:00 (12 noon)
8 April 2021   15:00 (3:00 pm)
7 May 2021   14:30 (2:30 pm)
more seminars are planned    

Sample Exams & Information about the Entrance Exam

How to prepare for the math entrance exam:

Download PDF document

Download WORD document

See below for the language and sample exams .

Topics of the Math Exam

Use of calculators is not permitted.

  • Elementarey Calculus: Sets and Numbers
    > Working with Sets
    > Working with Fractions
  • Powers and Percentage
    > Working with Powers, Roots und Percentage
  • Equations/Inequalities in one Variable
    > Lineare Equations/Inequalities
    > Quadratic Equations/Inequalities
    > Radical Equations
    > Absolute Value Equations
    > Equations/Inequalities with Fractions
  • Geometry
    > Area of Polygons and Circles
    > Angles in Triangles
    > Volumes of  Cylinders, Cones and Spheres
  • Elementary Functions
    > Power Functions
    > Properties/Roots of linear, quadratic and cubic polynomials
    > Logarithmic Functions
    > Exponential Functions
    > Trigometric Functions

German:  The entrance exam is in German for applicants with previous knowledge of German.

  • German - written and oral
  • Mathematics - written

English:  The entrance exam is in English for applicantswithoutprevious knowledge of German.

  • English - written and oral
  • Mathematics - written

Requirements for Online Entrance Exams

Requirements for Online Exams

If you are taking an online exam, you must have the following

Exam Fee

  • The online entrance exam costs US$ 45. You will be billed directly by ExamRoom.ai, the service provider for the exam after a successful technical checkup (tech check).


  • Internet connection 10Mbps of upload/download speed
  • You must use a desktop or laptop computer to take the exam. You cannot take the exam on a mobile phone.
  • If using a Mac, please ensure screen recording permissions are allowed for Chrome browser to have the best experience during your exam.
  • You must use a headset with microphone to take the exam
  • Do not use institutional laptops or any computers for which you do not have administrative access
  • You cannot take the exam using VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Mobile Phone

  • You must use an Android mobile phone for proctoring.  iPhones will not work for proctoring. If you don't have an android phone, please borrow one.
  • Ensure you have the latest version of Chrome Browser and Android version 6 or above on your mobile phone.

General Requirements

  • You are not permitted to test in a car, bus, or other vehicle, or in an internet-cafe.
  • You must be alone in the room during the exam.

Online Entrance Exam Dates and Deadlines

Online Entrance Exams - planned

Exam Location     Exam Date     Registration Deadline   Language
Online     21 February 2021     31 January 2021   English or German
Online     20 March 2021     27 February 2021   English
Online     17 April 2021     27 March 2021   English or German
Online     16 May 2021     25 April 2021   English
Online     mid-June 2021     3 weeks before exam   English or German
TestAS     see www.testas.de     15 July (+ language certificate)    



As an alternative to the entrance exam you can register for the TestAS www.testas.de.  The application deadline for the Freshman program is 15 July through the Online Application Portal.  You must upload an official German (for German track) or English (for English track) language certificate with your TestAS results.


Due to the Covid-19 Corona virus, we will probably offer in-person exams only in the countries listed below. Applicants from all other countries should register for the online exams.

Exams at the FH Aachen, Campus Jülich, Germany

Exam Dates

Exam Date Time Registration Deadline
Monday, 15 March 2021   cancelled due to corona    
Monday, 10 May 2021   09:00   Monday, 26 April 2021
Monday, 14 June 2021   09:00   Monday, 31 May 2021
Monday, 12 July 2021   09:00   Monday, 28 June 2021
Monday, 26 July 2021   09:00   Monday, 12 July 2021



Through our online application portal.


Mr. Krichel krichel(at)fh-aachen.de

Test Location:

Room 00A65
FH Aachen, Campus Jülich
Heinrich-Mußmann-Str. 1
52428 Jülich

Test Fee: €50 must be paid upon registration

Name of account: AcIAS e.V.
Bank name: Sparkasse Düren
Purpose: Surname, First Name; Entrance Exam, Date of the Exam, Exam Location
Bank account number: 314807
Bank code: 39550110
IBAN: DE90 3955 0110 0000 3148 07
Bank address: Ecke Schenkel-/ Zehnthofstr. 52349 Dueren, Germany


The next entrance exams will be in 2021.  The dates will be posted here when available.

Registration:  Registration through our Beijing office beijing(at)fh-aachen.de if you aren't registered through a local partner.

Application deadline:  One day before the entrance exam. Late registrations can be accepted if space in the test center is available.


The next entrance exams will be in the second week of March 2021.  The dates will be posted here when available.

Registration and Information:

IranFreshman Group

(+98) 912 0 418 518


Soheil Mirzapoor mirzapoor(at)freshman-institute.de.



The applicants who are attending the 11th or 12th grade of high school may take the exam. Students in 12th grade may start the Freshman program in October 2021. Students in 11th grade may start the program in October 2022.

REGISTRATION:  Prof. Dr. Aysegül Artmann a.artmann(at)fh-aachen.de or one of our agencies.

2021 Entrance Exams in Turkey

Exam Location   Exam Date   Registration Deadline
Izmir   29 April 2021   15 April 2021
Ankara   02 May 2021   15 April 2021
Istanbul   05 May 2021   15 April 2021