Tuition, Fees and What's Included

Flyer: What is included in your fees (Englisch)

Flyer: Was ist in den Gebühren enthalten (Deutsch)


The all-inclusive fees are currently 19,500 euros for the Freshman program 2022/2023.

The fees must be paid upon receipt of the admission to the Freshman program in order for the student to participate in the course.

This includes the 500 euros security deposit for rooms, which will be paid back at the end of Freshman program, if no damage has occurred.

This  summary and short explanation of the fees of the Freshman program is not legally binding. Only your original admission letter is legally binding.

Refund Policy

If a student cancels his or her enrollment before the program begins, the following conditions for refunding his or her payment apply:

Reservation fee: non-refundable
Cancellation before 1 August of the planned academic year:   85% refund
Cancellation before 1 September of the planned academic year:   70% refund
Cancellation before 1 October of the planned academic year: 50% refund
Cancellation after 1 October of the planned academic year:   no refund

If a student is refused a visa to Germany at the beginning of the Freshman program, the payment will be refunded, minus a €500 administrative fee.
Confirmation from the German embassy stating that the visa application was rejected must be submitted.

Send requests for refund and cancellation to refund(at)freshman-institute(dot)de.

All fee refunds are based upon the actual amount received by the Freshman program.
Any bank fees are the responsibility of the student.

Living Conditions

Students live in double rooms with another student of the same sex during the Freshman program.

See Student Life for more information.

Classes and Internship/Practical Workshop Training

All classes and language courses are included. Practical workshop training/internship is included for selected programs. See Calender Classes Internship for details.

Free public transportation within all of the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia (Semester Ticket)

Semester Ticket for Public Transportation

The Semester Ticket is for free travel on most public transportation within the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia and is included in the Freshman fees.

General Services

  • pickup service from Dusseldorf International airport upon first arrival in Germany
  • all-around support and counseling services

For details see "General Assistance" under Campus and Student Life.

Health and Other Insurance

During the Freshman program

    After the Freshman Program

    Tuition in the bachelor’s program is fully subsidized by the German government for excellent international and domestic students; therefore students do not have to pay any tuition fees for bachelor’s or master’s programs.  After completion of the Freshman program, students enrolled in a bachelor’s program must pay only the semester fee, which is currently approximately €325 per semester at public universities. For students in the German state of North Rhine/Westphalia, this mandatory semester fee includes public transportation within and other amenities.  At the time of enrollment in the bachelor’s program, most students will need a blocked account, which currently requires about €10500 per year to cover their living expenses. Students can access the money from their blocked account in monthly increments.