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Dear people seeking advice,

Despite the developments related to coronavirus, we are here for you regarding all questions about your choice of study.
You can find our current counselling services here!


Up-to-date Information on the Start of Studies!


We are delighted that you have decided on a course of study at FH Aachen. The Student Service Centre (SSC) has compiled important information relating to the start of studies, such as preparatory courses, introductory events and the start of lectures. You can find that information here.



Dates of University Fairs

FH Aachen is present at information fairs every year:

Academic Counselling Newsletter

For teachers, parents and pupils interested in studying, General Academic Counselling sends out a newsletter on study and career guidance four times a year. It contains everything you need to know about information and counselling services at FH Aachen .

You can subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, the newsletter via the following link:

The last four issues are available for download here:

September 2020
December 2020
March 2021
May 2021

Consulting Emphasis

General Academic Counselling advises and supports pupils and all other prospective students regarding questions about study choices and study decisions. During the course of study, students will find help here if they have any questions about studying or if they encounter problems relating to their study progress.

  • Study orientation, study choice and study preparation
  • Study contents, course of study structure and study requirements
  • Change of degree programme or university
  • Study-relevant personal problems
  • Information about other counselling services and other universities

Like all student counselling services at state universities, General Academic Counselling is guided by recognised standards when it comes to its counselling activities. Accordingly, these are

  • individual,
  • neutral,
  • unbiased as to the result, and
  • confidential.

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Study Location Aachen
Eupener Straße 70, Building C
52066 Aachen
T. +49.241.6009 51801
F. +49.241.6009 52836

Visiting Hours
discontinued for the time being - see News

Study Location Jülich
Heinrich-Mußmann-Straße 1
52428 Jülich
Room 00A63
T. +49.241.6009 51801
F. +49.241.6009 52836

Visiting Hours
discontinued for the time being - see News


Availability by Telephone
Mon-Thu: 8 a. m. - 3.30 p. m.
Fri: 8 - 11 p. m.

Due to counselling sessions and video conferences, we are not constantly available on the phone.
If this is the case, please call again at a later time.