"Extraraum" (Extra Space) is a joint initiative of the City of Aachen, its universities FH Aachen and RWTH Aachen as well as their respective Student Union's Executive Committee (AStA). The campaign, drawn up by the FH Aachen, wants to put the spotlight on the students' housing situation. All citizens are asked to provide  reasonably priced housing. A lot of offers can already be found on the website of the housing exchange "Extraraum". | Go to Extraraum

AStA (Student's Union Executive Committee)

An important and helpful contact is the AStA (Student's Union Executive Committee) of the FH Aachen. It can offer valuable advice when it comes to finding a flat or flat-share.

Allgemeiner Studierenden-
ausschuss der FH Aachen (AStA)
Stephanstraße 58 - 62
52064 Aachen
T +49.241.6009 52807
F +49.241.6009 52828

Studierendenwerk Aachen (Student Welfare Services)

The "Studierendenwerk Aachen" (Student Welfare Services) offers a lot of reasonably priced housing opportunities in Aachen and Jülich, distributed among altogether 22 housing areas.

Additionally, the "Studierendenwerk Aachen" offers a total of 219 flats in a private housing area.

Detailed information directly at the Studierendenwerk.

Project "Wohnduo"

Being involved in social issues and having reasonably priced accommodation: Since 2010, the "Studentenwerk" has combined these two components within their housing project "Wohnduo" (loosely translated: Living in Pairs). The concept is fairly simple: Housing providers (young families as well as older people or handicapped people) take in a student. The rental fee is relatively low, in exchange the tenant then supports the owner of the flat in his or her everyday life.

Studentenwerk Aachen AöR
Turmstraße 3
52072 Aachen
Brigitte Jungheim
T +49.241.8093 260 daily from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

HomeCompany Aachen

The rented flat centre HomeCompany Aachen finds flats for a low commission fee.

HomeCompany Aachen
Kapuzinergraben 24
52072 Aachen
T: 0241/19445

Valuable Housing Tips

No matter what it's about: accommodation offices, questions regarding certificates for state-subsidized housing, or applying for a housing subsidy - the Department "Wohnen" of the Aachen Municipality assists students in all of these, and similar, areas.

Fachbereich (Department) Wohnen
Verwaltungsgebäude Bahnhofplatz
Hackländerstraße 1
52064 Aachen
T +49.241.432 6409
F +49.241.432 6418

Office Hours:
Mon 8 a.m.-03 p.m., Wed 8 a.m.-4.45 p.m., Fri 8 a.m.-12 p.m.

Online Flat-Hunting

Aachen is a popular student city that attracts a lot of young people - this can make finding a flat rather difficult. Find assistance at the following online services (among others): 

Housing Subsidy

"Wohngeld" (housing subsidy) is a financial contribution towards your rent. In order to be eligible for this subsidy, you must not be entitled to a government education and training grant (BAföG), and social want must be ascertained. Having your BAföG application rejected because your parents' income exceeds the limit, does not suffice. The BAföG entitlement is inapplicable, if, for instance, academic certificates are not provided, or the maximum support duration has been exceeded, if a field of study change is not recognized, if you, as a foreign student, are not eligible for BAföG, or BAföG is denied for age reasons.

Apply for "Wohngeld" at the respective service sector of the Aachen Municipality (if you live in Aachen-Mitte) and in all district offices. In Jülich, the social security office is the place to go to when it comes to "Wohngeld".



AStA Transporter Hire

Got plans to move or do a big shop? This could be difficult to manage with bus or train. The Student's Union Executive Committee (AStA) has got a solution to this problem: They hire out their transporter to students. | Go to Transporter Hire