Explorations of Occupational Fields

Since 2017, FH Aachen has been organising occupational field explorations at the Aachen and Jülich locations in the second half of each school year. In consultation with the training instructors, General Academic Counselling organises and accompanies the programme.

In small groups, 8th grade pupils get practical insights into everyday training. Under the guidance of training instructors and trainees, participants can play an active part in various workshops, laboratories and institutions, they can ask questions and explore the desired occupational field thoroughly.

At present, we offer occupational field explorations in six of the nine apprenticed professions at FH Aachen. Pupils can become acquainted with the following apprenticed professions: Kaufmann für Büromanagement, Fachangestellte/r für Medien- und Informationsdienste (Bibliothek), Industriemechaniker/in, Chemielaborant/in, Physiklaborant/in und Mathematisch Technischer Softwareentwickler/in.

FH Aachen Occupational Fields Explorations 2017

FH Aachen Occupational Fields Explorations 2018

FH Aachen Occupational Fields Explorations 2019 (in progress)

Explorations of occupational fields take place on days that are set by the education offices. Pupils can book these with their supervising teachers via the respective occupational field exploration portal of their district:

Buchungsportal Kreis Düren

Buchungsportal Städteregion Aachen

Buchungsportal Kreis Heinsberg


Further information on apprenticed professions at FH Aachen can be found here.