Lectures for

Prospective Students


Das Sommersemester wird aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie vorerst auch nach dem 20.04. weiterhin online stattfinden, sodass ein Besuch der Vorlesungen für Studieninteressierte nicht möglich ist - wir bitten um Verständnis.


Die Vorlesungen für Studieninteressierte sind im Rahmen von KAoA (Kein Abschluss ohne Anschluss) entwickelt worden. Dieses Angebot dient der Studien- und Berufsorientierung und ist für die Standardelemente SBO 6.5 Studienorientierung und SBO 6.2.3 Praxiselemente anrechenbar.

Why should you attend lectures?

Nowadays, it is often difficult to decide whether, and what, you want to study. The closer you look at a degree programme, the more certain you can be that you do not have any wrong perceptions.

What can you expect?

The lectures and exercises compiled here are taken from the regular range of lectures and are characteristic of your degree programme, i.e. these are subjects that explicitly represent the respective degree programme.

This also means that, in terms of content, you will not understand everything that's done. That is not a big deal, though. You can, however, get an impression of whether you find the respective degree programme exciting and what everyday life at the university will look like in general. Ideally, this will confirm your choice of studies.

When does it make sense?

Of course, it only makes sense to attend specific lectures if you have previously looked into the degree programme and have decided on the last two or three degree programmes of your choice. We will be happy to help you with this in advance. Come visit us at General Academic Counselling and we will review the degree programmes with you.

What can I look at and how do I sign up?

All lectures that are open to prospective students can be found here. The "Wochenliste" (week list) view is the easiest one to use.
In order to get to know the fundamentals as well as the specialisations of a degree programme, we recommend that you choose, if possible, classes from the lower and higher semesters.

In the course catalogue, pick the date on which you would like to attend which events. Then sign up via the Web Contact Form. After that, you will receive a registration confirmation.

For organisational reasons, please sign up at least one week in advance. Make sure to check the course catalogue shortly before the date to find out if any changes have been made (e.g. room, time).