Finding the Right Course of Study

(This information is relevant for German students only.)

Finding the Right Course of Study

What comes after your A-levels and getting your university entry qualification? Should I study - if so, what and where? It's during senior classes (if not before) that pupils are itching to get these questions answered. With more than 1,800 degree programmes at 50 locations in NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia) some may find it hard to find a suitable course of study. For this reason, state universities and universities of applied sciences, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research, have launched a project that helps reaching a decision: the "StudiFinder".  

After specific questions relating to your personal interests, inclinations and professional preferences, the online self-assessment test makes suggestions for suitable degree courses. Pupils are then forwarded from the online platform to the webpages of the respective universities where they can find detailed information on the degree course.

On the basis of these results, "Studifinder" simultaneously draws up a profile which serves as a starting point for the personal interview with General Academic Counselling of the respective university.

Since October 25, 2012, prospective students have been finding answers on to the question which course of study suits them best.