Maternity Protection for Students

Since the beginning of 2018, pregnant and nursing students have been benefitting from the legal provisions of the Maternity Protection Act as well.

The objective of the new maternity protection law is to ensure the best possible health protection for pregnant and nursing students as well as for the unborn child. In addition, disadvantages resulting from pregnancy, childbirth or the nursing period are to be avoided or compensated in order to establish equal opportunities.

The specific rights of female students arising from maternity protection, the options available during the special maternity protection periods and the further formal sequence of events can be found in the information leaflet on maternity protection.

Students are at liberty to report their pregnancy to the university. However, the university can only fulfil its duty of care, if it has been informed by the student about an existing pregnancy or nursing period.

If you decide to notify us of your pregnancy, please fill in the form "Mitteilung einer Schwangerschaft" (notification of pregnancy) in full and submit it by email, post or in person to the SSC.

After notification of your pregnancy, a formal risk assessment and, if necessary, an adjustment of the study conditions will be carried out on an individual basis for you. This way, the university ensures that the health of the mother and the child is not endangered at the place of study during pregnancy, after childbirth or while nursing.

We are happy to help you find your own path during this special time of study as well as the right balance in order to ensure that your studies are as trouble-free as possible!


Leaflet and Forms

Merkblatt zum Mutterschutz für Studentinnen
Mitteilung einer Schwangerschaft
Verzichtserklärung (§ 3 Mutterschutzgesetz)
Widerruf der Verzichtserklärung (§ 3 Mutterschutzgesetz)