FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get a library card?

  • FH Aachen students  can use their FH Card as student ID, as library card and as a pay card for dining halls (Mensa) and cafeterias.  Find a summary of all functions and requirements of the FH Card in the info flyer [PDF] and the Legal References [PDF] [For all further questions regarding the FH Card, please see FAQs FH Card.]
  • As an employee or professor of the FH Aachen, fill in a registration form in the library. You can also register online [Form].
  • Upon presentation of a valid identification card, RWTH Aachen students and residents of the Aachen-Jülich region can register in the library as well.

A few days after registration, you can pick up your library card in the library.

Please produce your valid student ID and identification card (or passport with a resident registration certificate).

As default, we use the first 4 digits of your birthday (DDMM) as the password for your online account. You can change your password yourself, at any time.

How do I print documents in the library?

  1. The user number of your library card and password are required (Password: the first 4 digits of your birthday [DDMM e.g. 0501]).
  2. The document to be printed needs to be available as a PDF file without password protection. The file size must not exceed 40 MB.
  3. It has to be uploaded via the tab "Job to printing station" on the homepage (https://druckstation.bibliothek.fh-aachen.de).
  4. This will work from every computer, from home as well as from the user PCs in the library.
  5. Log on to the printing station with your user number and password.
  6. Open the preview of the print job. Choose between the document in colour or in black and white. A printer will be automatically chosen accordingly. In addition to that, there is the possibility to select duplex printing.
  7. Finally, click the button "drucken" ("print"), and you're done.
  8. Your library account will be charged with the printing fees which you can pay later at the circulation desk or by bank transfer.

The print job does not get through to the printing station. What can I do?

Frequent Causes:

  • Several people are simultaneously sending too many print jobs to the printing station:
    Wait a few minutes.

  • PDF is too large:
    Choose the option "Erweitert" (Advanced) on the "Drucken" (Print) screen, then select "Als Bild drucken" (Print as an image).

  • Data file is not in PDF format:
    Convert file to PDF

How many times may I renew the due date of my borrowed books?

You may renew the due date up to four times if the item on loan has not been  reserved. After the expiration of the fourth renewal period, the media have to be presented at the circulation desk. If no reservation has been made, the books will be reversed and may be borrowed again right away.

Out of service hours, this procedure can be carried out at the self-checkout system, provided that the media belong to the respective branch library.


The book is on loan. How do I get it?

By way of the online catalogue (OPAC), you can reserve media, which have been borrowed by other users.

For a medium on loan, select the tab "Reservation/Order".

For a reservation, you need your user number and your password (Default: the first 4 digits of your birthday [DDMM]).

You will promptly receive a "success message" with information on the prospective due date.


How can I order books from other branch libraries?

Media which have been borrowed from your "home branch" or are exclusively available at another branch library, can be ordered from other branch libraries. You always activate orders from the list of results after doing an online search. The displayed status in the catalogue entry is "available for request". Now go to the tab "reservation/order" and click on "select".

Log on with your user number and your password (Default: the first 4 digits of your birthday [DDMM]).

As soon as the medium has arrived at the library, you will be notified.

Please do not confuse the following:
Order (Bestellung) = Ordering literature from other branch libraries
Reservation (Vormerkung) = Reserve literature which has been borrowed by other users
Purchasing suggestion (Anschaffungsvorschlag) = Books which you would like to suggest for acquistion

Screenshot Medium bestellen

How do I search for media in the online catalogue?

First of all, you need as much basic information on the book you're looking for as possible (ISBN, ISSN, author, title). With help of this information, you can search the online catalogue.

If there is a hit, you will be informed whether the desired title is currently available or not. 

If the wanted book is on loan or only available in another branch library of the FH Aachen, you can make a reservation or order it to your "home branch library".

Can I, as a user of the FH Aachen (in Aachen), order books from the RWTH Aachen via inter-library loan?

No, you can't, but you will get the media directly at the RWTH. Your FH library card is not valid at the RWTH, so please make an application for an additional library card there.

Can I, as a user of the FH Aachen (in Jülich), order books from the RWTH Aachen via inter-library loan?

Students from Jülich can order media from the RWTH Aachen via inter-library loan. 

Fees per order: 1,50 €.