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The library is a central facility of the FH Aachen. It primarily serves teaching, study and research at the University of Applied Sciences. It provides the following services regarding media and information supply:

  • Acquisition, stock exploitation and information services by means of printed and electronic media, as well as maintainance of the supply
  • Procuring media from other libraries through interlibrary loans and document delivery services
  • Provision of learning and workplace opportunities in physical and electronic form
  • Advice, support and training for the members of the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences in dealing with media.

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Information for Professors

Library system

Library system

Branch libraries

Branch libraries

The library of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences is a one-tier library system with one administration and four branch libraries.

After registration you get a library card. You can borrow books and other media from all branch libraries. You can order media of another branch library to your "home branch library".

Branch Library Architecture and Civil Engineering

Branch Library Architecture and Civil Engineering

Bayernallee 9 - Room 00111- D-52066 Aachen - Germany
Phone: +49.241.6009 51104 
Fax    : +49.241.6009 52287

E-Mail: bibliothek(at) 
How to get there [German only]

Collection: 37,000 volumes, 136 print journals and other periodicals
Reading room with 54 seats, 16 computers for general use, scanner and photocopier available.

Special features: Collection of 19th century portfolio editions, use on request.


A tour of the FH Aachen branch library Bayernallee on YouTube:

Branch Library Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Aerospace Engineering, Business Studies

Branch Library Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Aerospace Engineering, Business Studies

Eupener Str. 70, Room E011 - D-52066 Aachen - Germany
Phone.: +49.241.6009 52050
Fax: +49.241.6009 52287 

E-Mail: bibliothek(at) 
How to get there 

Main emphasis of the collection: Mathematics, electrical engineering, data processing and communications engineering, mechanical engineering, construction design, industrial engineering, aircraft construction, driving gear construction, aerospace technology

Collection: 65,000 volumes, 259 print journals and other periodicals

Reading Room with 98 seats, 25 computers for general use available, printing station and scanner; Self-Service Station

A tour of the FH Aachen branch library Eupener Str. on YouTube:

Branch Library Design

Branch Library Design

Boxgraben 100, Room 02103 - D-52064 Aachen -  Germany
Phone: +49.241.6009 51507 - 
Fax    : +49.241.6009 52287 -

E-Mail: bibliothek(at) 
How to get there [German only]

Main emphasis of the collection: Product design, interior design, photography, graphic and media design, typography, cultural history, arts

Collection: 20,000 volumes, 63 print journals and other periodicals 

Reading room with 22 seats, 4 computers for general use and scanner, printing station available. Watching of films on DVD is possible as well.  

A tour of the branch library on YouTube [in German] :  

Branch Library Jülich - Chemistry and Biotechnology, Medical Engineering and Technomathematics, Energy Technology

Branch Library Jülich - Chemistry and Biotechnology, Medical Engineering and Technomathematics, Energy Technology

Heinrich-Mußmann-Str. 3 - Auditorium Room A 101 - 52428 Jülich - Germany
Phone.: +49.241.6009 53414 
E-Mail: bibliothek(at) 

How to get there [German only]

Collection: about 50,000 Volumes, 65 print Journals and other periodicals
Reading room: 156 seats, 29 computers for general use, printing station, scanner and copier available
Special features: Diploma theses, self-service checkout 

A tour of the branch library Jülich on YouTube: [German only]

Library management

Library management

Library manager is library director Mrs. Andrea Stühn.
phone: +49.241.6009-52066
fax: +49.241.6009-52287
email: mailto:stuehn(at)

Her proxy is Mr. Klaus Thormann
phone: +49.241.6009-52065
fax: +49.241.6009-52287
email: mailto:thormann(at)

§2 Verwaltungs- und Benutzungsordnung

(1) The library shall be directed in accordance with standardised library policies. This requires a full time manager who has to have the qualification for higher library service.

(2) The library director shall be appointed by the principal on the recommendation of the senate.

(3) She or he is expert superior of all civil servants of the library. Concerning stock selection, she or he has to consider the literature requests of the departments, central facilities and other units of the institution, unless contrary to important reasons.

Library card

Library Card

  • Students of the FH Aachen can use their FH Karte as a student identity card, as a library card and as a payment card for the dining halls and cafeterias. 
    Both basic and further information about applications, terms and conditions can be found  in the info sheets "Information about the FH Karte" [PDF] and "Legal Information about the FH Karte" [PDF].
    Former (regular) library cards and account numbers remain valid until the respective FH Karte has been activated.
    Frequently asked questions about the FH Karte will be answered in the section FAQs FH Karte.
  • Staff members and professors of the FH Aachen can activate the FH card for employees as a library card via the service page 
  • Students of RWTH Aachen and residents of the Aachen-Jülich region can also register by presenting a valid identity card.

You can use your library card/FH Karte to borrow media in all branch libraries of the FH Aachen, to order media from other branch libraries to the one you are frequenting, to place holds on currently unavailable books, to check your account and to extend loan periods.

Logging on to your library account and borrowing media at the self-service check-out machine requires a password. The default password is your date of birth in the form DayDayMonthMonth. Your user number is displayed below the barcode of your library card or above the barcode of your FH Karte.

Each initial library card is free of charge. For a replacement card, the library charges an administration fee of 10.00 EUR. Please notify the library staff immediately if you have lost your library card. Your account will then be locked until your card has been found or replaced. Should you require a replacement FH Karte, you can order it – also subject to a certain charge - using the "Services" ( page. Once you have locked your FH Karte, it can only be unlocked again by the staff of the "Services" team. 

Purchasing Suggestions

Purchasing Suggestions



If you think that something is missing from our library collection, please let us know. You are welcome to make purchasing suggestions regarding the acquisition of  new (text-)books and other media (videos, CD-ROM etc.) [go to the form ].

There are different ways to do this:

  • personally and traditionally - please hand in your purchasing suggestion at one of the branch libraries.
  • electronically, directly from your work place – go to our homepage and fill in the form.

Unless the book is already available or the order is already pending, the required title will be procured in line with our aquisitions policy statement and, if desired, will be reserved for you. If the title is already available, our staff will  contact you and reserve it for you.

Tips for professors and members of staff

Before making an order, please take into consideration whether this title is listed as a study essential in your list of required reading. If so, we will have to obtain multiple copies to be used as course books. We would appreciate you sending us lists of required or recommended reading for your lectures and courses in due time before the beginning of the term. Then we can take care of acquiring these titles in time.

As we don't always have a sufficient number of copies of relevant titles in stock, we would like to offer you the opportunity to compile reserve collections in the library.

Books that are in high demand for either a course or a lecture will be shelved separately under your name and will be excluded from general lending for the duration of the course. Each participant of the course will then have the opportunity to use the literature (to read it and copy parts of it).

What is obtained, what isn't?

The university library exclusively acquires media that is required for teaching, studying, research and development, creative assignments and advanced vocational training of the branches of study represented at the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

In principle, we obtain any information medium. By preference, reference works or databases are acquired as CD-ROMs. These can be used by way of the central CD-ROM network on the entire campus, or by way of dial-up access directly from home.

The library does not acquire:

1. Literature for official purposes of university, faculty or project administration.
2. Teaching materials, software.

3. Instruction manuals, catalogues of goods as well as popular scientific and belletristic literature, unless a certain title is needed for lessons, study or research purposes.

4. Print editions of reference works which are available campus-wide in electronic form.



We will, however, help other university departments and offices acquire afore-mentioned materials, as we get a 5% library discount according to the Fixed Book Price Law.



You can get an access to literature search with the different functions of The Digital Library (DigiBib):

  1. Search
    Conduct a parallel search in international library catalogues, literature databases, journals or the full text of journals. The hit lists shows the references and where the literature is available. Start
  2. Databases / ejournals
    All licensed and free Databases, interesting links (orderd by subject aerea or alphabetically).
    E-journals (traffic light shows you if content is available). 
    to the databases  * | to the ejournals* 
  3. Interlibrary Loan
    Literature, which is neither to be found in Aachen nor in Juelich, can be ordered via the interlibrary loan service in the Digital Library.  This service costs a service charge of 1.50 Euros for one order. So here you have to login (default is your birthday in the form TTMM). to the interlibrary loan

* This service is exclusively for members of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences (campus-wide or via VPN Virtual Private Network)

Reference Collections

Reference Collections

Reference collections are for exclusive use in the library (in-library use). The reference collections contain mostly reference works and loose leaf publications, as well as non-circulation copies of popular textbooks.

You can recognise the reference collections by their red back labels.

In exceptional cases, media from the reference collection can be borrowed for a short period of time. A renewal after the due date is not possible. Please contact our staff during service hours.

Laboratory collection

Laboratory collection

A laboratory collection is a special location where we store literature that has to be constantly accessible to various professors, research associates, teachers and students. [... ]

A laboratory collection can include up to 100 media and has to be registered with the library administration under both a filing name (e.g. Laboratory collection "Construction") and the name of the head of laboratory.

(please see. § 11 (5) Regulations of administration and use) Download  2016 PDF [German only]

Reserve collections

Reserve collections

For students
Depending on the course you might find all media that you need for a course or lecture side by side on the same shelf - this is called reserve collection or course reserve. In order to make this literature available for all of you, the media may be either used only in the library, or the circulation is restricted.


For professors and other instructors
the library provides the possibility to establish reserve collections for your lectures and exercises.

  • We can shelve all books and journal articles, scripts, master copies etc. that you recommend as a reserve collection together at one location in the library. 
  • Thus you spare your students unnescessary waiting periods for media which has been borrowed by others and can ensure that your recommended literature is at least available and can be read. 

If desired we can provide chosen articles from journals and add it to your reserve collection as well. As a special service, we may announce your reserve collection on our homepage.

In case you are interested in this kind of service from the library, please contact your branch library  ( bibliothek(at) ) or call us  (please see people).


Introductory Sessions and Training Courses

Introductory Sessions and Training Courses

Introductory Sessions and Training Courses

Introductory Sessions and Training Courses

The library offers a comprehensive training programme that will accompany you throughout your entire course of study.


Just take a look at our short film on YouTube "Lost in information? - Your library will help you!" [German only].

Help and Training

  • Library tours: Get to know the library and how to borrow media
  • Seminar papers: Articles, standards, e-books - with direct access to full texts
  • Individual research training: One on one assistance with your literature research
  • Reference management with Citavi

Offer for Teaching Staff

  • Introductory sessions, specifically for the teaching staff, on how to use the library 
  • We'll train your students to search professionally. Differentiated by academic level and present knowledge, we offer various teaching units that can be integrated into your courses. The content can be customised depending on the subject and individual needs.


Interested? Contact us!

Further information
+ at your library
+ by phone: +49.241.6009-52057 
+ by e-mail: bibliothek(at)  

Legal basis

Legal basis

The library of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences consists of branch libraries and the central office. According to § 30 Hochschulgesetz in conjunction with § 8 paragraph 2 of Grundordnung, the library is a central entity of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

Its use shall be regulated by Verwaltungs- und Benutzungsordnung - 2016, as well as Gebühren- und Entgeltordnung der Hochschulbibliothek der Fachhochschule Aachen - 2016 [German only]



In the course of recent developments in the information technology, new ways of supplying scientific knowledge have been evolved.

The library of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences has realized different ways of electronical publication methods:


Central bibliography of all professors of the FH Aachen

Online Publication-Server (OPuS)

RTejournal - Forum für Rapid Technologie