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is the joint library catalogue of the RWTH Aachen, the Forschungszentrum Jülich  and the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences.



ACS American Chemical Society (Journals)

ACS American Chemical Society (Journals)

All members of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences have online access to the full texts of the approximately 40 e-journals published by ACS.

In order to read these journals, you either need an IP no. of the FH Aachen or you log in via VPN (Virtual Private Network) .   

You will find a complete list of available titles at .

You can make an enquiry with help of a search mask. Usually, the journals are visible in both HTML- and PDF-format. For the PDF-format, you will need the Adobe Acrobat® Reader which you can download on the internet, free of charge.

By the way: In the digital library (DigiBib), under e-ressources - electronic journals, you can read the full-text version of thousands of scholarly journals .

[Start] Electronic Journals

[Start] ACS American Chemical Society



Please see Contacts


Address, change of

Change of Address and Password

Students can personally change their address only via "QIS" (the online examination office). Your official FH University e-mail-address will automatically be your default address, a second e-mail-address can be added or changed via "QIS".

Adding a second or home-address is however only possible via the "Services" page.

You can look at your user data in the Catalogue PLUS and, if needed, change your password there.

External library users should inform the library staff at the circulation desk of changes in postal address or e-mail address. We strongly recommend using the official university e-mail-address as default, because some providers (i.e. GMAIL, GMX, Hotmail) send our reminders and notifications to the SPAM folder. 

Advice and Assistance

Advice and Assistance

Please see Information and Interlibrary Loan

Aerospace Engineering - Branch Library Eupener Straße

Branch Library Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Aerospace Engineering, Business Studies

Eupener Str. 70, Room E011 - D-52066 Aachen - Germany
Phone.: +49.241.6009 52050
Fax: +49.241.6009 52287 

E-Mail: bibliothek(at) 
How to get there 

Main emphasis of the collection: Mathematics, electrical engineering, data processing and communications engineering, mechanical engineering, construction design, industrial engineering, aircraft construction, driving gear construction, aerospace technology

Collection: 65,000 volumes, 259 print journals and other periodicals

Reading Room with 98 seats, 25 computers for general use available, printing station and scanner; Self-Service Station

A tour of the FH Aachen branch library Eupener Str. on YouTube:

Aerospace Engineering - Databases, Links and Journals

Aerospace Engineering - Databases, Links and Journals

Please find these in the Digital Library (Digibib). In order to use these services, you need to log in at a computer at the FH Aachen, or use VPN.

Databases ; E-journals

Important Databases:

  • AIAA Meeting Papers and Journal Archive 1963-2007
    American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautrics. Archive of convention papers and journal articles from 1963-2007 with full text.
  • Applied Science & Technology Full Text 
    References, abstracts and full text from around 800 journals
  • DIN-Perinorm
    All valid German Standards with full text and References of International Standards
  • TEMA Technik und Management
    Bibliographic database, abstracts, keywords, and information on the availability of full texts.
  • Jepp View
    Electronic flight maps of Central Europe
  • Luftrecht (Law of Air) online
    Book of regulations for download. German Law of the Air: laws, regulations, executive orders, JARs. European Law of the Air. International laow of Air. Can only be accessed from a computer in Faculty 6. Particulars, if required, in the library.

Application to Waive Overdue Fees

Application to Waive Overdue Fees

Please see Request to Waive Overdue Fees

Applied Sciences and Technology - Branch Library Jülich

Branch Library Jülich - Chemistry and Biotechnology, Medical Engineering and Technomathematics, Energy Technology

Heinrich-Mußmann-Str. 3 - Auditorium Room A 101 - 52428 Jülich - Germany
Phone.: +49.241.6009 53414 
E-Mail: bibliothek(at) 

How to get there [German only]

Collection: about 50,000 Volumes, 65 print Journals and other periodicals
Reading room: 156 seats, 29 computers for general use, printing station, scanner and copier available
Special features: Diploma theses, self-service checkout 

A tour of the branch library Jülich on YouTube: [German only]

Application For a Library Card (Online)

Request for a library card

  • Students of the FH Aachen:  The "FH Karte" is your new student identity card, which serves as library card and prepaid card for cashless payment in the canteens (Mensa) and cafeterias as well. An overview about the functions and conditions of the FH Karte is given in the information sheet and legal information (in German only)

  • As an employee or professor of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences you can also register online [Form].  

  • Students of RWTH Aachen and residents of the Aachen-Jülich region can also register by presenting a valid identity card.

Architecture - Branch Library Bayernallee

Branch Library Architecture and Civil Engineering

Bayernallee 9 - Room 00111- D-52066 Aachen - Germany
Phone: +49.241.6009 51104 
Fax    : +49.241.6009 52287

E-Mail: bibliothek(at) 
How to get there [German only]

Collection: 37,000 volumes, 136 print journals and other periodicals
Reading room with 54 seats, 16 computers for general use, scanner and photocopier available.

Special features: Collection of 19th century portfolio editions, use on request.


A tour of the FH Aachen branch library Bayernallee on YouTube:

Architecture - Databases, Links and Journals

Architecture - Databases, Links and Journals

Please find these in the Digital Library (Digibib). In order to use these services, you need to log in at a computer at the FH Aachen, or use VPN.

Databases ; E-journals

Important Databases:

  • RSWB - Literaturhinweise zum Planen und Bauen
    Bibliographic references to German and international publications on architecture and civil engineering. Monthly updates for 1.5 million bibliographic references.
  • DIN-Perinorm
    All valid German Standards and References of International Standards

Journal Articles

Journal Articles

You can find these in the Digital Library (Digitale Bibliothek - DigiBib)*. Select "Journal Articles" for your search. Another option is to access the specific databases regarding your subject by clicking on "E-Resources" at the top of the screen.

*Please log in: [FH Aachen Login] [Guest Login]

This service is for members of the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences only (campus-wide or via VPN).


* User-ID = The number on your library card

* Password =  Your password for the use of the online catalogue. Default: the first four digits of your date of birth (DDMM).


By the way:

By the way:

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