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Call Number

Call Number

The call number refers to a media item's location within the library, it is the identification code that helps you find it on the shelves. It is mostly made up of letter-number combinations and can be found in both the online catalogue and on the item itself.

Call Number (Example)

Call Number (Example)

All the library's media are assigned an individual call number which contains a shelf location mark. You find the call number e.g. on the spine.

Example for call number: 21 TWR 143 (6)

21 ------> branch library, here: Eupener Straße

TWR ----> subject group

143 ---> sequential number

(6) -----> edition


The media are first sorted by subject group on the shelves (ascending from AAA to ZZZ), then by serial number. This way, it is ensured that media concerning the same subject are shelved together. You can also make use of this system when looking for additional literature about a certain subject

Catalogue PLUS

Catalogue PLUS

With Catalogue PLUS you get the opportunity to simultaneously search the library catalogue as well as licenced databases and freely accessible scientific documents on the web with just one search request. Under the tab "Catalogue, you can search all media available at the library. If you need journal articles, book chapters, articles from compilations or conference papers, switch to the tab "More". You can start this research directly on the library's homepage.



In the free text search field, you can search, for example, for the title, author, year of publication or ISBN. In order to generate a hit list that is not too extensive, you can combine search keywords. An advanced search mask with separate input fields can be opened via "More Search Fields". By selecting your branch library, you will get the appropriate information on the loan status of the requested item(s) - available for loan, available for request, on loan. If you log on with your user ID before starting the process, your branch libary is selected automatically.


Research Tips:

Phrase Searching:
Search for phrases by enclosing them in quotation marks. The words will be searched together and in the exact order as typed. (Example: "female executives")

With help of a wildcard you can replace several characters within a (search) word. With a right truncation you can search for word endings in Catalogue PLUS. (Example: Search term = inter* --> displayed are: interface, internal, interactions, international ...)

If you're searching for books on the subject of "carsharing" and add the asterisk too soon (hier: car*), all hits regaring "care" will be listed as well.

Boolean Operations:
In order to combine search words logically with each other, you have to use so-called operators. All search words that are entered are automatically linked to each other with AND which will reduce the hit list. In Catalogue PLUS, there are two further operators:

  • Search with a vertical bar |: Questionnaire* | Questionnaires* ---> hit list will be more extensive, since the search is conducted for either the one OR the other search word (| = OR-Operator).

  • Search with prefix not sign - : Medicine -Anaesthesia ---> All hits which contain this word will be removed (- = NOT-Operator)


Hit List:

The search results on the hit list are sorted by relevance. You can expand or reduce the size of the hit list with help of filter options. If you have exhausted the local library holdings under the tab "Catalogue", simply switch to the tab "More". The search mask is mostly identical. On the left-hand side, there is a list of  icons identifying the type of media displayed.

The button "How can I get it?" indicates whether an article or book can be read online, found at another branch library or can be borrowed via interlibrary loan. Full texts can read on campus, members of the FH Aachen can also access them outside university premises via VPN.

Help Text Catalog PLUS (PDF file, in German)



Not all databases currently subscribed to by the library are searched via Catalogue PLUS. Therefore please have a look at the section "How To Find ...?" "Subject-specific Literature - Step By Step Subject-specific Search Tips> Specialist Search Tips".

Change of Address and Password

Change of Address and Password

Students can personally change their address only via "QIS" (the online examination office). Your official FH University e-mail-address will automatically be your default address, a second e-mail-address can be added or changed via "QIS".

Adding a second or home-address is however only possible via the "Services" page.

You can look at your user data in the Catalogue PLUS and, if needed, change your password there.

External library users should inform the library staff at the circulation desk of changes in postal address or e-mail address. We strongly recommend using the official university e-mail-address as default, because some providers (i.e. GMAIL, GMX, Hotmail) send our reminders and notifications to the SPAM folder. 

Change User Data

Change User Data

You can change your user data and your e-mail address.

  1. Start "
  2. Log on. You will find your user number on your library card. Your default password: Date of birth (DDMM)
  3. Select "Account" and "User Details"
  4. Modify your address data. You can choose two different e-mail-addresses. We recommend filling in the official FH Aachen e-mail-address first, since some e-mail providers send our reminders to your spam folder. 

Checking Out Media

Borrowing Media

Members of the FH Aachen, students of the RWTH Aachen and interested residents of the Aachen-Jülich region may borrow media. You have to register before you using the four branch libraries. [Please see Registration]

As a general rule, loans are free of charge. Fees will be charged if items are overdue - irrespective of a reminder -

Please also see  Extended Loan Period for Graduates

Please see also Library Card 

Chemical Engineering - Branch Library Worringer Weg

Chemical Engineering - Branch Library Worringer Weg

Please see Branch Library Jülich

This library is part of the branch library Jülich.


Chemistry - Databases, Links and Journals

Chemistry - Databases, Links and Journals

Please find these in the Digital Library (Digibib). In order to use these services, you need to log in at a computer at the FH Aachen, or use VPN.

Databases; E-Journals

Important Databases:

Circulation Policy for Personal Reserve Collections

Circulation Policy for Personal Reserve Collections

Please see Personal Reserve and Laboratory Reserve Collections

Citavi (Campus License)

Citavi (Campus License)

For a couple of years, the FH Aachen has been offering the Windows-based reference management software CITAVI to all members of university.

Through extensive features and simple operability, CITAVI supports the processes of scientific work. The programme is an ideal tool when it comes to reference management, knowledge organisation and task planning.

With CITAVI, you can 

  • import data from books, websites and articles to a CITAVI project,
  • add abstracts and keywords to bibliographic references,
  • rename PDF files automatically when saving them and make them trackable,
  • plan tasks at hand with indication of deadlines, importance and stage of work,
  • organise citations, ideas, notes and illustrations,
  • assign literature to individual sections of the outline and group them thematically, and
  • create citations and reference lists in the desired citation style in Word.


    Here's how you can install and use CITAVI

    Step 1: Install CITAVI Free (on a maximum of two devices)
    Step 2: Request licence key
    Step 3: Enter the licence data sent to you by email


    Here's how you get to know CITAVI

    In order to make the first steps of using the programme easier and allow you to use CITAVI for your scientific work in the most sensible way, the library offers introductory courses for students and staff, as either individualised personal training or as group training.

    For students at the Faculty of Business and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, there are citation styles available for download that are customised to the specifications of the faculty. Before using these files, please read the corresponding help texts to make sure that your reference list will meet your requirements. We cannot assume any guarantees for the styles. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure that the citation specifications of your faculty are implemented into your finished paper, e.g. by modifying the imported book data. We will gladly accept your correction requests and any information regarding style mistakes. It also pays to have a look at CITAVI's numerous, easily comprehensible entry-level opportunities and support services (chat, video tutorials, forum, manuals, slideshows).



    Basic Version CITAVI Free

    For Faculty 2:

    • [German] Custom Citation Style FH Aachen Fachbereich 2 (CCS-File) + (CKD-File)[Click right and save as]

    For Faculty 7:        

    • Custom Citation Style FH Aachen Faculty 7, English (CCS-file + CTVBGD file) [Right-click, Save Link as …]
    • ReadMe file with instructions for use, English (PDF file)
    • [German] Custom Citation Style FH Aachen Fachbereich 7 (CCS-Datei + CTVBGD) [Click right and save as]
    • [German] Read Me file with instructions for use (PDF-Datei

    For Faculty 7 - Business law:

    • [German] Custom Citation Style FH Aachen Faculty 7 Business law (CCS-Datei + CKD) [Click right and save as]
    • [German] Read Me file with instructions for use (PDF

    For Faculty 8:

    • [German] Installation files for the Custom Citation Style FH Aachen Faculty 8  (CCS-File) + (CKD-File
    • [German] Read Me file with instructions for the use of both files (PDF-Datei

    Further Links:

    Apply for a Campus Licence
    CITAVI Support Services

    Citavi - Reference Management and Knowledge Organisation

    Citavi - Reference Management and Knowledge Organisation

    The Data Processing Centre (DVZ) has acquired a Campus Licence for the reference management software Citavi.

    This is interesting for everyone who works extensively with literature, quotes literature, and writes an academic paper or thesis. In the recently released new version you can also work on projects as a team. 

    With immediate effect, all students, staff, as well as professors of the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences can request their personal licence code by visiting the following website:

     < >

    On the Citavi homepage you will find further information and support. Among other things, there is a helpful PowerPoint presentation: 

    In addition to that, the Citavi homepage provides further excellent support services.

    Citrix® ICA® Client

    Citrix® ICA® Client

    Before using the CD-ROM databases for the first time, you need to install this client software.


    Installation Help for Windows

    The following Windows versions are supported:

    • Windows 2000
    • Windows XP
    • VISTA
    • VISTA 64bit
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 7 64bit

    How to install it:

    1. Download  ica32vista.msi 
    2. Run ica32vista.exe

    Please note: Do NOT install the components "Program Neighborhood Agent" and "Program Neighborhood".

    If you want to access the data bases from outside the FH Aachen (e.g. at home), you additionally need  the VPN-Client.


    Installation Help for MAC OS X

    1. Download Version 10.00.603 - Universal Binary
    2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    For more versions, please visit:


    Installation Help for Other Operating Systems (LINUX, UNIX, older MACs)

    Prerequisite: JAVA Virtual Machine supported by JDK 1.1 or higher

    1. Download the suitable version


    2. Run setup.class with a suitable  JVM and follow the setup instructions

    3. Restart your browser



    Civil Engineering - Branch Library Bayernallee

    Branch Library Architecture and Civil Engineering

    Bayernallee 9 - Room 00111- D-52066 Aachen - Germany
    Phone: +49.241.6009 51104 
    Fax    : +49.241.6009 52287

    E-Mail: bibliothek(at) 
    How to get there [German only]

    Collection: 37,000 volumes, 136 print journals and other periodicals
    Reading room with 54 seats, 16 computers for general use, scanner and photocopier available.

    Special features: Collection of 19th century portfolio editions, use on request.


    A tour of the FH Aachen branch library Bayernallee on YouTube:

    Civil Engineering - Databases, Links and Journals

    Architecture - Databases, Links and Journals

    Please find these in the Digital Library (Digibib). In order to use these services, you need to log in at a computer at the FH Aachen, or use VPN.

    Databases ; E-journals

    Important Databases:

    • RSWB - Literaturhinweise zum Planen und Bauen
      Bibliographic references to German and international publications on architecture and civil engineering. Monthly updates for 1.5 million bibliographic references.
    • DIN-Perinorm
      All valid German Standards and References of International Standards

    Classification System

    Classification System

    The shelves are arranged per stack units from the left to the right side, and from the top shelf to the bottom. All bookstack units are arranged in the same way.

    The shelves are arranged by call numbers, i.e. first by letter-combinations, then by ongoing book-number.

    The classification system arranges all topics from general to specific. The library uses the GHBS - classification system of the Gesamthochschulbibliotheken of North Rhine-Westphalia.

    Thus it is assured that you will find all literature on a specific topic at the same location in the library.



    Cleanliness is considered "particularly important" in all our polls. More than 90 per cent of our users are satisfied with our cleanliness. Thank you very much! You can help to keep it this way!


    Code of conduct

    Code of conduct

    § 8 Verwaltungs- und Benutzungsordnung 

    (1) You are requested to maintain silence in all library rooms, especially in the reading rooms.

    (2) It is not allowed to eat, drink or smoke in the library.

    (3) The staff is authorised to look into your briefcases and bags when you leave the library.

    (4) The "Benutzungshinweise für EDV-Arbeitsplätze in der Hochschulbibliothek der Fachhochschule Aachen" apply for the use of the publicly accessible computers. They form part of the Verwaltungs- und Benutzungsordnung.


    Verwaltungs- und Benutzungsordnung der Hochschulbibliothek (2016)  (only in German)



    The term "library's collection" refers to all the media we own. Our collection contains many different types of media, such as books, e-books, journals, CDs, cassettes, DVDs, microfiches etc.

    We have approx. 180,000 media units on offer (as per December 31, 2012).




    As we are the central facility for the acquisition and the supply of literature at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences, meeting your needs is of the utmost importance to us. Unfortunately, this does not work out all the time - maybe we did not have the requested literature or you had to wait for a reservation.

    No matter if you liked or disliked something - please talk to us or send us an e-mail.


    There are many possibilites to get in touch with us:

    1. [Feedback form] Comments can be made anonymously. If you wish your mail to be answered, please provide an address.

    2. [mailto:bibliothek(at)], if you would like to receive a direct answer.

    3. You are welcome to phone us. [please see contact]

    Computers for General Use

    Internet Work Stations

    Free internet work stations (computers for general use) are available in all branch libraries.

    The "Benutzungshinweise für EDV-Arbeitsplätze in der Hochschulbibliothek der Fachhochschule Aachen", 2016 (directions for use, in German only) apply to the use of these public computers. These regulations are part of the Verwaltungs- und Benutzungsordnung (library regulations).



    Feedback form
    Contact form introductory sessions

    Please address all questions with regard to media circulation (borrowing or renewing items) to your branch library or use online renewal .

    +49.241.6009-52057 Information
    +49.241.6009-51104 Bayernallee
    +49.241.6009-51507 Boxgraben
    +49.241.6009-52050 Eupener Str.
    +49.241.6009-53414 Jülich
    +49.241.6009-52056 Fees and reminders
    +49.241.6009-52067 Library management Mrs. Andrea Stuehn



    As a general rule, the use of the library is free of charge.
    However, you have to reimburse costs for copies, postage etc.

    The basis for the collection of fees are the Verwaltungs- und Benutzungsordnung (Administrative Regulations and Terms of Use - 2016) of the FH Aachen and the Gebühren- und Entgeltordnung (Scale of Fees and Charges - 2016) [both in German only].

    These regulations define for which services fees will be charged, and up to what amount. 


    Overdue Fees

    01-10 days: 2 Euro per item
    11-20 days: 5 Euro per item
    21-30 days: 10 Euro per item
    31-40 days: 20 Euro per item
    from the 41st day: 20 Euro + 25 Euro charge + Cost of replacement.


    Please always observe the due date stated on your loan receipt! Fees will be charged if items are overdue - irrespective of a reminder.


    Our bank account information for the payment of fees for overdue items, for book replacements, administration fees and costs for printouts:  

    Recipient: FH Aachen
    IBAN: DE11 3905 0000 1070 8591 43 
    BIC: AACSDE33 

    Line 1: Reason for payment: #FH identification# 
    Line 2: #First Name# #Name#


    Contact for fees and reminders: Mrs. Horita
    +49.241.6009-52056 mahnung.bibliothek(at)

    Course Reserves

    Reserve collections

    For students
    Depending on the course you might find all media that you need for a course or lecture side by side on the same shelf - this is called reserve collection or course reserve. In order to make this literature available for all of you, the media may be either used only in the library, or the circulation is restricted.


    For professors and other instructors
    the library provides the possibility to establish reserve collections for your lectures and exercises.

    • We can shelve all books and journal articles, scripts, master copies etc. that you recommend as a reserve collection together at one location in the library. 
    • Thus you spare your students unnescessary waiting periods for media which has been borrowed by others and can ensure that your recommended literature is at least available and can be read. 

    If desired we can provide chosen articles from journals and add it to your reserve collection as well. As a special service, we may announce your reserve collection on our homepage.

    In case you are interested in this kind of service from the library, please contact your branch library  ( bibliothek(at) ) or call us  (please see people).