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ICA Client

ICA Client

You need this software in order to use our CDROM databases.

Due to licensing reasons, this service is limited to members of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences either via the University-web or via VPN. Please see Citrix® ICA® Client



We advise you on...

* how to use the library

* literature and information retrieval in catalogues, subject databases, encyclopedias, catalogues of industrial standards and other bibliographic databases.

* internet searches

* obtaining literature that you cannot find in Aachen/Jülich (please also see "Interlibrary loan").


In addition to that ...

* we offer general and subject-specific courses for free, such as introductions to the catalogues and databases 

* we provide brochures informing you on how to use the library and our services

* you can hand in your purchasing suggestions if you need some media that we do not have available


Information Materials

Information Materials


Library Information on Final Theses for the Faculties:

Library Videos on our YouTube-Channel
Regarding the branch libraries:

Videos regarding library usage: [German only]

  • Interlibrary loan: online tutorial [more]
  • Searching for standards in the DIN-Perinorm database: videocast 8:10 mins. Revised March 2012 [more]
  • Searching for patents in espacenet [more]
  • Using the library's e-books [more
  • You ask, we'll anwer! Library Information Services - 1:44 mins. [start]
  • Lost in information - Your library will help you - 2:10 mins. [start]
  • Your literature is our job - 4:28 mins. [start]
  • How the library benefits your teaching - 4:20 mins. [start]

Training materials
Here you can find all our training presentations which were held at your faculties. These pages are mainly in German.

Faculty of Architecture

  • Suchen und finden - Städtebau - Stadtgrundrisse SS 2015 - Vortrag von Dipl.-Bibl. Elke Preibisch-Cetiner
  • Suchen und finden - Bachelorprojekt "Feuerwache" - Vortrag von Dipl.-Bibl. Elke Preibisch-Cetiner
  • Suchen und finden - Bachelorprojekt "Museum" - Vortrag von Dipl.-Bibl. Elke Preibisch-Cetiner
  • Suchen und finden - Bachelorprojekt "Novartis" - Vortrag von Dipl.-Bibl. Elke Preibisch-Cetiner

Faculty of Civil Engineering

 Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Faculty of Design

  • Wirtschaftsliteratur finden - Vortrag von Dipl.-Bibl. Eva-Maria Horita zur Vorlesung "Marketing für Designer" von Prof. Dr. Albert Mayer, WS2011/12 

Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics

 Faculty of Business Studies

Faculty of Chemistry and Biotechnology / Faculty of Medical Engineering and Technomathematics / Faculty of Energy Technology

Information Service Hours

Information Service Hours


Information Service Hours Bayernallee

Every Thursday by appointment
Your contact person: Ms. Preibisch-Cetiner 
By phone +49.241.6009-52061 


Information Service Hours Boxgraben

During the semester:

On Thursdays 9am-1pm and 3pm-5pm
as well as by appointment
Your contact person : Ms. Horita
By phone +49.241.6009-52062 

Eupener Str.

Information Service Hours Eupener Str.

During the semester:

Mon-Thu  10am-4pm
Fri            11am-3pm

During the semester break:

Mon-Thu  12 noon-4pm
Fri            11am-2.30pm

The information team:  (photo from left to right)
Ms. HofkoMs. HoritaMs. Kowalewski (Information Specialist for Engineering),
Ms. Schlösser (without photo)

By phone +49.241.6009-52057  


Information Service Hours Jülich

During the semester:

Mon, Wed, Fri  11am-1pm


During the semester break:

Mon, Wed 11am-1pm

Your contact persons : 
Ms. Roth
Ms. Hofko

By phone +49.241.6009-53411

Make an appointment

Information Technology - Branch Library Eupener Straße

Branch Library Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Aerospace Engineering, Business Studies

Eupener Str. 70, Room E011 - D-52066 Aachen - Germany
Phone.: +49.241.6009 52050
Fax: +49.241.6009 52287 

E-Mail: bibliothek(at) 
How to get there 

Main emphasis of the collection: Mathematics, electrical engineering, data processing and communications engineering, mechanical engineering, construction design, industrial engineering, aircraft construction, driving gear construction, aerospace technology

Collection: 65,000 volumes, 259 print journals and other periodicals

Reading Room with 98 seats, 25 computers for general use available, printing station and scanner; Self-Service Station

A tour of the FH Aachen branch library Eupener Str. on YouTube:

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan

Do you need literature that you have not been able to find in Aachen/Jülich?

Via interlibrary loan, we can provide (almost) any literature you require, no matter whether it's a book or an article.

In the interlibrary loan menu, you can search for, select and order books or journal articles. [ more ] 

Internet Work Stations

Internet Work Stations

Free internet work stations (computers for general use) are available in all branch libraries.

The "Benutzungshinweise für EDV-Arbeitsplätze in der Hochschulbibliothek der Fachhochschule Aachen", 2016 (directions for use, in German only) apply to the use of these public computers. These regulations are part of the Verwaltungs- und Benutzungsordnung (library regulations).

Introductory Sessions and Training Courses

Introductory Sessions and Training Courses

The library offers a comprehensive training programme that will accompany you throughout your entire course of study.


Just take a look at our short film on YouTube "Lost in information? - Your library will help you!" [German only].

Help and Training

  • Library tours: Get to know the library and how to borrow media
  • Seminar papers: Articles, standards, e-books - with direct access to full texts
  • Individual research training: One on one assistance with your literature research
  • Reference management with Citavi

Offer for Teaching Staff

  • Introductory sessions, specifically for the teaching staff, on how to use the library 
  • We'll train your students to search professionally. Differentiated by academic level and present knowledge, we offer various teaching units that can be integrated into your courses. The content can be customised depending on the subject and individual needs.


Interested? Contact us!

Further information
+ at your library
+ by phone: +49.241.6009-52057 
+ by e-mail: bibliothek(at)  

IOP Institute of Physics Publications

IOP Institute of Physics Publications

Physical journals online (full-texts) are available at all computers of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences and via VPN. They are also available via the digital library (DigiBib) > Journal Archives, Newspapers

IT Helpdesk [formerly: WLAN Service Hours]