Catalogue PLUS

With Catalogue PLUS you get the opportunity to simultaneously search the library catalogue as well as licenced databases and freely accessible scientific documents on the web with just one search request. Under the tab "Catalogue, you can search all media available at the library. If you need journal articles, book chapters, articles from compilations or conference papers, switch to the tab "More". You can start this research directly on the library's homepage.



In the free text search field, you can search, for example, for the title, author, year of publication or ISBN. In order to generate a hit list that is not too extensive, you can combine search keywords. An advanced search mask with separate input fields can be opened via "More Search Fields". By selecting your branch library, you will get the appropriate information on the loan status of the requested item(s) - available for loan, available for request, on loan. If you log on with your user ID before starting the process, your branch libary is selected automatically.


Research Tips:

Phrase Searching:
Search for phrases by enclosing them in quotation marks. The words will be searched together and in the exact order as typed. (Example: "female executives")

With help of a wildcard you can replace several characters within a (search) word. With a right truncation you can search for word endings in Catalogue PLUS. (Example: Search term = inter* --> displayed are: interface, internal, interactions, international ...)

If you're searching for books on the subject of "carsharing" and add the asterisk too soon (hier: car*), all hits regaring "care" will be listed as well.

Boolean Operations:
In order to combine search words logically with each other, you have to use so-called operators. All search words that are entered are automatically linked to each other with AND which will reduce the hit list. In Catalogue PLUS, there are two further operators:

  • Search with a vertical bar |: Questionnaire* | Questionnaires* ---> hit list will be more extensive, since the search is conducted for either the one OR the other search word (| = OR-Operator).

  • Search with prefix not sign - : Medicine -Anaesthesia ---> All hits which contain this word will be removed (- = NOT-Operator)


Hit List:

The search results on the hit list are sorted by relevance. You can expand or reduce the size of the hit list with help of filter options. If you have exhausted the local library holdings under the tab "Catalogue", simply switch to the tab "More". The search mask is mostly identical. On the left-hand side, there is a list of  icons identifying the type of media displayed.

The button "How can I get it?" indicates whether an article or book can be read online, found at another branch library or can be borrowed via interlibrary loan. Full texts can read on campus, members of the FH Aachen can also access them outside university premises via VPN.

Help Text Catalog PLUS (PDF file, in German)



Not all databases currently subscribed to by the library are searched via Catalogue PLUS. Therefore please have a look at the section "How To Find ...?" "Subject-specific Literature - Step By Step Subject-specific Search Tips> Specialist Search Tips".