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Reading room

Reading room

It is in the common interest of all users to keep quiet in all functional rooms of the library, especially in the reading rooms.

In our polls, the constant ringing of mobile phones has often been criticised. Therefore please mute your mobile phone.

Smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed in the library rooms.

Reading E-Books

Reading e-books – a manual for members of the FH Aachen

When you hear the library staff talking about e-books (electronic books), you should be aware that we refer to a variety of formats which are scattered across a handful of sites by different providers, that offer different means of access and require different technical premises.  However, all of them have some important aspects in common:

·         They are bibliographically recorded in the catalogue PLUS.

·         You can use them free of charge and if you are a member of the FH Aachen either on campus or at home or even on-the-go.

Read the manual for the operation system or device you plan to read on and do not hesitate to contact us should difficulties occur: 

Reference Collections

Reference Collections

Reference collections are for exclusive use in the library (in-library use). The reference collections contain mostly reference works and loose leaf publications, as well as non-circulation copies of popular textbooks.

You can recognise the reference collections by their red back labels.

In exceptional cases, media from the reference collection can be borrowed for a short period of time. A renewal after the due date is not possible. Please contact our staff during service hours.

Reference management

Citavi - Reference Management and Knowledge Organisation

The Data Processing Centre (DVZ) has acquired a Campus Licence for the reference management software Citavi.

This is interesting for everyone who works extensively with literature, quotes literature, and writes an academic paper or thesis. In the recently released new version you can also work on projects as a team. 

With immediate effect, all students, staff, as well as professors of the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences can request their personal licence code by visiting the following website:

 < >

On the Citavi homepage you will find further information and support. Among other things, there is a helpful PowerPoint presentation: 

In addition to that, the Citavi homepage provides further excellent support services.

Reference service

Information Service Hours


Information Service Hours Bayernallee

Every Thursday by appointment
Your contact person: Ms. Preibisch-Cetiner 
By phone +49.241.6009-52061 


Information Service Hours Boxgraben

During the semester:

On Thursdays 9am-1pm and 3pm-5pm
as well as by appointment
Your contact person : Ms. Horita
By phone +49.241.6009-52062 

Eupener Str.

Information Service Hours Eupener Str.

During the semester:

Mon-Thu  10am-4pm
Fri            11am-3pm

During the semester break:

Mon-Thu  12 noon-4pm
Fri            11am-2.30pm

The information team:  (photo from left to right)
Ms. HofkoMs. HoritaMs. Kowalewski (Information Specialist for Engineering),
Ms. Schlösser (without photo)

By phone +49.241.6009-52057  


Information Service Hours Jülich

During the semester:

Mon, Wed, Fri  11am-1pm


During the semester break:

Mon, Wed 11am-1pm

Your contact persons : 
Ms. Roth
Ms. Hofko

By phone +49.241.6009-53411

Make an appointment

Reference Works - Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Encyclopedias - Reference Works, Dictionaries

We offer both printed and electronic encyclopedias.

You can find our electronic encyclopedias, reference works and dictionaries in the digital library (DigiBib). 

This service is for members of the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences only (campus-wide or via VPN).

Encyclopedias, Reference Works, Dictionaries




  • Students of the FH Aachen can use their FH Karte as a student identity card, as a library card and as a payment card for the dining halls and cafeterias. 
    Both basic and further information about applications, terms and conditions can be found  in the info sheets "Information about the FH Karte" [PDF] and "Legal Information about the FH Karte" [PDF].
    Former (regular) library cards and account numbers remain valid until the respective FH Karte has been activated.
    Frequently asked questions about the FH Karte will be answered in the section FAQs FH Karte.
  • Staff members and professors of the FH Aachen can activate the FH card for employees as a library card via the service page 
  • Students of RWTH Aachen and residents of the Aachen-Jülich region can also register by presenting a valid identity card.

You can use your library card/FH Karte to borrow media in all branch libraries of the FH Aachen, to order media from other branch libraries to the one you are frequenting, to place holds on currently unavailable books, to check your account and to extend loan periods.

Logging on to your library account and borrowing media at the self-service check-out machine requires a password. The default password is your date of birth in the form DayDayMonthMonth. Your user number is displayed below the barcode of your library card or above the barcode of your FH Karte.

Each initial library card is free of charge. For a replacement card, the library charges an administration fee of 10.00 EUR. Please notify the library staff immediately if you have lost your library card. Your account will then be locked until your card has been found or replaced. Should you require a replacement FH Karte, you can order it – also subject to a certain charge - using the "Services" ( page. Once you have locked your FH Karte, it can only be unlocked again by the staff of the "Services" team. 


Regulations and Terms of Use

Regulations and Terms of Use

"The Administrative Regulations and Terms of Use" for the library of the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences are called "Verwaltungs- und Benutzungsordnung für die Hochschulbibliothek der Fachhochschule Aachen" in German. They are dated from Feb 03, 2016 and form the legal basis for our library. They were published in FH-Mitteilungen No 5/2016.

Download PDF  [German only]

The "Gebühren- und Entgeltordnung" (Scale of Fees and Charges) defines for which services fees will be charged, and up to what amount. 

Download PDF  [German only]

Regulations, patents and standards...

Patents, Standards and Regulations

Patents, standards and regulations can be found in our digital library (Die Digitale Bibliothek). You have access to all valid German standards with full text and references to international standards. 

Check-out our German YouTube-Screencast in order to learn how to search DIN- and VDI-standards by topic or keywords.

This service is exclusively for members of the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences (campus-wide or via VPN).

[To start the German Standards database DIN Perinorm]
[To start the overview in the digital library ]



 The library sends reminders:

  • if you have registered with your email-address:
    right after the expiry of a due datei
  • if you have registered without email-address (or email-notification failed):
    in written form (Deutsche Post) from day 11 (= 5 Euro / media)

Overdue fees are charged when a due date has expired - independent of the reminder. We are not obliged to send reminders! Please inform us immediately about any change of address or email-address to make sure you will be reminded.

For all concerns regarding reminders, please contact
Mrs. Horita
+ 49.241.6009-52056 mahnung.bibliothek(at)


Loan Period

The regular loan period for media is four weeks, two weeks for journals. For frequently used works, the library may determine a shorter loan period, cf. § 10 Verwaltungs- und Benutzungsordnung (Library Regulations).

Please always observe the due date stated on your loan receipt! Only the due date stated on this receipt is binding!

You can extend the loan periods of borrowed media. The new loan period usually ends four weeks after the renewal date. It will not automatically be renewed. You can extend your loan periods in person or by telephone during service hours or you can make use of the online renewal option in your library account ( (renewal requests by e-mail only in exceptional cases, please).

However, if the media are reserved by other persons, the loan period will not be extended.

The media must be presented at the library after 24 weeks at the latest.


Please note:

> For interlibrary loans, the loan periods are set by the lending library. You cannot renew interlibrary loans online.

> You can apply for a special loan period for your thesis.

> If you would like to return your media via a return box, you should drop it in one day before the loan period ends.

> If you exceed the loan period, you will be charged a fine.

Replacement of lost library card

Loss of library card

In case you have lost your library card, please let us know immediately.


We will block your library card, thus nobody is able to borrow books on your account. A library card replacement will be charged 15,00 Euro [due to the Gebühren- und Entgeltordnung - 2016 [PDF]

Replacement of lost media

Loss of books and other media

If you've lost books or other media, please let us know immediately. Most cases can be resolved easily. Often the book has already been returned.

In all other cases, you have to pay for the replacement of the book. In addition to that, we charge a handling fee of EUR 25.00.


§ 12 (2) Verwaltungs- und Benutzungsordnung - 2016

The user is liable to pay compensation for any lost, damaged or non-returned item. Manner and amount of compensation is be regulated by § 6 of these regulations.

Request to waive overdue fee

Request to waive overdue fee

As per § 10(2) of the "Gebühren- und Entgeltordnung der Hochschulbibliothek der Fachhochschule Aachen -2016-" , a fee could exceptionally be reduced or waived in case its charge would mean a particular severity.

form: [German only]



You may request literature that is not available at your "home library" from other branch libraries. You may enter your request based on the results list according to your search in the Online-Catalogue (OPAC). The status of medium has to be marked as "available for request".

For requests, you need your user number and your password (standard: the first four digits of your date of birth (DayDayMonthMonth)).

You shall be contacted as soon as the medium arrives in your library.

Further Information in the Video (German only)

Please do not mix up:
Requests = Requesting literature from other branch libraries
To place a hold = to "reserve" literature that has been borrowed by fellow users.
Purchasing suggestion = Literature you would like to propose for acquisition

Research Strategies

Research Strategies

Before searching our online catalogue (OPAC) and other databases,  you should clarify the information you're seeking by developing a research strategy.

For further information on how to develop the right strategy, please visit our Introductory Sessions.



You may place a hold on literature that has been borrowed by other users.

This can be done online via the Online-Catalogue OPAC. If you find a media with the "on loan" please use the button reservation/order. To confirm the reservation, please press the select button.

In order to place a hold, you need your user number and your password. [standard: the first four digits of your date of birth (DayDayMonthMonth)].

Please do not mix up:
Request = to order literature from other branch libraries
Reservation = to place a hold on literature that has been borrowed by other users
Purchase suggestion = literature that you would like to propose for purchasing  [FORM]

Reserve collections

Reserve collections

For students
Depending on the course you might find all media that you need for a course or lecture side by side on the same shelf - this is called reserve collection or course reserve. In order to make this literature available for all of you, the media may be either used only in the library, or the circulation is restricted.


For professors and other instructors
the library provides the possibility to establish reserve collections for your lectures and exercises.

  • We can shelve all books and journal articles, scripts, master copies etc. that you recommend as a reserve collection together at one location in the library. 
  • Thus you spare your students unnescessary waiting periods for media which has been borrowed by others and can ensure that your recommended literature is at least available and can be read. 

If desired we can provide chosen articles from journals and add it to your reserve collection as well. As a special service, we may announce your reserve collection on our homepage.

In case you are interested in this kind of service from the library, please contact your branch library  ( bibliothek(at) ) or call us  (please see people).


Returning Books

Returning Books

Self-service machines are available in all branch libraries where you can return books in a contactless way. Alternatively, you can return books at the service counters.

Our book return boxes are another option. They are located outside the library and are, therefore, available to you during the partly longer opening hours of the buildings. We do not have a return box available for you in the branch library at Boxgraben. Please note the following when using the book return boxes:

  • Media will only be booked back on the next work day. Please return the books no later than one working day before due date. In case of late return, you will be charged a fee. 
  • Drop them carefully! Please put books in the drop slot with their backs down.
  • No return of interlibrary loans, keys and oversized media.
  • You will not receive a receipt at the book return box.
  • The return is the sole personal responsibility of the person borrowing. Please do not leave any books in the box if it is already full.

RSWB - Reference on Building and Construction START [ <a href="">RSWB</a> ]

RSWB - Reference on Building and Construction START [ RSWB ]

Exclusively for members of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences via intranet or via VPN

The RSWB Construction database is offered jointly with international database ICONDA via Fraunhofer-Informationszentrum IRB. Bibliographic references to German and international architectural publications and Civil engineering. 1.5 million bibliographic references for monthly update.


By the way:

You can find all databases, links and journals in our digital library (DigiBib). Architecture, Civil Engineering : Databases e-journals



RTejournal is an open access electronic magazine, which publishes articles from the field of generative or additive manufacturing - also known as 'Rapid Technology. Publication language is German and English. 

The editorial staff analyses all presented manuscripts with regard to formal errors. In addition to that, the manuscripts contents are reviewed in an appraisal (peer review). 

RTejournal is published by the Aachen University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the 'Centre of University Libraries' (Hochschulbibliothekszentrum NRW) and the Ministry for science and research of North-Rhine/Westphalia. The journal is part of the project Digital-Peer-Publishing (DiPP) NRW.

Editor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Gebhardt

University of Applied Sciences Aachen, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics