Dipl.-Ing. Carlos Rendón

TitelNovel concept for indirect solar-heated methane reforming
AutorenMahdi, Zahra ; Rendón, Carlos ; Schwager, Christian ; Boura, Cristiano Teixeira ; Herrmann, Ulf
ErschienenAIP Conference Proceedings. 2019. Seite: 180014-1 - 180014-7
ISBN / ISSN0094243X
Zugriff Online
TitelComparison of Potential Sites in China for Erecting a Hybrid Solar Tower Power Plant with Air Receiver
AutorenLatzke, Markus ; Alexopoulos, Spiros ; Kronhardt, Valentina ; Rendón, Carlos ; Sattler, Johannes
ErschienenEnergy Procedia. 2015. Seite: 1327 - 1334
ISBN / ISSN1876-6102
Zugriff campus
BemerkungInternational Conference on Concentrating Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems, SolarPACES 2014, Beijing, China