Change of Degree Programme / Change of Branch of Study

If you want to change your degree programme, please make the respective application in time (deadlines), if possible before, but not later than within the time period for re-registration, at the Registrar's Office, Bayernallee 11.

Changing from one degree programme with practical semester to the same degree programme without practical semester, and vice versa, is basically considered to be a change of degree programme and has to be applied for as such.

You can have the branch of study (specialisation; area of study) changed at your faculty's examination office.

If you have already re-registered for your previous degree programme (by transferring the semester fee to our account) and are therefore in possession of the set of certificates (Student ID card, Semester Ticket, several proofs of student registration), please enclose the complete set of certificates when handing in your application for a change of degree programme.

After the successful change of the degree programme, you will get a new set of certificates which will contain the changed study details.

Download Application Change of Degree Programme [in German]:
Antrag auf ...    Wechsel des Studiengangs oder Aufnahme eines Doppelstudiums; Antrag auf ... -121.42k (II2_041_Wechs_StG_201411_afspb.pdf)

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