Changing the Degree Programme / Changing the Field of Study

If you want to change your degree programme (within FH only), please submit the relevant application to the Registrar's Office in due time, if possible, but no later than 15 September for the respective winter semester, and 15 March for the summer semester (deadlines).

A change to a degree programme that is admission restricted even in higher semesters must be applied for online via

Internal changers with a foreign higher education entrance qualification are kindly asked to inform themselves about the procedure at the Registrar's Office before applying.

In addition, please be advised that a change of degree programme to the 1st semester (in the absence of a classification) is considered a new application and may be subject to its own rules and deadlines. Please inform yourself at the Registrar's Office in due time.

A change in the ongoing semester is not possible.

The change from a degree programme with practical semester to the same degree programme without practical semester, and vice versa, must always be applied for as a change of degree programme.

You can have your field of study (specialisation) changed at the Examination Office (Prüfungsamt) of your faculty.

After approval of the requested change and receipt of the social contribution and student activity fee (Sozial- und Studierendenschaftsbeitrag), you will receive a letter of acceptance. You can download and print registration certificates with the changed study information via the QIS self-service functions at  

Download Application Change of Degree Programme [in German]:
Antrag auf Wechsel des Studiengangs oder Aufnahme eines Doppelstudiums - 121.42k - ausfüllbares PDF
(Application for a Change of Degree Programme or Admission to a Double Degree Programme - 121.42k- Fillable PDF)

Antragsformular auf Wechsel des Studiengangs zum Ausfüllen auf Papier 
(Application Form for a Change of Degree Programme to fill out on paper)

Go to Download Area for Applications and Forms for Students.

If the responsible examination board in the receiving faculty is unable to place you in a higher (Fach-)semester (e.g. due to a lack of performance in examinations or because it is a degree programme outside the field of study), you must apply for the first (Fach-)semester via the normal application portal. Upon receiving your place of study, you will keep your old student ID number.

When scheduling your appointments, please note the following: If admission is restricted in higher (Fach-)semesters, an intended change of degree programme may not be decided before the end of the re-registration period. The Registrar's Office will inform you whether there is an admission restriction (fixed number of places) for the desired degree programme in the respective higher (Fach-)semester.