If you do not wish to continue your studies, for personal or other reasons, you can apply for deregistration at the Registrar's Office. The Application for Deregistrationhas to be handed in complete with your signature.

The Registrar's Office of the FH Aachen will automatically effect deregistration if:

  • students have graduated successfully. Deregistration will be effected at the end of the semester when the exam was passed *), provided that re-registration for the following semester has not taken place yet,
  • an exam, as stipulated in the examination regulations, has conclusively not been passed, or
  • students did not re-register by the deadline. In this case, deregistration is effected at the end of the previous semester.

After deregistration has been effected, a certificate of deregistration and a pension certficate will be sent to you. [You can view a PDF-specimen here.]

*) If you need the certificate of deregistration sooner (e.g. for the job agency), please fill in the application for deregistration und submit this form as soon as possible after the colloquium, either to the Registrar's Office Aachen (Bayernallee 11, 1st floor), or Jülich (Heinrich-Mußmann-Str. 1, Room 00 A 09). Please don't forget to have all notes of discharge entered and to return the already issued proofs of student registration.

Notes re. the Application for Deregistration

The application can be submitted personally or by an authorised person. For the authorisation, please present the power of attorney, signed and granted in writing, as well as the authorised person's official identity papers with photograph.

Students at the Jülich location can get further information at the Registrar's Office.

If you have already re-registered for the semester, you have to hand in the set of certificates, which were sent to you, along with the application for deregistration.

If you have already re-registered for the semester, but have not yet received the set of study certificates, you have to return the complete set immediately after receiving it. Only then can the deregistration and pension certificates be handed over to you.


For the refund of the social contribution and student activity fee, the following applies:

  1. In accordance with § 4 of the membership fee regulations of the Studierendenwerk Aachen (Student Welfare Services), a refund of the social contribution is only possible if deregistration takes place before the officially scheduled start of the lecture period of the semester for which the social contribution was paid; you can find the date on the page "Current Dates / Deadlines".
  2. This regulation shall apply by analogy to the refund of the entire student activity fee. To this end, please use the Application for Refund of the social contribution and student activity fee!
  3. If deregistration takes place after the officially scheduled start of the lecture period, there is a possibility that only a part of the costs for a returned semester ticket can be refunded. Please make the appropriate application online under / ⇒ Service / ⇒ SemesterTicketRückerstattung. The day of deregistration as well as the day you return the ticket are decisive for the amount of the refund.

The schedule, including the official start of the lecture period, can be found online under >> The University >> Registrar's Office>> Current Dates / Deadlines