Certificate for Pension Insurance

For account clarification, the pension insurance company requires official proof of your school or study periods and of any qualifications obtained by the institution you have attended.

You will receive this document along with the "Certificate of Deregistration" automatically from the Registrar's Office after each deregistration. [here's a sample for download]

If you no longer have this certificate, apply for a certificate to be issued in the FH Aachen archive [the archive's page is currently being revised]

In the archive, you can use a form to have a certificate issued for the pension insurance provider; link and download of the form.

Please send the request by postal mail:

FH Aachen
Postfach 100560
52005 Aachen

or by email to: archiv(at)fh-aachen.de 

Former students who have attended one of the predecessor institutions of FH Aachen (Staatliche Ingenieurschulen, Werkkunstschule der Stadt Aachen) should also contact the FH Aachen archive in order to obtain the proof of school attendance/study.  [the website of the archive is currently being revised]