Re-Registration for the Next Semester

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Hinweis zur Rückmeldung zum Wintersemester 2017/18

Der Rückmeldezeitraum hat mit dem 09. Juni begonnen.

Wegen der Erhöhung des Anteils an das Studierendenwerk wird der neue Rückmeldebetrag voraussichtlich 265,66 € betragen.

Der Grund der Verzögerung der Rückmeldephase ist:
Die Verkehrsverbünde (ASEAG/AVV) wollten unerwarteter Weise mit Druck ein eTicket einführen ohne alle Abläufe zur Semester-Rückmeldung und Verwaltung eines neuen Ticketformats innerhalb der FH ausreichend zu berücksichtigen. Wegen der Klärung der weiteren Abläufe waren wir gezwungen, die Informationen zur Rückmeldung zurück zu halten.

Ein Ticket in Chipkarten-Format wird aller Voraussicht nach im Laufe des Wintersemesters kommen.
Weitere Informationen werden diesbezüglich folgen.

Die Ausgabe/Versand des bisher üblichen Hologramm-Tickets auf Papier wird vermutlich bis Ende Juli gesammelt erfolgen; jedenfalls werden Sie ein Ticket bis Semesterbeginn am 01. September haben.
Vorausgesetzt ist, dass Sie rückgemeldet sind.
Nach Zahlungseingang werden wir wie üblich schnell rückmelden und Ihnen stehen die Funktionen im QIS [ ] (Gebühren-Konto einsehen; Studienbescheinigungen oder BAföG-Bescheinigungen drucken) zur Verfügung.

[aktualisiert am 09.06.2017]
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Information on the re-registration for the summer semester 2017 is mailed from mid-December till the end of the same month. 

  • The information letter regarding re-registration is sent as an email to your account only!
    Please note: According to the FH Aachen registration regulations, students are obligated to check the email account provided to them by the FH Aachen regularly (at least once a week) in order to receive documents and messages from the FH Aachen. Your inbox must therefore never exceed capacity, messages must be deliverable!
  • Late deadline for the re-registration for the summer semester 2017: All payments received starting February 10 (Friday), require the additional payment of 10.00 € late fee.

Re-registration is effected as soon as the complete re-registration amount due is received by the account of the FH Aachen (see below, "Bank Account Details") and was successfully booked at the Registrar's Office.

If you do not wish to continue your studies after February 28, 2017, or if you are certain that your course of study including colloquium will be successfully completed by that date, you do not have to make the payment.

As soon as the correct total amount is booked to the FH Aachen account, you will be re-registered and the "Lepo" (Student ID card | Semester Ticket | BAföG-certificate) will be sent to you by post. Provided that the complete semester fee (Semesterbeitrag) is received by February 10, the documents will probably be sent within 10 business days, starting at the end of January. If the payment is received at a later date, delays in dispatch are possible.

Please note that due payments (full amount), which have not been credited to the FH Aachen bank account by March 31, 2017 (Friday), will result in deregistration due to the missed re-registration. The earliest possible opportunity for renewed registration is the following semester.

Amount payable for payment receipts up to and including February 09 (Thursday):    260.66 €
Amount payable for payment receipts starting February 10 (Friday):   270.66 €  (incl. 10,- late fee).

Please allow for a processing time of up to 3 workdays for the transfer at some banks; the decisive factor is not the date of your order issued, but the date when the amount is received by our account!

Via the portal , you can check if and how much money has been booked on your "fees account" (=your payments to the FH account).

As the reference (Verwendungszweck), please specify the student ID number without blank spaces, as well as the abbreviation AIX or JUEL for Campus Aachen and Campus Jülich, resp., and the re-registration semester in the form of JJJJ1 or JJJJ2 (1= summer semester, 2= winter semester). Example: 924679 JUEL 20171

Only then can the booking be made unequivocally and in an expedited manner.

     Bank Account Details:   
         Recipient (Empfänger): Fachhochschule Aachen 
         IBAN:         DE81 39050000 0000060236
         Bank:         Sparkasse Aachen
         BIC:           AACSDE33XXX [only required for payments from abroad]

    Reference example for Aachen:  123456 AIX 20171  (Specimen SEPA-Bank Transfer Aachen )
    Reference example for Jülich:   987654 JUEL 20171 (Specimen SEPA-Bank Transfer Jülich ) 

       [in place of 1234... and 9876, resp.... please fill in your student ID number!]

Please note: Non-European foreign bank transfers might entail costs on the part of the home bank. In this case, you have to increase the payment by the amount of these costs.

Adress- / Name Change
Please notify the Registrar's Office of changes of address, name, etc. before making the bank transfer, so that these changes can be incorporated in the new proofs of student registration. For this, please use the options on our special web page 'Change of Address'

Delivery of the Student ID Card / Semester Ticket
As soon as the correct amount has been booked in total to the FH Aachen account, you will be re-registered - normally, no more than two days lie between payment receipt and re-registration. You will be able to print out proofs of student registration via your account at the QIS portal.
The "Lepo" (Student ID card | Semester Ticket | BAföG-certificate) will be sent to you by post.

Download proofs and certificates: Via you can download proofs of student registration, BAföG-certificates, data check sheet online.

You haven't received your Student ID card / Ticket yet?
You made the bank transfer within the deadlines, as described above, but haven't received any proofs of student registration after almost three weeks?
In this case, it is possible that:
 - your payment has not be made in full.
 - the Registrar's Office has not received a valid proof of health insurance.
 - you have not yet verified your practical training completely, or the recognition by the faculty is missing.
 - you have not notified the Registrar's Office of your new address.
 - you have not paid the library's overdue fines.
 - the delivery by mail didn't work properly.

In this case, please contact (after four weeks at the latest!) the Registrar's Office AACHEN (Tel. 0241/6009-51616 Contact Form ), or JÜLICH (0241/6009-53117 studierendensekretariat_juelich(at) ), in order to sort out the matter.
A late complaint may result in a fee of 10.00 € for the issuance of a "duplicate" (§ 3 (2) Beitragssatzung).

[updated: Jan. 11, 2017]