Semester Ticket NRW / eTicket

Please note: The FH Karte does not replace the Semester Ticket!

Link to the eTicket FAQ (Student Service Center)

In addition to the ticket for routes operated by the regional transport association AVV (Aachener Verkehrsverbund), FH Aachen has also been issuing the statewide NRW Semester Ticket for buses and trains throughout North Rhine-Westphalia for several years now. This was decided by the student body and is legally binding for all students. The contractual partner of the transport associations is the Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss (AStA, Student's Union Executive Committee). The semester ticket is issued by the transport company by post.

Further information is available at "Busse und Bahnen NRW" (in German).

In the event of problems relating to local transport, the local transport conciliation body (Schlichtungsstelle Nahverkehr) shall intervene on request. The procedure is free of charge for students and passengers