Student Health Insurance

For the registration process, every university applicant must submit a health insurance certificate to the university, compliant with this specimen [PDF-Download], which states

  • whether he/she is insured, or
  • whether he/she is exempt from health insurance (versicherungsfrei),
  • has been exempted from health insurance (von Versicherungspflicht befreit), or
  • is not obliged to hold health insurance (nicht versicherungspflichtig).

The health insurance certificate must be provided along with the university registration documents.

Students who hold private health insurance or are insured abroad, and wish to remain insured there for the duration of their course of study, need a certificate detailing their insurance status for the Registrar's Office (Confirmation of the exemption from the statutory health insurance, or the confirmation with the notation "[X] ist versicherungsfrei, von der Versicherungspflicht befreit or nicht versicherungspflichtig", resp., please see above.) Privately insured students will get this certificate from the statutory health insurance that last insured them. If there hasn't been any statutory health insurance coverage before, every statutory health insurance will issue this certificate.

As a general rule, there is no student registration without the presentation of the health insurance certificate!

The statutory basis for this is the Verordnung über Inhalt, Form und Frist der Meldungen sowie das Meldeverfahren für die Krankenversicherung der Studenten.

The insurance will remain in force until de-registration. The Fachhochschule will automatically notify the health insurance of this.

If students do not make their payments to the health insurance in due form, the FH will be informed of this and there will be a request to fulfill the obligations within a fixed period of time. If this request is not followed, the delay in payment will have the legal consequence of the compulsory de-registration of the student.

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