FAQ - Change of University

If you have already been registered at another university, or are currently still registered there, and wish to transfer to the FH Aachen, an application for a higher semester of a particular degree programme ("Fachsemester") is a change of university. Here's the information on which requirements have to be fulfilled and how to proceed.

What is a change of university?

A change of university takes place if you have already studied at another university and would like to continue the same, or a similar, degree programme at another university.  The recognition of previous academic achievements is compulsorily required.

If no previous academic achievements can be recognised, this does not formally constitute a change of university. In that case, you must regularly apply for the respective subject for the first semester.

How do I transfer to FH Aachen?

The best way to apply for a change of university is to proceed as follows:

1. Have yourself classified into a higher semester by the examination board of the respective faculty

2. Apply online for a university change within the application deadlines for university changers. (Please note: Es gelten gesonderte Fristen und je nach Land des Erwerbs der Hochschulzugangsberechtigung ist eine Bewerbung über uni-assist notwendig).

Which requirements do I have to fulfil for a change of university?

Basic requirements for a change of university are:

- proof of creditable examination results from your previous studies
- a confirmation from the examination board of the respective faculty at FH Aachen of the classification
  in a higher (Fach-)semester
- a university entrance qualification

If necessary, further requirements have to be fulfilled, such as, for example:

- proof of pre-study practical training
- proof of an aptitude test

Please note that some degree programmes are also admission restricted in the higher semester. Accordingly, a decision on your application for a change of university may not be made until after the end of the re-registration phase: Only after the re-registration phase is the number of free places at university determined. These are then awarded to university changers.

This means that even if you apply for a higher semester, there is no guarantee of a place in an admission-restricted degree programme.



I have failed an exam in the third attempt. Can I still study here?

Whether you are allowed to start and continue your studies at FH Aachen despite a failed third attempt at another university, will be assessed by the faculty's examination board within the framework of classification into a higher (Fach-)semester.

How do I transfer from FH Aachen to another university?

Please contact the new university to enquire about the appropriate procedurea. You may need certain certificates from our university to register there.