FAQ - Deregistration

Deregistration denotes the removal from the student register and termination of then university membership. Questions about deregistration are answered here.

How do I deregister?

Please submit the signed application for deregistration in the original (not by email) to the Registrar's Office. A certificate of deregistration will be sent to you by post or will be issued to you personally right away. You can find the application form in the Download Center.

Do I have to return the FH Karte when I deregister?

The card can be returned during the deregistration process.

Do I have to return the eTicket when I deregister?

There is no obligation to return the eTicket. You do not need to return the eTicket to ASEAG or FH Aachen.

How long will the FH Karte be valid after deregistration?

The FH Karte will be valid for 60 days after deregistration.

I have completed my studies. When will I be deregistered?

Once you have passed the final examination, you will automatically be deregistered at the end of the semester during which the final examination took place.