FAQ - eTicket (Semester Ticket)

An eTicket is a chip card that contains an electronic authorisation to use public transport, i.e. the ticket. After student registration, the eTicket will be delivered by the ASEAG to students through postal services. Below, we have listed and answered the most frequent questions about the eTicket.

I. General Information

What is an eTicket?

An eTicket is a chip card that contains an electronic authorisation to use public transport, i.e. the ticket. Accordingly, the validity of an eTicket can be checked electronically with a reader.

Does the eTicket replace the previous paper ticket?

Yes, as of the summer semester 2018, the eTicket will replace the previous paper ticket. Paper tickets issued for the winter semester 2017/18 will be valid until 28 February 2018. After the shipment of the tickets in the winter semester 2017/18, both versions will be valid in parallel. Due to the introduction of self-check in, we recommend using the eTicket starting 8 January 2018. Cf. the notes under III. - How does ticket inspection work?




Why is the ASEAG introducing the eTicket?

The objectives of electronic fare management are

  • the elimination of access barriers and a simplified usage of the ÖPNV (local public transport)
  • the nationwide and cross-border (still at the trial stage) usage of just one eTicket on which several transport tickets can be stored
  • usage of other services, such as car sharing or bike sharing, with one and the same ticket
  • increasing the efficiency of ticket sales and, as a result, a rise in revenues



What are the advantages of the eTicket?

The electronic chip card is more practical for customers:

  • The semester/NRW-Ticket will remain valid during matriculation (subject to timely re-registration).
  • Should the card be lost, it can be blocked.
  • Usage of further services, such as car sharing and bike sharing, with the eTicket
  • In the future, customers can travel all over North-Rhine Westphalia and cross the border with the eTicket
  • Further ÖPNV tickets can be loaded onto the card



How do I identify my eTicket?

The customer’s number, the first name and surname of the cardholder as well as the name of the fare product "Semesterticket NRW" are printed on the eTicket. Cardholders can have their eTickets read out at the ASEAG Customer Service Centre.




How do I best store my eTicket?

The chip card's long period of validity (5 years from the production date) requires the customer to take good care of the eTicket. In practice, reading out the ticket information is extremely difficult and, therefore, unlikely, but technically possible nevertheless. For the protection of the eTicket, the FH Aachen (Student Service Center, SSC) and the AStA therefore offer the appropriate protective covers. These should not be used for the FH Karte.




II. Receipt/ Validity of the eTicket

Who will get the Semester Ticket/NRW Ticket as an eTicket?

Students registered at the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences and at the RWTH Aachen University will get the eTicket.

How do I get the eTicket?

The ASEAG will send the eTicket by mail to the home address of all registered students.


When will the eTicket be valid?

The eTicket is valid from the date of dispatch and will remain valid for the respective semester, subject to re-registration within the prescribed time limit. In case of late re-registration, validity for the current semester will be effective one day after re-registration has been processed by the Registrar's Office.

How long will my eTicket be valid?

The eTicket's period of validity is 5 years from production date. The end date of the eTicket is printed on the front, on the right-hand side, below the AVV logo, in the format MM/YY (e.g. 05/22). After 5 years, the ticket will be replaced with a new one. The period of validity of the eTicket's authorisation to use public transportation is subject to the registration status at the FH Aachen.

In case of deregistration during the semester, the authorisation to use public transport will be blocked on the eTicket on the day of deregistration.


Do I need to re-apply for the eTicket every semester?

No, you don't. With every regular re-registration, the authorisation to use public transport with the Semester Ticket on the eTicket will remain valid.


Will the eTicket be valid during a semester on leave?

You can find details on this on the website of the FH Aachen's AStA or at the SSC.

When will I get my eTicket?

After you have registered as a student at the FH Aachen for the first time, or after a change of university, the eTicket will be mailed to you, but, as a general rule, no earlier than 14 days before the semester starts. Should you register as a student during the semester, you will receive the eTicket within 5 business days maximum after paying the complete semester fee.


I have not received an eTicket yet. Whom do I contact?

If you haven't received an eTicket, first go to QIS please (the self-service portal of the FH Aachen) to check whether you have been re-registered for the coming semester. If re-registration has not been recorded, but you are certain that you've already transferred the money for the re-registration, please contact the SSC. (Please note that it may take up to 4 days before the re-registration appears in the system.)

If re-registration has been recorded in QIS, please contact the ASEAG Customer Service Centre, Schumacherstraße 14, 52062 Aachen, Phone: 0241 1688-3040.

The ASEAG Customer Service Centre's business hours are:
Mon – Fri: 7:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sat: 8:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

III. On the Move with the eTicket

Where is the Semester Ticket that is stored on the eTicket valid?

The Semester Ticket NRW is valid throughout North-Rhine Westphalia and includes all buses, trams, city railways and underground as well as commuter trains (S-Bahn), the RegionalBahn and RegionalExpress. In addition, several cross-border AVV bus routes can be used, e.g. to Kerkrade (Route 34) or Vaals (Routes 25 and 33).

If you are studying in Aachen and have your main residence in one of the Dutch municipalities of Heerlen, Kerkrade or Landgraaf, you will, on presentation of your certificate of study and proof of residence at Stadsregio Parkstad Limburg, get a free travel card for buses and trains in the Parkstad Limburg area (Information: Stadsregio Parkstad Limburg, CBS-weg 2, 6412 EZ Heerlen, Niederlande, Phone: +31 - (0) 45 - 57 00 171, p.alzer(at)parkstad-limburg.nl).

How does ticket inspection work?

Upon receipt of the eTicket, it immediately serves as your transport ticket. Please always carry the eTicket with you when using buses or trains in the Aachener Verkehrsverbund (Transport Association Aachen). Please note that the eTicket is a personal subscription card and, therefore, in case of inspections by official personnel, still only valid as a transport ticket in conjunction with an official photo ID.

By 10 December 2017, the date of the change in the timetable, the ASEAG will have equipped its entire fleet with new checking devices, so-called validators. In every ASEAG bus, and in buses of contracting companies, these devices will always be located at the second door (Quick Check-in).

As of 8 January 2018, self-check in will be in effect. This means that upon getting on the bus, you will have to hold the eTicket up to the checking device. If a green symbol appears, your ticket is valid and the bus ride can begin. If a red symbol appears, the ticket is not valid or the ticket may be defective. If this happens, please read the information in the bus or contact the ASEAG Customer Service Centre or use the service number 0241-1688 3040. If you want to begin or continue the bus ride, you will have to acquire a new ticket from the driver.

Further information is available on the ASEAG homepage.

Can I travel without Quick-Check In? / What happens if I forget the Quick-Check In?

As of 8 January 2018, self-check in has been in force. All customers with an eTicket are obligated to hold the chip card up to the checking device. Further information is available on the ASEAG homepage.

What happens if my eTicket is unreadable at the Quick-Check In?

In case this occurs at the validator, you have to acquire a paper ticket from the driver. The user should come to the ASEAG Customer Service Centre as quickly as possible to have the chip card checked. If the chip card, or the validator, is defective, the acquired ticket will be refunded.


Can I check in with the driver?

The validator is installed at Door 2. The entrance at Door 1 is designated for cash payers and users with paper tickets (visual inspection by the driver).


Which data is collected during ticket inspection?

Please refer to the FAQ Datenschutz im AVV (Data Protection in the AVV). This document has been drawn up by the transport companies' data protection officials, with the support of the State Data Protection Officer.


What happens if my eTicket is unreadable during ticket inspection by inspection personnel?

If an unreadable ticket is held up to the checking device during ticket inspection by the inspection personnel, you will be charged with with a penalty fare (erhöhtes Beförderungsentgelt, EBE) in the amount of € 60.00. In order to clarify the matter, the customer will then have to come to the ASEAG Customer Service Centre within the next 14 days. Otherwise, the complete EBE fee will become due. If the chip card is defective, the EBE will be rescinded. In that case, there will be no additional handling fee. In cooperation with all transport companies, this provision was passed uniformly in the AVV.


What happens if I lose my eTicket or it gets damaged?

If the eTicket gets lost or stolen, please report the loss to the ASEAG Customer Service Centre without delay. It can be blocked at short notice and, against the payment of a fee of €15.00, you will get a replacement card right away. If the eTicket has been intentionally damaged, you will be charged with an additional handling fee of €15.00 for the issuance of a duplicate. In case of a defect, the replacement will be free of charge. If you need a second replacement card within one contract year due to loss or theft, a €15.00 loss fee + €10.00 handling fee will fall due for payment.


What do I do with the eTicket after my Semester Ticket NRW has expired?

During deregistration, please hand in your eTicket to the SSC or the ASEAG Customer Service Centre, Schumacherstr. 14, in Aachen.


What does the printed expiration date on the eTicket mean?

The expiration date is independent of the period of validity of your Semester Ticket NRW. It merely signifies the lifespan of your eTicket. If your Semester Ticket is active, we will contact you shortly before the eTicket expires and give you a new eTicket free of charge.


How do I get a connecting ticket?

For journeys that go beyond the area of validity of the existing ticket, an Anschluss-Ticket AVV (connecting ticket AVV), an Einfach-Weiter-Ticket NRW, or other tickets, can be still be purchased additionally, either as a paper ticket or as a mobile phone ticket.


Is there a rule for taking people along on the Semester Ticket?

The Semester Ticket is not transferable and does not entitle you to take other people, or bicycles, along with you free of charge. (Exception: Taking along children free of charge, in accordance with the transport associations' passenger fare regulations).

If you want to take a bicycle with you, you will need the appropriate additional ticket for the traffic zone you're travelling in. In some transport associations, there are blocking times for bicycle transport. Within the AVV, bicycle transport is only allowed if it's okay with the bus driver.

IV. Changing Data

The name on my eTicket is not spelt correctly – what do I have to do?

Please contact the Student Service Center (SSC).

Due to a name change, the name on my eTicket is incorrect – what do I have to do?

Please contact the Student Service Center (SSC).

My address has changed, what do I have to do?

Please contact the Student Service Center (SSC).

There is a wrong date of birth and/or the wrong sex printed on the ticket – what do I have to do?

Please contact the Student Service Center (SSC).

V. Data Protection

Which data is stored on the eTicket by the transport companies?

In accordance with the provisions of the VDV-KA (Core Application) Standard, the first name, the surname, the date of birth, the sex, the validity of the contract, leaves of absence, the ASEAG customer ID and the university's customer ID are stored as clear text, without encryption. Additionally, your personal fare product including the price level and area of validity are depicted electronically.




Who can access my data?

The contracting transport company (ASEAG) can access the data within the framework of drawing up the contracts as well as for billing purposes for the Semester Tickets. Additionally, and within the framework of ticket inspections, every transport company affiliated with the VDV Core Application may inspect the eTickets and read out the first name, surname, date of birth and sex for the inspection.




How is my data protected?

When it comes to using personal data, the subject of data protection is of great importance to the ASEAG. The ASEAG will solely use and utilise the submitted data for issuing, billing and processing the eTicket. Further data usage will not take place. The ASEAG agrees to this, pursuant to Section 6 Datenschutzgesetz NRW (DSG NRW, Data Protection Act NRW) and Section 5 Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG, Federal Data Protection Act), resp.

How can I protect my eTicket from misuse in case of loss and how can I block it?

In case of loss, please get in touch with the competent contracting transport company (ASEAG) without delay. You can do this by email, by phone, or in person, at the Customer Service Centre. At the ASEAG Customer Service Centre, you will get a new eTicket. The lost eTicket will be blocked.

Which expansion stage of the VDV Core Application precedes the eTicket?

The eTicket is part of expansion stage 2a of the VDV Core Application.

Which technology is utilised for the eTicket?

A contactless (RFID) multi-application processor card with SmartMX technology is utilised for the eTicket. In addition to the VDV Core Application, a DESFire EV1 emulation is applied to the card, which will allow the ASEAG to offer additional functions in the future.

VI. Support and Contact

Who do I contact in case of (further) queries regarding the eTicket?

Please contact the ASEAG Customer Service Centre directly, or by email to eticket(at)aseag.de or by phone: 0241 1688-3040.

The ASEAG Customer Service Centre's business hours are:

Mon – Fri: 7:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sat: 8:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.