FAQ - Online Services

There are several online services supporting FH Aachen students with managing their studies. Here we answer the most important questions on Ilias, Qis, Campus and others. In this section, we exclusively deal with online services for registered students, not with the application portal.

What online services are there?

At FH Aachen, students have various IT services at their disposal that serve different functions.

Services: Via the page services.fh-aachen.de, you (1) activate the other IT services, (2) apply for the FH Karte and (3) reset your password.

Students can now find an eTicket tab under "User status" on the IT services page. There, you can find out whether FH Aachen has passed on the respective data to ASEAG so that the eTicket can be dispatched from there.

Campusoffice: Via the page campusoffice.fh-aachen.de, you can view the course catalogue and sign up for/cancel courses.

QIS:  Via the page qis.fh-aachen.de, you can print out registration certificates, check the status of your fee account and sign up for/cancel examinations.

Ilias: Via the page ili.fh-aachen.de, the teaching staff will provide you with course materials.

How do I sign up for online services?

During registration, you will receive a unique access code for the page services.fh.-aachen.de. In the so-called welcome process, you must enter your one-time password and then assign your own new password. After that, you will be activated for the other IT services of the university. In addition, your email address will be generated and activated. Your password is valid for all IT services.

Do I have to sign up for the online services?

Yes, you do! You are obliged to check your alumni email address regularly (see registration regulations).

I've forgotten my password. What should I do? Can the Registrar's Office send me a new login password?

The Registrar's Office cannot issue a new login password. Please provide a private email address. Then use the Forgot Password function on the page services.fh-aachen.de. A link to generate a new password will be sent to your private email address.

Do I have to check my email account regularly?

Yes, you do. According to the registration regulations, you are required to check your emails at least once a week.