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*Confidentiality and Data Protection

The Suggestions and Complaints Office agrees to carry out your requests and their complete handling confidentially and according to the provisions of data protection laws.

The handling of your request requires the specification of contact information. This information only serves as a means to report back to you, and, if need be, clarify existing inquiries. This information is processed separately from the possibility of a continuing, anonymous handling of the case. Without your express consent, no personal data will be passed on to third parties, and to people and institutions involved in the handling of your request, respectively. You issue your consent, or rejection, regarding the passing on of your personal data by clicking the intended checkpoint in the contact form.

Apart from the Suggestions and Complaints Office, there is the possibility of directly turning to your faculty's liaison lecturer. He or she will listen and, in a joint effort with you, will come up with a solution to your request.  

Prof. Dr. Michael Heger
Zentrum für Hochschuldidaktik und Qualitätsentwicklung
Hochschuldidaktik & Evaluation
Tel. 0241-6009-51820

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