Representation of Students with Disabilities or a Chronic Disease

We represent students with disabilities or a chronic disease at FH Aachen in Aachen and Jülich, taking care of all matters and concerns. We support you in managing your course of study, and we are your contact in case of queries and problems that arise during your studies due to your disability or illness.

Everyone should have the opportunity to study at FH Aachen without restrictions. The university therefore pays particular attention to the special requirements of students with disabilities or chronic illnesses. In cooperation with the Rectorate, the administration, the Registrar's Office, the university library, AStA (Students' Union Executive Committee) as well as the Studierendenwerk, we work on the improvement of everyday student life in accordance with equal opportunity and barrier-free accessibility.

  • physical disability
  • visual impairment/blindness
  • hearing impairment/deafness
  • speech impediment
  • mental illnesses
  • partial disorder in performance such as dyslexia
  • chronic disease
  • other long-term impairments
  • mediation between students and teaching staff
  • barrier-free accomodation
  • exemption from mobility fee
  • application for parking permits
  • search for self-help groups
  • building accessibility
  • application for aids
  • search for assistance
  • disabled sports
  • financing of disability-related additional costs
  • profound developmental disorder or/and autism


Marius Kleutgens
Stephanstraße 58-62
52064 Aachen

Peter Horrichs
Stephanstraße 58-62
52064 Aachen

AStA FH Aachen  
Room 206