Singapore ROS Summer School 2018, hosted by the official ROS Industrial Consortium Asia Pacific

We exported our ROS Summer School to the official ROS Industrial Consortium Asia. It took place in the educational institution Singapore Polytechnic from March 12th to March 16th, 2018.

The Singapore ROS Summer School covered common topics regarding mobile robotics:

  • Programming of Mobile Robots
  • Communication
  • Coordinate Transforms
  • Teleoperation
  • Simulation
  • Landmark Detection
  • Localization
  • Mapping
  • Autonomous Navigation

We used the Middleware ROS (Robot Operating System) as standard Operating System for Robots. After having learnt the theory all topics were experienced on real hardware using our mobile robots developed at FH Aachen. It has been the first time using the new Turtlebot 3 Platform, which is fully ROS supported. In the end we had a competition where participants had to use their skills to program the robot to drive the Turtlebot fully autonomous through a round course and hold in front of stop shields represented by augmented reality tags.

Our Agenda for the Singapore ROS Summer School:

  • March 12th - Day 1: ROS Basics: Navigation in Linux, ROS Filesystem, develop executables for robots (ROS nodes)
  • March 13th - Day 2: ROS Communication: Publisher/Subscriber principle, develop a program to teleoperate a robot
  • March 14th  - Day 3: Robot model description and vision: ROS TF / Gazebo, describe robot kinematics and sensor locations, transform coordinate frames, interfacing sensors and actuators,  camera calibration, identification and position estimation of Augmented Reality Tags
  • March 15th - Day 4: Robot environment perception: Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in a real environment, Navigation including path planning
  • March 16th - Day 5: Robot Challenge: Navigate your robot through a round course with collision avoidance

The ROS Summer School is designed to teach participants about how to get started with ROS; it is created for those who have an interest in autonomous systems, but don't quite know how to get started. Some basic knowledge of Linux (Ubuntu) and one programming language such as Python or C++ are recommended.

Presenters of the MCI ROS Summer School were:

  • Patrick Wiesen, M. Sc. (FB 8)
  • Nicolas Limpert, B.Sc. (FB 5)
  • Harshal Dawar, B. Eng. (FB 8)