Biological, Physical and Technical Basics of Cell Engineering

The book will aim at reviewing latest developments in Biological, Chemical and Physical Basics of Cell Engineering. We are planning to publish it at the beginning of 2017. It will bridge recent achievements in natural sciences and technology with biology and medicine which is a generic bioengineering feature. Our previous books have been successful and influential. It encouraged a next editor generation continuing the task. The book will be meant to have life and (human) spirit, and will contribute pioneering interdisciplinary research in life sciences. The aims are to providing readers, including students, faculty, and scientists in academia and industry, new information on Biological, Chemical and Physical Basics of Cell Engineering to enhance understanding and innovation on these subjects:




ᴥ Molecular motors
• Cell guidance, motility, locomotion, division
• Cell force generation
• Adhesion, cell-cell-, cell-matrix interaction, cell assemblies
• Modifying cell-matrix interactions
• Engineering cellular physiology by external cues
• Antibodies as tool to engineer cells in vivo
• Engineering cells and stem cells
• Cellular processes and systems biology


ᴥ Understanding the living state
• Water in cells and ECM
• Self-organizing molecular machines
• Cellular and molecular biophysics
• Cell cytosol, gel-like-, fluid-like transition
• Biopolymers and scaffolds
• Transmembrane transportation
• Molecular mechanics and mechanosensors
• Cells and physical stimuli
• Molecular and cellular structure analysis


ᴥ Biomechanics of cells and soft tissues
• Technology: Rheology, Cell Morphology, 3D Scaffolds, Tissue
• Forces, Motion, Adhesion
• Cell and molecule imaging
• Engineering tools: Cells into tissue
• Physical properties of cells and stem cells
• Physics & Technology: Cancer, chemotaxis, metastasis
• Cell and stem cell manipulation and technology
• Medium-, High-, and Ultrahigh-Throughput cell assays
• Extraterrestrial life research


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