As a refugee, you are generally eligible to study at a German university, especially when your status has been recognised. In terms of applying and gaining admission to a degree programme, you will be treated just like any other international student applicant.

Requirements for being accepted to a degree programme

Does my foreign qualification entitle me to study in Germany?
You can find information on the validation/recognition of foreign educational qualifications in Germany on the website of the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB):, see "Schulabschlüsse mit Hochschulzugang" (school leaving qualification with access to university), "suchen" (search) and "Land wählen" (select country)

Other admission requirements/work placement guidelines:

Proof of sufficient German language skills:
Another requirement for being accepted to a degree programme is proof of sufficient German language skills e.g. proof that you have passed the DSH-2 exam or proof that you have passed the Test-DaF exam with a grade of at least 4 in all sections of the exam. German language courses and German exams in preparation for a course of study at university are offered e.g. by the Sprachenakademie Aachen (Language Academy Aachen). It is necessary to register directly with the Sprachenakademie Aachen:

In order to find out more about the individual degree programmes available, please select the desired subject from the list of available courses:


Information on applying for a place at university

Applicants for a place at university with foreign educational qualifications must submit their application for a Bachelor's degree programme at the FH Aachen – with the exception of International Oriented Studies (IOS) at the Jülich Campus – to uni-assist ("Arbeits- und Servicestelle für Internationale Studienbewerbungen e.V.") in Berlin. Uni-assist check whether the foreign qualifications entitle the applicant to study in Germany.

What documentation do I need to send to uni-assist?

- Completed and signed application form for admission to university

- Proof of payment of the application fee

- Curriculum vitae in tabular form

- Your certificate proving that you are entitled to study at university in your home country

- Certificates, subject and grade overviews or transcripts of your previous degree studies at a university (if you have already studied at university)

- If relevant, proof of a course-related aptitude test

- Proof of the required German language skills If you do not yet have the required proof of sufficient German language skills for admission to university at the time of this preliminary check, you are required to prove to uni-assist that you are currently studying to acquire the DSH-2 certificate or the Kleines or Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom or the advanced level certificate at a Goethe Institute or the Test-DaF (with a grade of at least 4 in all sections of the exam). However, it is necessary to provide the required proof of German language skills before you can register at the university.

- Alongside a German or English translation (prepared by a legally certified translator), the documents must also be submitted in their original language and as officially authenticated photocopies.

- In addition, please enclose with your application a copy of the page of your passport that contains your name and photograph.

- Unfortunately, it is not possible for uni-assist to process incomplete applications! Please do not enclose any stamped addressed envelopes or international postal coupons! Uni-assist does not generally return any documentation.

Please only send your application documents to the following address:
FH Aachen
c/o uni-assist e.V.
D-11507 Berlin

Application deadlines:
For the winter semester: 15th July (cut-off period)
For the summer semester: 15th January (cut-off period)
In order to allow time for any queries or to request the submission of missing documents before the deadline, you are strongly recommended to submit your application to uni-assist 6 weeks before the application deadline expires.

Application fee:

Your application will only be processed by uni-assist once you have paid the application fee.

An application fee for the uni-assist process of € 75.00  must be paid for the first university. If you want to apply to another or multiple uni-assist universities, each additional application costs € 15.00.

Please note that the full application fee must be paid to uni-assist. You are also responsible for paying any fees imposed by your bank for the bank transfer.

How can I pay for the application fee?

By credit card (VISA or Mastercard). You will find a credit card form by clicking with your mouse on Please complete the form, sign it and enclose it with your application.

By bank transfer to uni-assist e.V.:
IBAN: DE62100208900019055272
at the HypoVereinsBank *.
Please add you first names, surname, date of birth and country of origin in the reference field. If you have already received an application number from uni-assist, please also include this number in the reference field.
(*Branch office: Berlin-Charlottenburg; Leibnizstr. 100; D-10625 Berlin)


How do I find out if I have gained admission or not?

If your documentation fulfils the formal admission requirements, FH Aachen will be correspondingly informed by uni-assist and your documentation will be passed on the Registrar's Office at the FH Aachen. However, this does not yet mean you have gained admission to the university because the Registrar's Office will subsequently check the contents of your documentation against their own quality criteria. Where appropriate, you will then be assigned a place at the university. In the case of degree programmes with restricted admission, this can only take place after the formal closing date for the submission of applications has expired.

In order to register at the university, you are required to observe the registration deadline stated on the admission letter, otherwise the admission letter is considered invalid. It is not possible to extend the deadline. If you do not register at the FH Aachen, please note that your application documentation will only be kept for a period of one year. This documentation (including original copies) will be destroyed after the end of the one year period. The application documents you submitted are generally not sent back to you. Therefore, please only submit officially authenticated photocopies!

If you do not meet the requirements, you will be correspondingly informed by uni-assist. Unfortunately, your documents cannot be sent back to you. You will need to apply again by the next application deadline with new application documents.

Uni-assist saves your data for four years. Your data will only be made available to uni-assist itself and your selected universities during this period. The data will be destroyed after this period of time.

What do I have to bear in mind before registration at the university?

The majority of Bachelor's degree programmes require you to complete an 8-week work experience placement before commencing your degree studies. The work placement must have been completed and verified to the FH Aachen at the latest by September 30 for an application for the winter semester and by March 31 for an application for the summer semester. If you register at the university before the start of the degree programme and also before the end of your work placement, it is necessary to submit a provisional certificate to verify that the work placement is currently being completed and that states the anticipated date of completion.

If additional work placements are required, verification must be provided by the September 30/March 31 of the third semester.