Sommer- und Winterschulen



Sommer- und Winterschulen an der FH Aachen

Aachener Sprachsommer

Das Sprachenzentrum der FH Aachen bietet jährlich im Juli und August jeweils vierwöchige Sommerkurse an, in deren Rahmen Teilnehmer aus aller Welt intensive Deutschkurse besuchen und gleichzeitig nicht nur Aachen, sondern auch die Umgebung und das angrenzende Ausland kennen lernen können.

Bitte Informieren Sie sich direkt bei der Sprachenakademie Aachen!

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Zweieinhalbwöchiger Sommerkurs für Studierende aller Hochschulen und Fachrichtungen mit Vorträgen, Exkursionen und einer Zukunftswerkstatt rund um erneuerbare Energien und Energieeffizienz.

Bitte informieren Sie sich direkt beim Solar Institut Jülich!

ROS Summer School

Aufgrund des Corona-Virus wird diese Sommerschule 2020 nicht stattfinden. Die nächste ROS Sommerschule wird 2021 sein.

Seit 2012 bietet der Fachbereich Maschinenbau und Mechatronik zusammen mit dem Fachbereich Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik in der vorlesungsfreien Zeit im Bereich der mobilen autonomen Robotik eine internationale ROS Summer School an, die seitdem stetigen Zuspruch erfährt. Hier werden sowohl die Grundlagen, als auch weiterführende Themen im Bereich der Wahrnehmung, Lokalisierung und Navigation von mobilen Robotern erarbeitet. Weiterhin wird alles in englischer Sprache auf einem recht hohen technischen Niveau präsentiert.

Online Industry 4.0 Summer School: 20-31 July 2020

Online Industry 4.0 Summer School: 20-31 July 2020

As every year, we are offering an international Industry 4.0 Summer School for all students who are interested in engineering, digitalization, and smart factories. Due to the COVID-19 situation, it is possible to join the whole summer school online (including lectures and lab sessions) for a reduced participation fee.
More information can be found in our flyer and on our website:
If you have any questions, please do not hesistate to contact us:
We are looking forward to the two weeks of our first online summer school and hope that our summer course is interesting for many students.


3D Printing Summer School

Due to the Corona Virus this summer school will not take place in 2020. The next 3D Printing summer school will be in 2021.

3D Printing is about to revolve the way we design and make products. Therefore it is essential for those technically interested in this field to understand the capability, the challenges and the drawbacks of this technology. While this technology marks a hype even in private areas like journals and television it is barely taught in engineering education.

Our summer school provides a comprehensive, theoretical approach to 3D technology combined with hands-on experience.

After one week of delving into the 3D printing topic, you will be able to

  • build your own 3D printer
  • start printing your own portfolio and prototypes,
  • know how to handle the data-chain for printer operation,
  • understand the special challenges of different model types, and
  • obtain reproducible parts.

Our summer school is presented in a relaxed atmosphere where the instructors

  • are always available to answer questions
  • motivate participants to get involved
  • give feedback
  • make sure that’s there is also fun and action.

The students are welcome to bring along a project of their own to be solved during the summer school.

After having completed your 3D Printing Summer School, you will receive a FH Aachen Certificate in 3D Printing.

Materialize your own ideas - if you can image it - you can print it!

More Information

Sommer- und Winterschulen im Ausland

Online Latvia and Italy: Nonlinear Life Summer School "Advances in Materials for Medicine"

Online Latvia and Italy: Nonlinear Life Summer School "Advances in Materials for Medicine"

Nonlinear Life is the summer school with a converging sciences approach on engineering themes related to human health, launched in 2017 by the Riga Technical University (Latvia). This year the summer school reaches its 4th edition, focusing on new developments and properties (physical, microstructural, chemical, functional, mechanical, biocompatibility, resistance to degradation) of metallic, polymeric, ceramic, composite and nanostructured biomaterials.

Course leaders
University of Bergamo (Italy) and Riga Technical University (Latvia).

Target students
The summer school is open to Bachelor, Master and PhD students enrolled in programs related to health (Medicine, Biotechnology, Veterinary), engineering, chemistry, biology, physics. A good command of the English language is essential.

Course aim
The summer school is designed to help students deepen their knowledge on the properties and peculiarities of the materials of biomedical devices. Students will gain essential technical skills as well as acquire the most recent developments and future prospects in the field with a multidisciplinary approach from engineers, materials scientists and practitioners from the biomedical sector (firms, laboratories, rehabilitation facilities).

ECTS credits
A certificate of attendance and 3 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits will be awarded upon completion of the program.

Fee and deadline for application
EUR 100: The deadline for the application is 10 July 2021.
Applicants will be notified on the acceptance to the summer school within a week of the day of the application and shall
proceed with the payment of the participation fee by 20 July 2021. No payment is required at the time of application.


Scientific and Organizing Committees
Prof. Marina Cabrini, University of Bergamo (Scientific Committee)
Prof. Yuri Dekhtyar, Riga Technical University (Scientific Committee)
Mr. Eriks Badamsins, Riga Technical University (Organizing Committee)
Prof. Maria Sole Brioschi, University of Bergamo (Organizing Committee)


Latvia: Nine Summer Schools 2021 at Riga Techical University

Latvia: Nine Summer Schools 2021 at Riga Techical University

In the summer 2021 Riga Technical University (RTU) International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department  is offering nine summer schools for all international students and personnel from all around the globe.

Overview Flyer

Three of nine summer camps received Latvian Government Scholarships which are available for some of the regions.

The summer schools we are offering are:


•  3D Animation World (scholarships available

    Flyer 3D Animation World

    Direct application for the 3D Animation summer school


•   Bioeconomy. Sustainable Use of Biological Resources (scholarships available)

    Flyer Bioeconomy

    Direct application for the Bioeconomy. Sustainable Use of Biological Resources summer school


•   Riga – The Pearl Of Latvian Wooden Architecture (scholarships available)

    Flyer Riga Architecture

    Direct application for the Riga – The Pearl Of Latvian Wooden Architecture summer school


•   Robotics: Real Life Applications

     Flyer Robotics

     Direct application for the Robotics: Real Life Applications summer school


•   Smart Emerging Technology. Iot For Smart Cities

     Flyer Internet of Things for Smart Cities

     Direct application for the Smart Emerging Technology. Iot For Smart Cities summer school


•   Time Capsule of Latvian Footprints

     Flyer Time Capsul of Latvian Footprints

     Direct application for the Time Capsule of Latvian Footprints summer school


•   Intensive English and Cross-Cultural Communication

     Flyer Intensive English and Cross-Cultural Communication

     Direct application for the Intensive English and Cross-Cultural Communication summer school


•   Global Leadership

     Flyer Global Leadership

     Direct application for the Global Leadership summer school


•   Intensive English summer camp
     Direct application for the Intensive English summer camp


The scholarships for the Summer Schools cover the tuition fee, accommodation, company field trips, entertainment activities and catering (breakfast and lunch during working days).

Information on the availability of the Scholarships can be found at the State Education Development Agency, which is subordinated to the Ministry of Education and Science:


For more information, please check the following links below.

Application for Summer Schools shall be submitted at Riga Technical University –

For more information on the Summer Camps, contact:

Natalja Muracova

Head of Foundation and Short-Term Courses Unit 

International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department
1 Kalku Street, Room 414, Riga
+371 67089106



Romania: Transylvania International Summer Courses of Romanian Language and Civilization from 19 July – 6 August 2021

Romania: Transylvania International Summer Courses of Romanian Language and Civilization from 19 July – 6 August 2021

The Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, embraces the new academic online workstyle in all of its activities. The traditional excellence endorses the innovative, ground-breaking technological tools, enabling us to deliver services, support and knowledge of an extensive quality.

Transylvania International Summer Courses of Romanian Language and Civilization will take place between July 19th – August 6th, 2021.

We set up a 3-week teaching plan, consisting of a 3-hour course programme each working day, in the afternoon. Besides the Romanian language classes, we will organize live, interactive conferences and demonstrative workshops on Romanian culture and civilization. As quality is one of our absolute preoccupation, we will form multiple small groups, based on the language level of the participants (beginner, intermediate, advanced), so that participants enjoy an extensive interaction with the teacher and peers. At the end of the course, each participant will be granted with 4 ECTS and with an attendance certificate.

Deadline of the application: July 15th, 2021

Follow us on Facebook:

Application form:

E-mail: RoSummerSchool(at) or diana.cosma(at)

Indonesia: Summer Schools in Bali July-August 2021

Indonesia: Summer Schools in Bali July-August 2021

Summer School: Intercultural Communication
This 4 weeks course offers a comprehensive knowledge on intercultural communications. It is designed to study social attributes, thought pattern and culture of different groups of people, which will lead participants not only to theoretically understand and value cultural differences but also to having skills of intercultural communications. Identity and culture are also studied within the discipline of communication to analyze how globalization influences ways of thinking, beliefs, values and identity within and between cultural environments.

Study fees: EUR 2190. Included: tuition, field trips, accommodation, transportation, etc.

Application deadline: 15 May 2021

Course Dates: 12 July - 7 August 2021

For more information:


Summer School: Sustainability & Eco Tourism
As the leading tourist destination in Indonesia, Bali finds itself in a challenging position, where tourism development is helping the island to grow economically, but at the same time threatening natural habitats, marine life and its unique culture. This intense 4 week summer school will help you to understand the impact of tourism in Bali and see the steps that are made towards sustainable tourism and ecotourism. Various field trips will help you to gain an insight into the efforts that are made to reduce the negative impacts and to preserve Bali’s main tourist attractions: its nature and cultural practices.

Study fees: EUR 2290. Included: tuition, field trips, accommodation, transportation, etc.

Application deadline: 15 May 2021

Course Dates: 12 July - 7 August 2021

For more information: 


Summer School: Coral Reef Restoration
Immerse yourself into a 4-week summer study course in coral reef restoration in Bali. Explore the conditions of coral reefs around the island of Bali and get a deeper understanding of the tropical marine environment. See how climate change and ocean acidification impact the coral reef ecosystem and why it is particularly important to restore its health status in order to ensure and secure the survival of all living being. During lectures and several field trips you will get to know and see different approaches used to restore the coral reefs around the island of Bali.

Study fees: EUR 2450. Included: tuition, field trips, accommodation, transportation, etc.

Application deadline: 15 May 2021

Course Dates: 12 July - 7 August 2021

For more information:

Magellan Exchange Summer and Short-Term Programs

Magellan Exchange Summer and Short-Term Programs

There are several summer and short-term programs available through The Magellan Exchange.  Applications for most of these programs are approved on a first come, first served basis!  Some summer programs require minimum participation and/or have a maximum number of allowable participants, so please apply early.

Online Seminare

Akkordion Online Seminare

United Kingdom: Coventry University Virtual World Tour 2021- Free and inclusive COIL project

United Kingdom: Coventry University Virtual World Tour 2021- Free and inclusive COIL project

Coventry University has launched Its innovative and collaborative COIL project; the Virtual World Tour: Continents and Cultures. This project is free for all students and staff to participate, and is designed to create a truly international community of learning. Over the next 5 months we will be travelling virtually across all 7 continents and offering participants access to online webinars delivered by our Partners, access to language introduction sessions delivered by our World Languages team, networking sessions designed for students to interact and discuss their culture and enhancing their professional networks world wide, and participation certificate for engagement in the project.

Please share this information with your colleagues and students as we encourage all to enrol for the Virtual World Tour 2021: Enrolment link. The enrolment process is very simple as students and staff can enrol by simply logging in via their University username and password. I have attached information in the PDF which explains the benefits of the project and how to enrol for the project. We currently have over 600 participants worldwide.

Please watch our promotional video:

We are currently exploring Asia and have some fantastic sessions lined up for this week.

Please sign up to the Virtual World Tour and book your place onto the sessions:§ion=3

If you are interested in learning more, or would like to arrange a meeting to discuss how you can participate or lead on a session of your own, please email me directly on aa4040(at)


Spain: Universidad de Granada Online Language Exchange every Monday!

Spain: Universidad de Granada Online Language Exchange every Monday!

Practice languages and make friends from all over the world for free, whether you are a CLM student or not!

As one of the leading centers in the teaching of Spanish language and culture at an international level, we are determined to keep responding to the learning needs and demands of our international students as well as those of our partner programs and universities.
With this in mind, we have decided to launch a program of free online language exchange sessions open to students from all over the world.

  • It’s free
  • It´s online
  • It requires previous registration by simply filling out an online form

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information:

Centro de Lenguas Modernas - University of Granada
Placeta del Hospicio Viejo s/n,
18009 Granada, Spain
Telephone number: +34 958 215660

Spanien: Universität Granada - Spanisch Onlinekurse

Spanien: Universität Granada - Spanisch Onlinekurse

CENTRO DE LENGUAS MODERNAS (CLM) der Universität Granada

Die Onlinekurse des Centro de Lenguas Modernas der Universität Granada bringen Sie näher an die spanische Sprache und Kultur, als je zuvor. Lernen Sie von zu Hause aus Spanisch! Sollten Sie Fragen haben oder weitere Informationen benötigen, stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung.


Spanische Sprache und Kultur

Unter anderen verfügen wir über folgende Kurse:

  • Annäherung an Granada: Bereiten Sie sich auf Ihren Aufenthalt vor oder lernen Sie die interessantesten Seiten dieser Stadt kennen!
  • Mini-Kurse Sprache und Kultur: Ein umfangreiches Angebot von über 40 Kursen (á 10 Stunden) mit acht verschiedenen Themenbereichen. An welchem Kurs möchten Sie teilnehmen?
  • Kurse: Spanische Sprache und Kultur: 45-Stunden-Semesterkurse. Unser Frühlingssemester beginnt am 1. Februar. Sie können sich noch einschreiben!

Was bietet das CLM?

  • 100% akkreditierter und synchroner Unterricht mit einem an Ihre Zeitzone angepassten Stundenplan.
  • Zuverlässiger Einstufungstest, um den Unterricht an Ihre individuellen Sprachbedürfnisse anzupassen.
  • Gruppen mit max. 10 Teilnehmern, min. 6.
  • Kontinuirliches Lernen des Schülers, betreut während des ganzen Lernprozesses von seinem Kurslehrer.
  • Online-Sprachtandem mit spanischen Studenten.
  • Angepasst an verschiedene Zeitzonen .
  • ECTS-Leistungspunkte der Universität Granada.

Lernen Sie mit uns Spanisch!


Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse und Ihr Vertrauen in das CLM

Universität Granada - Centro de Lenguas Modernas


Fördermöglichkeiten für Sommer- und Winterschulen

Sommer- und Winterschulen



Programm zur Steigerung der Mobilität von Studierenden Deutscher Hochschulen

Institution: FH Aachen aus Mitteln des Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienst [DAAD]

  • alle Fachrichtungen
  • weltweit, jedoch gelten für Europa Einschränkungen
  • Förderdauer: max. 6 Monate
  • Aufenthaltszwecke: Studienaufenthalte an Hochschulen, Abschlussarbeiten, Praxisprojekte und Praktika, Forschungsaufenthalte, Sprachkurse, kürzere Fachkurse (z.B. Intensivkurse, Summer Schools)

Unter besonderen Bedingungen können sich auch ausländische Studierende für PROMOS bewerben, z.B. wenn sie gemäß BAföG §8 Absatz 1 Ziffer 2 und Folgende sowie Absatz 2, 2a und 3 Deutschen gleichgestellt sind.


  • 31. Januar für Vorhaben, die in den Monaten Januar bis Juni des selben Jahres beginnen
  • 30. Juni für Vorhaben, die in den Monaten Juli bis Dezember des selben Jahres beginnen

Bewerbung: im Akademischen Auslandsamt

Kontakt:Birgit Kreutz

Weitere Informationen und Bewerbungsunterlagen