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Sommer- und Winterschulen an der FH Aachen

Aachener Sprachsommer


Das Sprachenzentrum der FH Aachen bietet jährlich im Juli und August jeweils vierwöchige Sommerkurse an, in deren Rahmen Teilnehmer aus aller Welt intensive Deutschkurse besuchen und gleichzeitig nicht nur Aachen, sondern auch die Umgebung und das angrenzende Ausland kennen lernen können.

Bitte Informieren Sie sich direkt bei der Sprachenakademie Aachen!

Renewable Energy


Zweieinhalbwöchiger Sommerkurs für Studierende aller Hochschulen und Fachrichtungen mit Vorträgen, Exkursionen und einer Zukunftswerkstatt rund um erneuerbare Energien und Energieeffizienz.

Bitte informieren Sie sich direkt beim Solar Institut Jülich!

ROS Summer School


Seit 2012 bietet der Fachbereich Maschinenbau und Mechatronik zusammen mit dem Fachbereich Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik in der vorlesungsfreien Zeit im Bereich der mobilen autonomen Robotik eine internationale ROS Summer School an, die seitdem stetigen Zuspruch erfährt. Hier werden sowohl die Grundlagen, als auch weiterführende Themen im Bereich der Wahrnehmung, Lokalisierung und Navigation von mobilen Robotern erarbeitet. Weiterhin wird alles in englischer Sprache auf einem recht hohen technischen Niveau präsentiert.

Industrie 4.0 Summer School

Die Summer School "Industrie 4.0" gibt einen Einblick in die Ziele und Strategien von Industrie 4.0, zeigt den Stand der Aktivitäten auf und gibt Hinweise, wie man schon heute von den Ideen rund um Industrie 4.0 profitieren kann. Neben der theoretischen Einführung rund um Industrie 4.0 werden die wesentlichen Technologien und Prozesse zur Implementierung von Industrie 4.0 eingeführt und im Workshop vertieft. Ziel ist tatsächlich die Digitalisierung zu ermöglichen. Ausgehend von dem Prozess wird die Digitalisierung von Prozessen eingeführt und mit Hands-on-Beispielen vertieft.

3D Printing Summer School

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3D Printing is about to revolve the way we design and make products. Therefore it is essential for those technically interested in this field to understand the capability, the challenges and the drawbacks of this technology. While this technology marks a hype even in private areas like journals and television it is barely taught in engineering education.

Our summer school provides a comprehensive, theoretical approach to 3D technology combined with hands-on experience.

After one week of delving into the 3D printing topic, you will be able to

  • build your own 3D printer
  • start printing your own portfolio and prototypes,
  • know how to handle the data-chain for printer operation,
  • understand the special challenges of different model types, and
  • obtain reproducible parts.

Our summer school is presented in a relaxed atmosphere where the instructors

  • are always available to answer questions
  • motivate participants to get involved
  • give feedback
  • make sure that’s there is also fun and action.

The students are welcome to bring along a project of their own to be solved during the summer school.

After having completed your 3D Printing Summer School, you will receive a FH Aachen Certificate in 3D Printing.

Materialize your own ideas - if you can image it - you can print it!

More Information

Sommer- und Winterschulen im Ausland

Delft NL, 9-13 November 2020. MAHEPA modular and scalable hybrid-electric powertrains for aviation capable of running on alternative fuels or on hydrogen with zero emission

The MAHEPA (Modular Approach to Hybrid-Electric Propulsion Architecture) project consortium, that consists of Pipistrel Vertical Solutions d.o.o., Compact Dynamics GmbH, German Aerospace Center, University of Ulm, H2FLY GmbH, Delft University of Technology, Politecnico di Milano and University of Maribor.
The project MAHEPA is developing two novel, modular and scalable hybrid-electric powertrains for aviation, that are capable of running on alternative fuels or on hydrogen with zero emission.
From 9th till 13th November 2020 we are organising an Autumn school at TUDelft in the Netherlands. We would like to invite Masters and PhD students to learn about the procedures and softwares used and developed throughout the MAHEPA project.
See attached flyer for more information.


Costa Rica Summer Programs


Spend your summer living in Costa Rica, learning in one of Central America’s best-ranked private universities and visiting some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and natural sites. The Latin American University for Science and Technology (ULACIT) located in San José, Costa Rica offers two exciting academic summer programs for 2020 starting on May 22nd.

Join our programs and experience summer in a country that’s internationally renowned for its sustainable development and it's natural beauty.

ULACIT offers two summer programs for 2020:
•    International Business and Management
•    Sustainable Development Studies

Both designed as an integral and dynamic experience combining academic and Spanish lessons with one-day academic field trips and extensive tours to Costa Rica’s amazing natural sites.

Our summer programs span two seasons, Summer 1 and Summer 2, to be taken individually or in succession.

Summer 1: Begins on Friday May 22nd and ends on Saturday June 27th. Application deadline: April 24th.

Summer 2: Begins on Friday July 3rd and ends on Saturday August 8th. Application deadline: June 5th.

Each season spans for five weeks and offers the possibility of taking two academic courses, or one academic course and one Spanish course. Each course covers 45 contact hours per season (3 lessons each week for 5 weeks),  representing 3US credits or 6 ECTS credits. For each season, students will cover a total of 6US credits or 12 ECTS credits.

Total payment of each season covers the registration fee, two courses (6US credits or 12 ECTS credits total), certified transcripts, one-day academic field trips, and five-week homestay. Extensive tours to Costa Rica’s national parks and tourist sites are optional, and offered additionally to our students.

*For every 10-student group from one-university costs for one faculty staff will be covered including five week homestay, Spanish language courses and three 3-night weekend leisure tours.

Custom & Faculty Led Programs

We partner with faculty to customize short-term, faculty-led programs that resonate with a broad spectrum of students and academic subjects. Whether you want to offer a course taught by your own faculty or a cohort arrangement in an area of interest, ULACIT provides the expert academic support, resources, and flexibility you need to create your own custom program.

Our Global Education Office (GEO) staff will work closely with you to develop programs that satisfy your specific requirements, including curriculum, complementary cocurricular activities, and comprehensive support services, that best suit the needs of your institution, your students and your budget. Share your vision with us, and we will use our expertise, knowledge, and resources to make it happen.

For program details and pricing information please write to: studyincostarica(at)

For more information on our study abroad programs access our website:

Greece: 5th International Summer School of Medical Law and Bioethics on “Human Rights in Health”, 5-11 July 2020, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The Laboratory for the Research of Medical Law and Bioethics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) is exceptionally pleased to announce the organisation, in cooperation with the Hellenic Bioethics Commission, of the 5th International Summer School of Medical Law and Bioethics on “Human Rights in Health”.
The Summer School will be conducted in English, by faculty members and doctoral students from AUTh and from other universities in Greece and abroad, as well as by specialised jurists and doctors. Among the invited speakers are:

Joaquin Cayon De Las Cuevas, Associate Professor of Health Law, IDIVAL, University of Cantabria
Markus Frischhut, Jean Monnet Professor, MCI Management Center Innsbruck
Daniela Marcello, Researcher-Contract Professor, University of Florence
Eleni Rethymiotaki, Associate Professor of History and Theory of Law, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, President of the Hellenic Bioethics Commission
Stavroula Tsinorema, Professor of Contemporary & Modern Philospohy and Bioethics, University of Crete
Yiouli Menoudakou, Psychologist, Chief of the Hellenic Transplant Organization
Magdalene Tsolaki, Professor of Neurology, School of Medicine, AUTh
Themistocles Daglis, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics – Gynecology, School of Medicine, AUTh
Chryssanthi Sardeli, Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, School of Medicine, AUTh
Basil Tarlatzis, Professor Emeritus of Obstetrics – Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine, School of Medicine, AUTh
Evmorfia Tziva, Associate Professor of Commerce Law, Faculty of Law, AUTh
Dimitra Chatzipavlou-Litina, Professor, Department of Pharmacology, AUTh
Konstantinos Psanis, Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Informatics, University of Macedonia
Lina Papadopoulou, Associate Professor of Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law, AUTh
Theodoros Trokanas, DrJur, Scientific Collaborator, Hellenic Open University

The Summer School will take place between the 5th and the 11th of July 2020 in Thessaloniki and it may be joined by jurists, health professionals and students of graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral level. The lectures will be held in the AUTh Faculty of Law.

To express your interest (pre-subscription), you can send an e-mail with a short CV of yours to kalliopi.kipouridou(at), on a “first come, first served” basis.

The participation fee for entry forms up to April 15th 2020 is € 100 for students of all levels and € 150 for law and health professionals and for entry forms until May 15th, 2020 (final date) € 130 and € 180 respectively.

These amounts do not include accommodation and alimony expenses, as well as any kind of participation in any parallel activities.

Upon the completion of the summer school, attendance certificates will be issued to those attending, ensuring that ECTS are provided to participants.
The final list of participants will be announced shortly and the participants will be notified via e-mail.

In a following announcement, the participants will be informed about the payment process, which must have been completed when submitting the final entry form.

The organizers of the Summer School are waiting eagerly to welcome you in Thessaloniki!

AUTh Laboratory for the Research of Medical Law and Bioethics
AUTh School of Law, P.Ο. Box 171, P.C. 541 24, Thessaloniki - Tel.: 2310 996496
e-mail: medlawlab.auth(at)
Facebook page: Εργαστήριο Μελέτης Ιατρικού Δικαίου & Βιοηθικής ΑΠΘ
Twitter account: @medlawlab_auth

International Summer School Zagreb & Island of Krk, Croatia: 5-25 July 2020 at Algebra University College

International Summer School Zagreb & Island of Krk, Croatia: 5-25 July 2020 at Algebra University College

6 ECTS per course:

  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: The Benefits and the Risks of Artificial Intelligence
  • BRANDING: Creating Personalized Visual Identity for a Brand
  • CYBER SECURITY: The FORC3 is Strong with this One
  • DATA DRIVEN STORYTELLING: How to Create and Tell a Story using Big Data
  • DIGITAL SCULPTING FUNDAMENTALS: Learn the Basics of Sculpting in ZBRUSH

Additional free Workshop:  Croatian Language & Culture

Application Deadline:  30 April 2020

The Summer School program is more than just lectures and workshops – all students will have time to meet outstanding and ambitious colleagues from all over the world. Furthermore, Croatia is the place to be during summer! We offer a great summer experience in the capital city Zagreb and the beautiful and sunny Island Krk. The students will have a chance to explore the rich cultural and historical heritage of Croatia through visiting some of Croatia’s world-renowned places and natural treasures.

Check out last summer in Zagreb and Šibenik:

Students can choose 1 or 2 courses, and earn 6 ECTS per course. The tuition fee for one course is 1600 EUR and for two courses 2960 EUR, however if the students apply and make the payment until the end of February, the tuition fees are 1360 EUR for one course and 2516 EUR for two courses. As the FH Aachen is our partner university, students are entitled to a special discount on the full tuition fee of the Summer School program:

  • 1-5 students – 5% discount
  • 5-10 students – 10% discount
  • 11-20 students – 15% discount

Scholarships are available for the Tuition Fee of the Summer School program in order to ease the amount of costs for the Summer School students coming to Croatia.

The scholarship applications are open until February 28.


The accommodation and travel expenses are not included in the Tuition Fee. However, the price for accommodation during a three week summer program is approximately 600 EUR if the students stay at the recommended hostels. If the students wish to stay in hotel accommodation the price is approximately 1250 EUR for the duration of the program.



Summer Schools at Udayana University in Bali, Indonesia from 12 July-7 August 2020

Summer Schools in Bali, Indonesia 2020

Course Dates: 12 July-7 August 2020


Application Deadline: 15 May 2020

See the websites and flyer for more information.

Magellan Exchange Summer and Short-Term Programs

There are several summer and short-term programs available through The Magellan Exchange.  Applications for most of these programs are approved on a first come, first served basis!  Some summer programs require minimum participation and/or have a maximum number of allowable participants, so please apply early.

Fördermöglichkeiten für Sommer- und Winterschulen


Programm zur Steigerung der Mobilität von Studierenden Deutscher Hochschulen

Institution: FH Aachen aus Mitteln des Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienst [DAAD]

  • alle Fachrichtungen
  • weltweit, jedoch gelten für Europa Einschränkungen
  • Förderdauer: max. 6 Monate
  • Aufenthaltszwecke: Studienaufenthalte an Hochschulen, Abschlussarbeiten, Praxisprojekte und Praktika, Forschungsaufenthalte, Sprachkurse, kürzere Fachkurse (z.B. Intensivkurse, Summer Schools)

Unter besonderen Bedingungen können sich auch ausländische Studierende für PROMOS bewerben, z.B. wenn sie gemäß BAföG §8 Absatz 1 Ziffer 2 und Folgende sowie Absatz 2, 2a und 3 Deutschen gleichgestellt sind.


  • 31. Januar für Vorhaben, die in den Monaten Januar bis Juni des selben Jahres beginnen
  • 30. Juni für Vorhaben, die in den Monaten Juli bis Dezember des selben Jahres beginnen

Bewerbung: im Akademischen Auslandsamt

Kontakt: Birgit Kreutz

Weitere Informationen und Bewerbungsunterlagen

Fulbright-Stipendien zur Teilnahme an einem 4-wöchigen Sommerprogramm in den USA für deutsche Studierende mit Migrationshintergrund

Das deutsch-amerikanische Fulbright-Programm verfolgt den wissenschaftlichen und kulturellen Austausch zwischen Deutschland und den USA. Es wird von der Fulbright-Kommission in Berlin verwaltet.

Im Rahmen des Programms "Fulbright Diversity Initiative" vergibt die Fulbright-Kommission jeden Sommer an leistungsstarke und engagierte Studierende mit Migrationshintergrund Stipendien zur Teilnahme an einem Sommerstudienprogramm an einer amerikanischen Universität, um eine Einführung zu bieten in die Geschichte, Politik und Gesellschaft der USA und das Leben und Studium an einer amerikanischen Campus-Hochschule.

Ausschreibung für Sommer 2020 - Mehr Info ab Januar 2020:

Gasthochschule:  wird noch bekanntgegeben

Programmdauer: Voraussichtlich August/September 2020

Zielgruppe: Studierende, die während des Sommersemesters 2020 an einer deutschen Fachhochschule oder Universität in einem Bachelor-Programm im 2.-4. Studiensemester im Rahmen eines Vollzeit-Studiums eingeschrieben sind (Studierende in anderen Fachsemestern, in Master-Programmen, in Dualen Studiengängen oder an Hochschulen im Ausland können bei diesem Programm nicht berücksichtigt werden).

Weitere Bewerbungsvoraussetzungen: deutsche Staatsbürgerschaft, deutscher Reisepass mit Gültigkeit bis mindestens 15. Dezember 2020

Stipendienleistungen: Hin- und Rückflug, Programm- und Kursgebühren, Unterkunft und Verpflegung auf dem Hochschulcampus, Auslandsreisekrankenversicherung für die Dauer des Programms, Vorbereitungstreffen in Berlin (voraussichtlich Ende Juni 2018)

Bewerbungsschluss: voraussichtlich 20. März 2020 (per Email direkt an die Fulbright-Kommission)

Die Bewerbungsfrist für das Programmjahr 2019 ist abgelaufen.

Die Ausschreibung für das Programmjahr 2020 erfolgt voraussichtlich in Januar 2020.

Weitere ausführliche Informationen zum Stipendienprogramm und zum Bewerbungsverfahren: 

Rückfragen an: 


Special Programs


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