Sommer- und Winterschulen

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Sommer- und Winterschulen an der FH Aachen

Aachener Sprachsommer


Das Sprachenzentrum der FH Aachen bietet jährlich im Juli und August jeweils vierwöchige Sommerkurse an, in deren Rahmen Teilnehmer aus aller Welt intensive Deutschkurse besuchen und gleichzeitig nicht nur Aachen, sondern auch die Umgebung und das angrenzende Ausland kennen lernen können.

Bitte Informieren Sie sich direkt bei der Sprachenakademie Aachen!

Renewable Energy


Zweieinhalbwöchiger Sommerkurs für Studierende aller Hochschulen und Fachrichtungen mit Vorträgen, Exkursionen und einer Zukunftswerkstatt rund um erneuerbare Energien und Energieeffizienz.

Bitte informieren Sie sich direkt beim Solar Institut Jülich!

ROS Summer School


Seit 2012 bietet der Fachbereich Maschinenbau und Mechatronik zusammen mit dem Fachbereich Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik in der vorlesungsfreien Zeit im Bereich der mobilen autonomen Robotik eine internationale ROS Summer School an, die seitdem stetigen Zuspruch erfährt. Hier werden sowohl die Grundlagen, als auch weiterführende Themen im Bereich der Wahrnehmung, Lokalisierung und Navigation von mobilen Robotern erarbeitet. Weiterhin wird alles in englischer Sprache auf einem recht hohen technischen Niveau präsentiert.

Industrie 4.0 Summer School

Die Summer School "Industrie 4.0" gibt einen Einblick in die Ziele und Strategien von Industrie 4.0, zeigt den Stand der Aktivitäten auf und gibt Hinweise, wie man schon heute von den Ideen rund um Industrie 4.0 profitieren kann. Neben der theoretischen Einführung rund um Industrie 4.0 werden die wesentlichen Technologien und Prozesse zur Implementierung von Industrie 4.0 eingeführt und im Workshop vertieft. Ziel ist tatsächlich die Digitalisierung zu ermöglichen. Ausgehend von dem Prozess wird die Digitalisierung von Prozessen eingeführt und mit Hands-on-Beispielen vertieft.

3D Printing Summer School

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3D Printing is about to revolve the way we design and make products. Therefore it is essential for those technically interested in this field to understand the capability, the challenges and the drawbacks of this technology. While this technology marks a hype even in private areas like journals and television it is barely taught in engineering education.

Our summer school provides a comprehensive, theoretical approach to 3D technology combined with hands-on experience.

After one week of delving into the 3D printing topic, you will be able to

  • build your own 3D printer
  • start printing your own portfolio and prototypes,
  • know how to handle the data-chain for printer operation,
  • understand the special challenges of different model types, and
  • obtain reproducible parts.

Our summer school is presented in a relaxed atmosphere where the instructors

  • are always available to answer questions
  • motivate participants to get involved
  • give feedback
  • make sure that’s there is also fun and action.

The students are welcome to bring along a project of their own to be solved during the summer school.

After having completed your 3D Printing Summer School, you will receive a FH Aachen Certificate in 3D Printing.

Materialize your own ideas - if you can image it - you can print it!

More Information

Sommer- und Winterschulen im Ausland

Summer Schools at Udayana University in Bali, Indonesia from 12 July-7 August 2020

Summer Schools in Bali, Indonesia 2020

Course Dates: 12 July-7 August 2020


Application Deadline: 15 May 2020

See the websites and flyer for more information.

Spanish Course: Winter School 2020 University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) is pleased to announce its WINTER SCHOOL to be held on our campus from 13th January – 31st January 2020.
Students (absolute or false beginners) will learn Spanish in a 3-week Intensive Program (60 hours) through a series of courses, seminars and cultural/sports activities in Gran Canaria, one of the Canary Islands known for its privileged climate, incredible scenery, pretty villages and a charming capital city.
The fee for our WINTER SCHOOL 2020 is 980.- Eur.
This includes:

  1. 60 hours of communicative Spanish classes (4h per day) with 2 levels available: absolute beginners and false beginners (proficiency test will be conducted on the first day).
  2. Teaching material with free Internet and a dedicated LMS (Moodle).
  3. Accommodation.
  4. Welcome pack.
  5. Admission tickets to museums/tourist spots as well as participation to scheduled activities (including 2 full day field trip), and scheduled transportation (coaches).
  6. On-Campus insurance for the period of the program (13th January – 31st January 2020).
  7. Certificate (6 ECTS credits).

Participating students must apply by filling out register form in the following link:

The deadline for application is 15th November, 2019.

The maximum number of participants to be allocated is 30 students. In the event that the course should be oversubscribed acceptance will take place on first come, first served basis.

Acceptance will be notified to the accepted students by email between 26th and 30th November 2019, so that participants can make their traveling arrangements as soon as possible.

Once participants have received the acceptation letter from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, they will have to pay the course fees by bank transfer to the following account:

     IBAN:   ES69 2038 8745 9564 0000 1223

Participants must include full name and purpose (“WINTER SCHOOL”) when making the bank transfer and send a scan or PDF of payment order to: dintid(at)

Fees must be paid within 7 days after notification of acceptance.  

Please, find attached our tentative ULPGC-Winter School 2020 program.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email: dintid(at) and svic(at) We will do our very best to give you satisfactory answers.


Winter School on Sustainable Architecture, ITT Madras, India, 9-14 December 2019

Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship organizes 6 days Winter School on Sustainable Architecture, which provides classroom knowledge, immersive/experiential learning, self-study and peer learning opportunities to student-participants, with varied academic backgrounds, about Sustainable architecture and broader development practices, with specific interest and focus upon the geo-cultural and socio-economic context of Asia.


Course structure:

  • 1 weeks of classes + Field trips
  • 30+ hours of Lectures by IITM faculty and Visiting Faculty
  • Interactions with accomplished Entrepreneurs
  • Discussions on Case Studies and Documentaries
  • Experimentation & Work documentation
  • Study visit to learn on ‘Sustainable landscaping & building design’
  • Total Credits Awarded – 9

Program Dates:

  • 9-14 December 2019

Early Bird Deadline:

  • 15 September 2019

Regular Deadline:

  • 30 October 2019

Course Fee International Students:

  • Early bird Fee: USD 500
  • Standard Fee: USD 600

This will cover tuition fee, teaching materials, field trip costs and living expenses.

Please note: International students will be responsible for the following expenses – Visa, Airfare, health & Travel Insurance and personal expenses.

Winter School Gujarat Technological University (GTU) India from 15-27 September 2019




GTU is a largest public university of the state of Gujarat, located at Ahmadabad City. Being a technological university, we serve the field of Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Architecture and Computer Applications. About 370,000 students, 17000 professors and 446 affiliated colleagues are a part of our enriched higher education system.

I am writing this email especially for a very unique and beautiful short term study program designed for foreign students called GTU Winter School Program. The program brochure is attached herewith for your kind perusal.

The last batch was successfully completed in month of February 2019 in which 7 students from Poland, Russia, Turkey, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan have participated.

Salient feature of the program is as below:

1. Multiple Intakes:

The program is named as Winter School Program looking at the need of foreign students as far as comfortable weather is concerned. As you know, in India, March to July remains very hot in summer. So, We have three intakes in a year. September, October, and February. Program start with the 1st Monday of each of these month.

These all months are having good weather with lots of festivals - which students can enjoy.

2. Duration:

The program is designed for 2 weeks to 4 weeks. Generally, the foreign universities / students prefer 2 week duration. The first 2 weeks are hosted by the University PG departments and in case of 4 week program, the 3rd and 4th week is hosted by our affiliated institute (located at different cities of the state).

3. Perfect blend of Academic and Socio-Cultural Experience:

Winter School Program is designed in such a way that the participants get perfect blend of Academic and Socio-cultural experience. Being a technological university, we are very strong in filed of Engineering, Business management ( In India, MBA comes under technical courses), Pharmacy, Computer Applications and Architecture.

In the brochure you may see that the program is designed in such a way that the students will get the exposure to:

i. The academic domains in filed of Engineering ( Design Engineering - GTU is the 1st Uni. in India which has incorporated Designing engineering as a part of engineering curriculum) and Business Management ( We have PG Dept. offering MBA in International Business (IB) as well as MBA in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Venture development (IEV) as well as MBA with other specializations) . We may also accommodate the Pharmacy Students as we also have the PG Dept. offering M.Pharm courses.

- It includes class interactions, project preparations and presentations.

ii. Exposure to National Language of India i.e Hindi. - 4 sessions.

iii. Visit to relevant Industries - min. 2 Industries

iv. Visit to the Smart - Village

v. Excursion visit to the famous sites ( Including Statue of Unity - the World's Tallest Statue)

vi. Heritage Visits/Walk: Visit to various heritage places in Ahmadabad city - which is the India's 1st World Heritage City ( We are located in Ahmadabad itself).

vii. Experience of authentic Indian Food: Test of varieties of Indian Food - and a Special Dinner at Theme based Gujarati Restaurant

viii. Participation in some beautiful festivals with local students and citizens.

ix. Interactions with senior management of University including the Vice Chancellor

x. Interactions with Education Minister ( based on the availability and schedule) and other key official from Education Dept. of the State

3. Most affordable Cost:

Being a public (Government) University, we do not earn profit out of any of the activities. Winter School Prorgam is designed just to offer a Global Exposure to the Foreign Students and providing exposure to the Academic Expertise and a rich Socio-cultural environment of India & Gujarat.

So, the cost of Program is very nominal i.e Euro 500 for 2 week program. It is the cost to meet the actual expenses only. It includes:

- Twin sharing accommodation in Good quality Business Hotel - just in front of University Campus - Includes VEG/NON-VEG food options.
- Airport Pickup and Drop
- Breakfast (VEG/NON-VEG), Lunch (Generally VEG) and Dinner(VEG/NON-VEG)- all Days including Saturday and Sunday
- All Transportation (Local and Out of City in AC vehicles)
- Academic modules/delivery
- Certification

** If number of students are more then 10, we may offer the discount up to 10% on total cost.

4. Entirely managed by very experienced staff of University: The entire program is managed by my department in coordination with heads of our PG Schools as well as affiliated institutes.


Universiti Putra Malaysia Summer Schools, June-October 2019

Universiti Putra Malaysia

Putra Experience Summer Schools 

Between June and October 2019. 

Each module is a minimum of 14 days.  Learning activities are not confined to the classroom, but also include outdoor pursuits such as industrial and historical visits, nature walks and heritage trails, community mixers, and cultural activities.  

The fee for the programme ranges from USD700 to USD3,600 per participant and includes accommodation, meals, transportation, learning materials and outdoor activities. 


Summer Schools

1.    Faculty of Agriculture (Putra Agriculture Summer Programme)
2.    Faculty of Forestry (Tropical Forest Trail)
3.    Faculty of Veterinary (Vet Summer Programme 2018)
4.    Faculty of Economics and Management (Kuala Lumpur Summer Business @ UPM)
5.    Faculty of Engineering (ExplorENG Summer Programme (True Engineer Thru  Exploration)
6.    Faculty of Educational Studies (Traditional Malay Sport, Nature & Culture)
7.    Faculty of Food Technology and Science (Malaysian Food Heritage Summer)
8.    Faculty of Human Ecology (Embracing Malaysian Cultural Diversity and Heritage)
9.    Faculty of Modern Languages and Communications (Escapade: An Interactive Multicultural Journey through Languages)
10.    Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Science (Bio-Trek: The Life Science Experience)
11.    Faculty of Medicine and Health Science (Summer School for EnvironmentalSummer School of Environmental and Occupational Health Professionals)
12.    Faculty of Computer Science and Technology (The CSIT-TEX)
13.    Faculty of Design and Architecture (Putra Architecture Summer School 5(PASS 5.0))
14.    Faculty of Design and Architecture (Putra Architecture Summer School 2(PASS 2.0))
15.    Faculty of Environment Studies (Fun with Nature)
16.    Universiti Putra Malaysia Bintulu Sarawak Campus (ISS 2019: An Interactive Multicultural Journey Through Biodiversity)
17.    Centre for The Advancement of Language Competence (CALC)(Malaysia: Language and Cultural Engagement (MyLACE))
18.    Faculty of Science (Putra BioXplore: Discovering Nature A Journey of 700 miles in 7 Days)



Magellan Exchange Summer and Short-Term Programs

There are several summer and short-term programs available through The Magellan Exchange.  Applications for most of these programs are approved on a first come, first served basis!  Some summer programs require minimum participation and/or have a maximum number of allowable participants, so please apply early.

Austria: MCI Winter Program 3-22 February 2020 "Join & Engineer your Entrepeneurial Spirit"

This Winter Program 2020 is designed predominately for business & engineering students with the opportunity to mix and match courses from both disciplines. In addition, students can earn the digital badge “European Entrepreneurial” by attending a webinar on Business Models and on joining a site visit to their portfolio of courses.  

The program will take place from 03 - 22 February 2020.

Two years of discipline-related knowledge is required to enable effective learning and student participation.
Browse for further details through our website: and enjoy our testimonial video:

We have also attached a poster and a program flyer.

The nomination deadline is: December 10, 2020

We thank you for promoting our program and would be delighted to welcome you in Innsbruck.


Fördermöglichkeiten für Sommer- und Winterschulen


Programm zur Steigerung der Mobilität von Studierenden Deutscher Hochschulen

Institution: FH Aachen aus Mitteln des Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienst [DAAD]

  • alle Fachrichtungen
  • weltweit, jedoch gelten für Europa Einschränkungen
  • Förderdauer: max. 6 Monate
  • Aufenthaltszwecke: Studienaufenthalte an Hochschulen, Abschlussarbeiten, Praxisprojekte und Praktika, Forschungsaufenthalte, Sprachkurse, kürzere Fachkurse (z.B. Intensivkurse, Summer Schools)

Unter besonderen Bedingungen können sich auch ausländische Studierende für PROMOS bewerben, z.B. wenn sie gemäß BAföG §8 Absatz 1 Ziffer 2 und Folgende sowie Absatz 2, 2a und 3 Deutschen gleichgestellt sind.


  • 31. Januar für Vorhaben, die in den Monaten Januar bis Juni des selben Jahres beginnen
  • 30. Juni für Vorhaben, die in den Monaten Juli bis Dezember des selben Jahres beginnen

Bewerbung: im Akademischen Auslandsamt

Kontakt: Birgit Kreutz

Weitere Informationen und Bewerbungsunterlagen

Fulbright-Stipendien zur Teilnahme an einem 4-wöchigen Sommerprogramm in den USA für deutsche Studierende mit Migrationshintergrund

Das deutsch-amerikanische Fulbright-Programm verfolgt den wissenschaftlichen und kulturellen Austausch zwischen Deutschland und den USA. Es wird von der Fulbright-Kommission in Berlin verwaltet.

Im Rahmen des Programms "Fulbright Diversity Initiative" vergibt die Fulbright-Kommission jeden Sommer an leistungsstarke und engagierte Studierende mit Migrationshintergrund Stipendien zur Teilnahme an einem Sommerstudienprogramm an einer amerikanischen Universität, um eine Einführung zu bieten in die Geschichte, Politik und Gesellschaft der USA und das Leben und Studium an einer amerikanischen Campus-Hochschule.

Ausschreibung für Sommer 2020 - Mehr Info ab Januar 2020:

Gasthochschule:  wird noch bekanntgegeben

Programmdauer: Voraussichtlich August/September 2020

Zielgruppe: Studierende, die während des Sommersemesters 2020 an einer deutschen Fachhochschule oder Universität in einem Bachelor-Programm im 2.-4. Studiensemester im Rahmen eines Vollzeit-Studiums eingeschrieben sind (Studierende in anderen Fachsemestern, in Master-Programmen, in Dualen Studiengängen oder an Hochschulen im Ausland können bei diesem Programm nicht berücksichtigt werden).

Weitere Bewerbungsvoraussetzungen: deutsche Staatsbürgerschaft, deutscher Reisepass mit Gültigkeit bis mindestens 15. Dezember 2020

Stipendienleistungen: Hin- und Rückflug, Programm- und Kursgebühren, Unterkunft und Verpflegung auf dem Hochschulcampus, Auslandsreisekrankenversicherung für die Dauer des Programms, Vorbereitungstreffen in Berlin (voraussichtlich Ende Juni 2018)

Bewerbungsschluss: voraussichtlich 20. März 2020 (per Email direkt an die Fulbright-Kommission)

Die Bewerbungsfrist für das Programmjahr 2019 ist abgelaufen.

Die Ausschreibung für das Programmjahr 2020 erfolgt voraussichtlich in Januar 2020.

Weitere ausführliche Informationen zum Stipendienprogramm und zum Bewerbungsverfahren: 

Rückfragen an: 


Special Programs


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