M.Sc. Ines Siebigteroth

TitelSchema Matching with Frequent Changes on Semi-Structured Input Files: A Machine Learning Approach on Biological Product Data
AutorenSchmidts, Oliver ; Kraft, Bodo ; Siebigteroth, Ines ; Zündorf, Albert
ErschienenProceedings of the 21st International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems - Volume 1: ICEIS. 2019. Seite: 208 - 215
ISBN / ISSN978-989-758-372-8
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TitelA Study on Improving Corpus Creation by Pair Annotation
AutorenSiebigteroth, Ines ; Kraft, Bodo ; Schmidts, Oliver ; Zündorf, Albert
ErschienenProceedings of the Poster Session of the 2nd Conference on Language, Data and Knowledge (LDK-PS 2019). 2019. Seite: 40 - 44
ISBN / ISSN1613-0073
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