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"Hi, I’m Janssen and I come from Indonesia. This is a golden opportunity for me studying in Germany. It’s quite easy to adapt with the environment with the help of Freshman Institute Program. I can make a lot of friends and learn a lot of cultures from various country. In addition, the Social Team in Freshman is very responsive and kind-hearted to help the students which makes us feel safe here. All in all, I am grateful to be a part of Freshman Institute Program to prepare for my further career."


"The Freshman program has been a perfect link for me between my school years and the university life. I've had some of my best days over here, making memories with so many friends and teachers. The various activities and events that were brought to us made us feel like home and even though we were in a foreign country, it felt like it was my second home. The freshman year is a memory that I will always cherish forever."


"The Freshman Program is the smoothest transition between your local high school and your Bachelor studies in Germany. With the help of the excellent staff members I was ensured the best quality education and I also improved my German language skills within a short span of time. Almost all the legal work were taken care of by the Freshman Institute and hence there was barely anything to worry about except my studies. I was provided with the best learning environment with all the support and help from student helpers and tutors. They also organized many events and there were various activities every week. If you know how to have fun you’ll have the best social time of your life during the Freshman Program. I could never feel unhappy with the huge football pitch, tennis courts, golf course and the relaxing views all around the place. Therefore I recommend the Freshman Program to the ones reading this."