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"Eine Uni - ein Buch" (One University - One Book)

With a concept all about the book "Blackout" by Marc Elsberg, the FH Aachen has won € 5,000. The idea: to get a conversation going between as many members of a university as possible, to get them enthusiastic about one common topic, at all hierarchical levels. The "Eine Uni - ein Buch" (One University - One Book) initiative is a joint project by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung and the Stifterverband, in cooperation with the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT. | More Information (in German)

MBZIRC Robotics Challenge

The team of the FH Aachen's MASCOR Institute is among the 28 finalists of the MBZIRC (Mohamed Bin Zayed Robotics Challenge) competition. The final takes place in Abu Dhabi from March 16 to March 18, 2017. The winning teams can look forward to cash prizes with a total value of $5 million. Latest News



Photo: FH Aachen / Arnd Gottschalk

Registration for the "Zeroth" Semester

The project "A Good Academic Start in Engineering" is starting its next round. In the spring of 2017, prospective students will once again start the "zeroth semester", a joint orientation semester by the FH Aachen and RWTH Aachen University, where students can get comprehensive information and gain exciting insight into the course of study. All those interested can register for the programme as of now. | Go to "Guter Studienstart im Ingenieurbereich" (A Good Academic Start in Engineering)  (in German).



Photo: Hovercraftteam FH Aachen/Hertz

FH Students Build Hovercraft

Tenacity pays off - this holds true for the course of study as well as the realisation of dreams. Within the framework of a student project, a few students of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering have made their dream of a self-built hovercraft come true. More Information (in German)

Photo: FH Aachen / www.thilo-vogel.com

Thrilling Insights: Campus Jülich Extends an Invitation

Campus Jülich Open Day: On Saturday, April 1, 2017, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., the FH Aachen will hold an Open Day for all interested parties, allowing people to gain insight into the degree programmes, labs and institutes on the Jülich Campus. Guests can experience science first-hand, do experiments and follow fascinating lectures. More Information  (in German)

Excursions Within the Framework of the Scholarship Programme

In the summer semester, altogether fourteen business companies and institutions will open their doors to FH Aachen scholarship holders. During these excursions, students will have the chance to get to know the companies, gain insights into everyday work, and inform themselves about career opportunities. | More Information



Tag der offenen Tür am Campus Jülich

 | 24.03.17 |  Das Programm steht fest | [more]


 | 23.03.17 |  FH-Team erreicht Finalrunde in Abu Dhabi | [more]

m²c-lab auf der CeBIT 2017

 | 23.03.17 |  "Gastrotable" verbindet digitales Shopping- und Gastronomieerlebnis | [more]

Hotel Total

 | 22.03.17 |  Ehrenpreis des NRW Kulturförderung e.V. | [more]

50 Jahre Fachhochschulreife

 | 21.03.17 |  Die FH Aachen im WDR-Podcast | [more]

Unsere Stromversorgung der Zukunft

 | 21.03.17 |  SIJ an regionalem Projekt zur Versorgungssicherheit beteiligt | [more]



 | 29.03.17 |  Zu Gast bei der ISOSYSTEMS A.G. in Schoppen | [more]

E-Learning Workshop

 | 31.03.17 |  2. E-Learning Workshop der FH Aachen am Campus Jülich | [more]

MBA Management und Entrepreneurship

 | 31.03.17 |  Info-Abend in Düren | [more]

Tag der offenen Tür am Campus Jülich

 |  1.04.17 |  Spannende Einblicke | [more]

Neues Hörsaalgebäude an der Eupener Straße

 |  3.04.17 |  Feierliche Eröffnung durch die Ministerin Svenja Schulze | [more]

Wenn's passt, dann passt's!

 |  5.04.17 |  "Finde Unternehmen aus der Region, die so ticken wie Du!" | [more]