Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Andreas Bernecker

TitelSustaining high performance beyond public-sector pilot projects.
AutorenBernecker, Andreas ; Klier, Julia ; Stern, Sebastian ; Thiel, Lea
Erschienen(2018), H. September 2018.
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TitelThe Role of Electoral Incentives for Policy Innovation: Evidence from the US Welfare Reform
AutorenBernecker, Andreas ; Boyer, Pierre ; Gathmann, Christina
ErschienenCESifo Working Paper. - 60
InstitutionCESifo Group Munich
ISBN / ISSNISSN 2364‐1428 (electronic version)
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TitelDivided we reform? Evidence from US welfare policies
AutorenBernecker, Andreas
ErschienenJournal of Public Economics. 142 (2016). Seite: 24 - 38
ISBN / ISSN0047-2727
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TitelDivided Government and the Adoption of Economic Reforms
AutorenBernecker, Andreas
ErschienenCESifo DICE Report - Journal for Institutional Comparison. 12 (2014), H. 4. Seite: 47 - 52
ISBN / ISSN1612-0663
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TitelEssays in Empirical Political Economics
AutorenBernecker, Andreas
Erschienen2014. - XI, 174 S. : Ill., graph. Darst.
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BemerkungMannheim, Univ., Diss., 2014.
TitelA European Private Company: Is Europe’s single legal form for SMEs close to approval?
AutorenBernecker, Andreas
ErschienenResearch Briefing. (2010).
TitelDo politicians shirk when reelection is certain? Evidence from the German parliament
AutorenBernecker, Andreas
ErschienenEuropean Journal of Political Economy. 36 (). Seite: 55 - 70
ISBN / ISSN0176-2680
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