3D Audio/Video

The focus of this module is on conception and production of multimedia content that uses the third spatial dimension, depth. Hollywood produces movies in 3D since about 10 years, but for smaller projects, this technology is still not wide-spread. In this module, students learn and understand the technology, storytelling aspects and challenges of stereo 3D video production. In comparison to 2D video, more parameters must be planned and considered in production and post-production, in order to achieve a convincing and good 3D effect.

The practical project part of the module will consist of a 3D video production team project that will result in a short stereo 3D video. In 2015, the 3D short film "Poor Elise", directed by André Hillebrecht and produced in the course, received the interational Lumière Award of the International 3D Festival, in the category "3D short film". In 2016, the 3D short fim "The Mad Rush", directed by Felix Sattler and produced in the course, is nominated at the International 3D Festival.

This module is entirely taught in English.