Visual Effects

The focus of this module is on technology, conception and production of visual effects (VFX) in film production. Visual effects are, besides their well-known use in professional movie productions, heaviy used in audiovisual commercials. In the course, students learn and understand the technology and work flows of visual effects. 

In detail, the following topics are discussed:

  • Integration of VFX in the film production workflow
  • Relation to special effects and computer graphics
  • Techniques for VFX
    • Simpe image manipulation
    • Filtering
    • Compositing
    • Matte creation
    • Rotoscoping
    • Keying
    • Tracking, stabilization, matchmoving, set extension
    • Motion capture
    • Particle effects

  • VFX planning
  • VFX workflows
  • VFX on-set production
  • VFX postproduction
  • VFX software tools (AE, Mocha, Nuke)

In the practial part, short VFX projects are developed, based on provided footage. The projects include most common VFX tasks, including tracking, rotoscoping, keying, stabilization, compositing, set extension.

This module is entirely taught in English.