Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

Compulsory subject, Master Mechatronics (4 lectures, 3 exercise, 10 CP) [winter semester]

Learning target:

The students are able to analyse and to design simple electric circuits. Therefore they are familiar with methods to compute electrical circuits which are available as DC or AC circuits. They are able to describe and to analyse transient behaviour of circuits using differential equations. They have the ability to design small filter circuits and to become acquainted with more complex subjects by themselves.


Fundamental quantities
- (electric charge, current, voltage, power, energy)

- I (resistors, capacitors, inductors)
- II (semiconductors)
- III (operational amplifiers)

- I (DC-Circuits)
- II (AC-circuits with a definite frequency)
- III (AC-circuits with variable frequencies)
- IV (filters and BODE plots)

Relations with Measurement and Control Engineering