ROS Summer School 2020 Postponed!

ROS Summer School Aachen 2020 Postponed!
The current situation without the possibility of attending the ROS Summer School in Aachen in person has lead to the decision to postpone the event.
We evaluated the possibility to generate an online event but decided against it. This decision is based on a couple of facts, we would like to explain in detail: Since eight years the ROS Summer School is an established quite efficient way to bring students to an intermediate ROS level in just two weeks. This is generated by a very intense personal support of the participants by our experienced tutors. The training is an effective combination of theoretical and practical work using seminaristic, practice and lab work.
The education is only possible in interacting directly with the participants having physical access to our robotic hardware. Changing the event to an online webinar would modify the complete spirit of the ROS Summer School. We are really sorry for the short notice but we don't want to generate another ROS online webinar, where already a lot of good online resources exist. We hope that the situation will change at the end of the year and we are working on transforming parts of the ROS Summer School into an online event having access to physical hardware.
Stay tuned and again: sorry for any inconvenience which occurs to this decision. 

The ROS Summer School organizing committee namely: Stephan Kallweit, Alexander Ferrein, Stefan Schiffer, Patrick Wiesen, Nicolas Limpert