International Oriented Studies

What is IOS?

The Internationally Oriented Studies programmes at FH Aachen,
Jülich Campus, specialise in teaching students technical abilities
and skills as well as soft skills. All modules emphasise that

  • professional expertise means more than theoretical knowledge:
    application of professional knowledge is crucial
  • priorities include technical and professional expertise
    based on mathematics, natural sciences and technical skills
  • soft skills, including social competence and the ability to
    work in a team, are equally necessary for the students' 
    future employment.

The language of instruction in the IOS Bachelor's programmes is German
starting in the first semester. Some tutorials may be taught in other
languages, including, but not necessarily limited to, English. 

During the first three semesters, students learn the
fundamentals of their field. Throughout the fourth and fifth
semesters, students focus on areas of particular interest. In
the sixth semester, students research, write and present their
Bachelor’s project and thesis.

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