Medical Engineering B. Eng.

IOS Programme

In today's global marketplace, an international education is an important investment in the future. As rapidly advancing technologies continue to strengthen the ties between nations, more and more companies require employees whose skills go beyond the scientific. They are looking for professionals capable of contributing to the global exchange of ideas Read more about the IOS Programme


Our awareness of health issues is increasing along with the desire for a higher quality of life for everyone. The demand for optimal medical care is growing despite ever-increasing costs. In the upcoming decades, the number of people over 80 years of age will triple, and all of these people will expect comprehensive medical care. The problems of rising costs in our health care system make innovative biomedical technology an absolute necessity.  Read more about the Bachelor's degree programme.

Become an Expert

Students learn to design innovative biomedical products including those for imaging processes such as x-rays or magnetic resonance imaging equipment, life support systems such as pacemakers or breathing apparatus, or diagnostic tools using biological and chemical substances on a molecular level, such as blood sugar measurements or DNA analysis. Read more in study contents.