Guest Auditor

People interested in attending individual courses and lectures at FH Aachen may apply as guest auditors within the framework of the existing study opportunities. It is not necessary to provide proof of a university entrance qualification - anyone who is interested may apply.

Guest auditors are only admitted to certain courses and lectures of a chosen degree programme. When applying, you must therefore always specify the course(s) you wish to attend, along with the chosen degree programme. The titles of the courses can be found in the course catalogue, for example. It may be necessary for the teacher to agree to the attendance of the guest auditor for the selected course(s).

Guest auditors do not take examinations in the courses. However, attendance at the courses and lectures can be certified.


Further Information

For specific courses or for a specific degree programme, guest auditors will receive a guest auditor's certificate.

A certificate of attendance must be requested in advance from the relevant teaching staff, but there is no entitlement to this.

Guest auditor studies must be applied for separately each semester. The fee is 100€ per semester.

The Application for Guest Auditor Status must be submitted to the Registrar's Office of FH Aachen.

What Else Is Important:

  • Guest auditors are not covered by statutory accident insurance when attending lectures or university events.
  • Guest auditors are not permitted to attend seminars, practical trainings or practical exercises that require laboratory places.
  • Guest auditors cannot obtain proof of academic achievement ("Scheine/Credit Points").

For the guest auditor's application deadline, please refer to Dates and Deadlines.

Bank Details for the Bank Transfer

Please transfer the guest auditor fee of 100€ per semester to the following account:


Recipient: Fachhochschule Aachen
IBAN: DE81 39050000 0000060236
Bank: Sparkasse Aachen
BIC: AACSDE33 [only required for payments from abroad]
Reference: Gasthörerbeitrag Name - KST 30120230 - KTO 5310000

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