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FH Aachen Puts Flight Simulator into Operation

This feels unfamiliar: Today, the check-in has been cancelled, we go into the cockpit straight away. When I glance into the pilot's cabin of the A-320 flight simulator "AIXplane" of FH Aachen in Merzbrück and look at all the controls with big eyes, I feel my heart beating faster. With the take-over of the A-320 flight simulator "AIXplane" last Thursday, FH Aachen is sending an important message to encourage the further development of the research airport Merzbrück. Go to the report

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If you want to start your studies at FH Aachen in the winter semester 2019/20, you can now apply for a university place. The FH Aachen application portal is available online. There, you will also find comprehensive information on the degree programmes offered as well as on the application process.  |  Continue to the Online Application Portal



"It All Comes Down to the People": Report from Namibia

Namibia suffers from water scarcity and drought; securing water supplies throughout the country is becoming increasingly difficult. An exciting task for civil engineers - just like other infrastructure sectors, such as roads, railways, energy and housing construction. For 13 years, there has been a close cooperation between Namibia University of Science and Technology and FH Aachen. "It all comes down to the people," says Prof. Dr. Thomas Krause, professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, who has been supervising the exchange project from the very start. Read our report in German and in English.

FH Institute Develops Field Robot

The field robot "ETAROB" was developed by the FH Institute MASCOR (Mobile Autonomous Systems and Cognitive Robotics). Fully autonomous, it can identify plants by their structure while driving across the fields. It removes the surrounding weeds by using electric shocks. This way, the amount of chemicals used in field work can be reduced. Prof. Dr. Marcus Baumann, Rector of FH Aachen, is thrilled about the project: "With the field robot, we are making a contribution to a more environmentally friendly agriculture of the future and are providing an impressive example of the innovative power at universities of applied sciences". |  Go to the report




Exploring Fields of Study at FH Aachen

Sign up now! With the "Studienfelderkundungen der Ingenieurwissenschaften" (Exploration of Fields of Study in Engineering Sciences), starting this autumn, the General Academic Counselling team will be offering upper secondary school students (Oberstufe) the opportunity to get a first glimpse of the wide range of engineering degree programmes available at FH Aachen. You will find all information about the offer as well as a possibility to sign up on the website.



Mechatroniker gewinnen den Alumni-Pokal

 | 18.06.2019 |  Fußballturnier des Fachbereichs Maschinenbau und Mechatronik | [more]

"Fachhochschulen großartiger Teil unserer Bildungskultur"

 | 13.06.2019 |  Bildungsministerin Karliczek zum Goldenen Jubiläum | [more]

FH-Spin-Off gewinnt zweiten Platz bei AC²-Gründungswettbewerb

 | 12.06.2019 |  Levity Space entwickelt Infrastruktur für Transport von Satelliten | [more]

Die Zukunft des Nahverkehrs in NRW

 | 12.06.2019 |  FH-Studierende der Schienenfahrzeugtechnik beim "RRX Space Taxi" | [more]

FH-Chor bei der langen Chornacht

 | 12.06.2019 |  Auftritt in der Couvenhalle am 22. Juni | [more]

Silent Air Taxi

 | 11.06.2019 |  Forscher*innen von FH und RWTH zeigen den Weg zum leisen Fliegen | [more]



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"Was kann ich an der FH Aachen studieren?"

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Nach dem Studium in Deutschland arbeiten?

 | 24.06.2019 |  Informationsveranstaltung für internationale Absolvierende | [more]

Lernen im Doppelpack

 | 25.06.2019 |  Drei Infoveranstaltungen zum Dualen Studium  | [more]

Zweifel am Studium?

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"Studieneinstieg leichtgemacht"

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