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"Eine Uni - ein Buch" (One University - One Book)

With a concept all about the book "Blackout" by Marc Elsberg, the FH Aachen has won € 5,000. The idea: to get a conversation going between as many members of a university as possible, to get them enthusiastic about one common topic, at all hierarchical levels. The "Eine Uni - ein Buch" (One University - One Book) initiative is a joint project by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung and the Stifterverband, in cooperation with the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT. | More Information (in German)

Photo: Hovercraftteam FH Aachen/Hertz

FH Students Build Hovercraft

Tenacity pays off - this holds true for the course of study as well as the realisation of dreams. Within the framework of a student project, a few students of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering have made their dream of a self-built hovercraft come true. More Information (in German)

Überleben im Weltraum - Surviving in Space

On May 24, the 21st Berlin Colloquium "Überleben im Weltraum" (Surviving in Space), under the management of Prof. Dr. Hans Joachim Blome and Prof. Dr. Markus Czupalla from FH Aachen's Faculty 6, will address the question of which requirements have to be met to make it possible for people to explore outer space. This question will be tackled from an interdisciplinary perspective. | More Information

Excursions Within the Framework of the Scholarship Programme

In the summer semester, altogether fourteen business companies and institutions will open their doors to FH Aachen scholarship holders. During these excursions, students will have the chance to get to know the companies, gain insights into everyday work, and inform themselves about career opportunities. | More Information


Photo: FH Aachen / Arnd Gottschalk

FH Aachen Officially Opens New Lecture Halls

More space for good teaching: Early in April 2017, the new lecture halls on Campus Eupener Straße 70 were officially put into operation.  Building C houses three new lecture halls which are now available to students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (FB 5) as well as the Faculty of Business Studies (FB 7). | Go to the Announcement

Photo: FH Aachen / Arnd Gottschalk

The Countdown Is On!

It's happening soon: The satellite COMPASS-2 of the student project at the FH Aachen is ready for takeoff. On April 21, it will be launched into space with an Indian PSLV rocket. | More Information


Firmenbesuch bei der INFORM GmbH

 | 20.04.17 |  Veranstaltung im Rahmen des Stipendienprogramms | [more]

SMART-Kletterroboter auf Hannover Messe 2017

 | 19.04.17 |  SMART vom 24. bis 28. April beim NRW Gemeinschaftsstand | [more]

Schlaun-Wettbewerb 2017

 | 19.04.17 |  FH-Studierende erhalten Anerkennung | [more]


 | 18.04.17 |  Entrepreneurship in der Praxis  | [more]

Early-Birds-Frühstück in Erkelenz

 | 18.04.17 |  Impulsvortrag von Prof. Hüning | [more]

FH unterstützt "March for Science"

 | 18.04.17 |  Demonstration für den Wert von Wissenschaft und Forschung | [more]



 | 21.04.17 |  Autor Marc Elsberg an der FH Aachen | [more]

Iris Wilhelmi: "Der digital Hub"

 | 24.04.17 |  ein Vortrag im Rahmen des Studium Generale | [more]


 | 25.04.17 |  ein Angebot des Career Service | [more]

Switch- und Reset-Einzelberatungen

 | 25.04.17 |  ein Angebot des Career Service | [more]

Infos zu Gehaltsverhandlungen und Arbeitsverträgen

 | 25.04.17 |  ein Angebot des Career Service | [more]


 | 26.04.17 |  Recruiting auf dem Campus | [more]