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Day of Research 2019

Digital, Innovative, Networked: With a focus on digitalisation, FH Aachen recently presented itself to the public, on the occasion of the Day of Research ("Tag der Forschung"). The programme comprised exciting lectures by internal and external speakers, the awarding of the Research Award and the inauguration of two new institutes at FH Aachen: the "Institut für angewandte Automation und Mechatronik" (IaAM, Institute of Applied Automation and Mechatronics ) as well as the "Institut für Digitalisierung Aachen" (IDA, Institute for Digitalisation Aachen). |  Find out more

Research Award 2019

A sparkling idea: On the Day of Research ("Tag der Forschung"), Prof. Dr. Holger Heuermann, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, was presented with FH Aachen's Research Award. He can look forward to € 10,000 which will be invested in his projects. The research work deals with a newly developed plasma spark plug for more economical gasoline engines. | More Informationen

Job Fair at FH Aachen

meet@fh-aachen will be taking place on May 22 and 23, 2019. Over the course of two days, you can obtain information on work placements, side jobs, final theses and job entry at the FH Aachen Career Fair. On Day 1 (May 22), a total of 40 companies from all sectors will be waiting for interested visitors in the fair tent on Campus Eupener Straße. On Day 2 (May 23), at Bayernallee, the focus will be on architecture as well as construction and building engineering, with 30 companies providing information on career opportunities.

"Doubts About Studying": New Coordination Office 

In the summer semester 2019, the consulting services of FH Aachen's coordination office "Zweifel am Studium" (Doubts About Studying) will be launched. The objective is to make the topic of study doubts public, and to also offer doubting students a point of contact which will help them overcome possible problems and find the right path for them - remaining at university, changing studies or starting dual vocational training. | More Information


Neues DAAD-Stipendium für FH-Studierende

 | 18.04.2019 |  Bewerbungen für das WS 19/20 bis zum 31.05.2019 | [more]

Nach 50 Jahren zurück

 | 18.04.2019 |  Alumni besuchen die FH | [more]

Feldroboter überzeugt auf Hannover Messe

 | 18.04.2019 |  MASKOR-Team belegt 3. Platz des Robotics Award | [more]

Von der Theorie in die Praxis

 | 17.04.2019 |  Zwölf Jahre pro8-Wettbewerb | [more]

Bald ist Europawahl!

 | 17.04.2019 |  Positionen der Parteien zur EU-Hochschulpolitik | [more]


 | 15.04.2019 |  Workshop zum digitalen Schülerlabor JugendIndeLab | [more]


"SimsalaBIM: Und dann geht Planen und Bauen bald wie von selbst - oder nicht?"

 | 06.05.2019 |  Studium-Generale-Vortrag von Prof. Nina Bendler, Fachbereich Architektur | [more]

RWTH Campuslauf

 | 10.05.2019 |  am 10. Mai ist es soweit! | [more]


 | 10.05.2019 |  Offenes Angebot der PSB in Jülich  | [more]


 | 14.05.2019 |  Neuer Workshop der Psychosozialen Beratung | [more]

„Meister des Aufschiebens meistern das Aufschieben“

 | 20.05.2019 |  Ein Traningsangebot der Psychosozialen Beratung  | [more]


 | 22.05.2019 |  Die Karrieremesse | [more]