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Start of a New Funding Year

For 10 years, FH Aachen has been awarding scholarships of €300 per month to its students. In the funding year 2019/20, a total of 102 students will be supported - more than ever before. For one year, they receive not only financial support, but also insights into regional companies and the opportunity to establish their first professional contacts. Half of the funding is provided by these companies, the other half is paid by the federal government. | More information on the scholarship programme




Ground-Breaking Ceremony for Merzbrück Research Airfield

Construction work has begun at Aachen-Merzbrück Airfield in order to convert it into a research airfield. At the ground-breaking ceremony, North Rhine-Westphalian Minister of Transport Hendrik Wüst emphasised that, in cooperation with the Aachen universities, the future of flying could now be pursued in Merzbrück. The state of NRW is supporting the project with 4 million Euros.

Opening of New Reading Room at FH Aachen

Since early October, students have been flocking to the newly opened reading room of the FH Aachen Library at Eupener Straße every day. The new building, which was approved by the Rectorate in 2015, celebrated its official opening after only one year of construction. The reading room is open from 8:00 am to 8:30 pm on Mondays to Thursdays, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm on Fridays, and from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm on Saturdays. More information about the opening can be found here.

HIT 2020: FH Aachen Presents Itself

Within the framework of Open Campus Day (HIT), the ten faculties of FH Aachen will be presenting themselves to the public on Saturday, 1 February 2020, for the 14th time. 71 exhibits will be showcased in the two buildings at Eupener Straße 70. Six exhibits are placed in the outdoor area: the FabBus of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics in front of Building 1, the Autonomous Shuttle Vehicle of the FH Group "Autonomous Driving" on the driving track at the back of Building 1, the Wooden Mandala of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in front of Building 2, and the large size model of the Glider DG 500 of the FAG Aachen e.V. as well as Aero.Race Lab and Aixtreme Racing of the FH Aachen Formula Student Teams, which are part of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, in the parking area at Eupener Straße 70. | More on HIT 2020

Get Started as a Founder!

A team of experts at FH Aachen is at your disposal to help you successfully set up your own business, to make sure you take the right path and avoid pitfalls, and to provide answers to your individual questions from experienced professionals. | Further information on the subject of start-ups


Forscherinnen von morgen?

 | 11.11.2019 |  Beim MINT4Girls-Camp schnuppern Schülerinnen Hochschulluft  | [more]

Wenn’s passt, dann passt’s!

 | 11.11.2019 |  Netzwerktreffen für Studentinnen aus dem MINT-Bereich | [more]

Himmelblau und Feuerrot

 | 11.11.2019 |  David Magiera und Raphael Paul haben ein Jahr lang in Chile studiert | [more]

FH Aachen lädt ein zum 32. Raumfahrt-Kolloquium

 | 07.11.2019 |  Thema sind Asteroiden | [more]


 | 31.10.2019 |  Vier Veranstaltungen in der Aachener Region | [more]

Neues Lerndomizil

 | 29.10.2019 |  FH Aachen eröffnet Lesesaal der Bibliothek | [more]


Sakralität und Moderne

 | 11.11.2019 |  Ausstellung der FH Aachen in der Katholischen Hochschule bis 29.11.2019 | [more]

Vortrag zur Studienwahlorientierung

 | 13.11.2019 |  Ein Angebot der Allgemeinen Studienberatung | [more]

Vortrag zum Map-Making im digitalen Zeitalter

 | 15.11.2019 |  Fachbereich Architektur bietet neue Reihe an | [more]

Ehrung am Campus Jülich

 | 15.11.2019 |  Fachbereiche 3 und 10 ehren ihre Absolventinnen und Absolventen | [more]

Uni im Rathaus

 | 19.11.2019 |  "Von Rettungsdrohne bis Flugtaxi - die Revolution der urbanen Mobilität?" | [more]

"Was kann ich an der FH Aachen studieren?"

 | 20.11.2019 |  Vortrag der Allgemeinen Studienberatung | [more]