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"Zeroth Semester": Registration Is Open Now!

By means of the project "Guter Studienstart im Ingenieurbereich", GSS (A Good Academic Start in Engineering), both RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen make the first steps into an engineering course of study a lot easier. Prospective students, as well as students who want to change their field of study, get the opportunity to register at both universities at the same time for the "zeroth semester" and attend seminars and lectures. That way, participants can find out themselves which university and which field of study suits them the best. Registration for the summer semester 2019 is open now! | More Information

"Helle Köpfe": Closing Ceremony at FH Aachen

What is Virtual Reality? How does a 3D printer work? 12 primary school children from Aachen and the Aachen region now know the answers to these questions. In recent months, they got to know seven faculties at FH Aachen by participating in the event series "Helle Köpfe" (Bright Minds). Within the framework of the closing ceremony, the children were presented with their certificates and talked about their experiences. |  Find out more




Carnival at FH Aachen

On Fat Thursday, 28 February, we want to, once again, celebrate Carnival with each other!

All FH Aachen employees are invited to the joint event which will be taking place on the ground floor of the main building at Bayernallee 11 in Aachen, starting at 9 a.m. Traditional carnival music and refreshments will be provided. Alaaf!


INFORM-Professorship Contract Signed

There is a great demand for well-trained junior employees in the field of Applied Mathematics and Informatics. FH Aachen and the company INFORM have agreed on further deepening their cooperation: For the next 5 years, there will be the "INFORM-Professorship" at the Faculty of Medical Engineering and Technomathematics. The university uses the sponsorship money to further improve the study conditions in this field. | Go to the report




Sulla Strada oder von der Kunst am Wegesrand

 | 22.02.2019 |  Architektur-Studierende präsentieren ihre Werke in Berlin | [more]

Das passt eigentlich nicht zusammen – oder?

 | 22.02.2019 |  Weihbischof Karl Borsch besucht das Institut für Nano- und Biotechnologien am Campus Jülich | [more]

"Der Brexit wird Folgen haben"

 | 21.02.2019 |  Prof. Dr. Hans Mackenstein im Interview | [more]

Auf Erfolgskurs

 | 21.02.2019 |  FH-Absolvent Marcel Wirtz und Sven Barnick gründen das Start-up "Fuhrparkhelden" | [more]

"Weiter waren wir noch nie"

 | 18.02.2019 |  Landesrektorenkonferenz der Fachhochschulen begrüßt Initiative zum Promotionsrecht | [more]

Selbst ist die Frau!

 | 18.02.2019 |  Die 31-jährige Meral Dural studiert erfolgreich Elektrotechnik am FH-Campus Jülich | [more]


Ausstellung: Sulla Strada

 | 22.02.2019 |  Studierende präsentieren ihre Werke bis zum 09. März in Berlin  | [more]

Workshops für Beschäftigte an der FH Aachen

 | 26.02.2019 |  im Februar und März 2019 | [more]

3. Tagung zur Industrial IT Security

 | 26.02.2019 |  Halbtägige Konferenz am FH-Standort Eupener Straße | [more]

FH lädt ein zum Tag der Forschung

 | 21.03.2019 |  Themenschwerpunkt Digitalisierung | [more]

Informationsveranstaltung "OpenBorders MBA"

 | 27.03.2019 |  Für Führungskräfte aus der Euregio | [more]


 | 22.05.2019 |  Die Karrieremesse | [more]