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Aachen Wood Construction Conference 2019

The Aachen Wood Construction Conference (Aachener Holzbautagung) contributes to the mutual exchange both within the industry and, particularly, in NRW. It is being organised for the fourth time by FH Aachen's Faculty of Civil Engineering on September 12th and 13th and aims to facilitate the exchange of practice with researchers, teaching staff and students. The target groups are architects, civil engineers and wood engineers alike. The conference is once again supported by the "Aachener Freundeskreis der Holzingenieure e.V. (AFH)". | More Information

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If you want to start your studies at FH Aachen in the winter semester 2019/20, you can now apply for a university place. The FH Aachen application portal is available online. There, you will also find comprehensive information on the degree programmes offered as well as on the application process.  |  Continue to the Online Application Portal



An Interview with FH-Experts About Rail Traffic

In everyday life, problems with trains running late arise time and time again. Where's the hitch then? And what's working out just fine? How can current problems be solved? Prof. Dr. Bernd Schmidt (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, Subject Area: Electrical Drive Engineering), Prof. Dr. Haldor Jochim (Faculty of Civil Engineering, Subject Area: Transportation), and Prof. Dr. Ingo Elsen (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Subject Area: Big Data) are looking for answers to these questions and, in this interview, talk about the future of rail traffic. |  Go to the Report



Brauerei-Technik AG Brews First FH Beer!

Something's simmering and bubbling in one of the three oversized kettles. I have a look inside: A naturally cloudy liquid is hidden under the white foam, somehow reminding me of apple juice. But it's a mixture of hops, malt, yeast and water, I am told. What's going to emerge from this? FH Beer! Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Nils Tippkötter, around 15 students are brewing beer on FH Campus Jülich. Go to the Report

Exploring Fields of Study at FH Aachen

Sign up now! With the "Studienfelderkundungen der Ingenieurwissenschaften" (Exploration of Fields of Study in Engineering Sciences), starting this autumn, the General Academic Counselling team will be offering upper secondary school students (Oberstufe) the opportunity to get a first glimpse of the wide range of engineering degree programmes available at FH Aachen. You will find all information about the offer as well as a possibility to sign up on the website.



Halbjahresbilanz der IHK Aachen

 | 21.08.2019 |  Umsätze der Industrie gehen zurück | [more]

Echte Gefühle in virtuellen Welten

 | 20.08.2019 |  FH-Student entwickelt Kampagne für neuartiges Dating-Event | [more]

Bei internationalen Studierenden begehrt

 | 16.08.2019 |  Deutschland steigt zum wichtigsten nicht-englischsprachigen Gastland auf | [more]

Summerschool stärkt den Open-Source-Geist

 | 15.08.2019 |  Auftakt zur 8. ROS Summerschool an der FH Aachen | [more]

Bundesweiter Hochschul-Wettbewerb Dachwelten

 | 08.08.2019 |  Die Finalisten der 13. Auflage stehen fest | [more]

Jahresbericht des Studierendenwerks 2018

 | 07.08.2019 |  Übersicht über die wichtigsten Entwicklungen | [more]


6. Energiewirtschaftstage der FH Aachen

 | 04.09.2019 |  Mit den Herausforderungen der Energiewirtschaft umgehen | [more]

Vierte Aachener Holzbautagung an der FH Aachen

 | 12.09.2019 |  Austausch der Praxis mit Forschenden, Lehrenden und Studierenden | [more]

Exklusive Einblicke in die regionale Forschung

 | 12.09.2019 |  Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik am Forschungsflugplatz Merzbrück | [more]

Vortrag von Prof. Kotliar zur Schönheit im Auge des Künstlers

 | 07.10.2019 |  Auftakt zum Studium Generale im WS 19/20 | [more]

Einblicke in die Forschung

 | 08.10.2019 |  IBB Institut für Baustoffe und Baukonstruktionen an der FH Aachen | [more]

Tag der Lehre 2019

 | 10.10.2019 |  "Deep Learning – Vom Wissen zu Verstehen" | [more]