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Without FH Aachen, the Brainergy Park would be unthinkable, both now and in the future!

The topic was the time after the end of lignite mining, a future that people in Jülich have been thinking about for quite some time. Professor Dr. Michael Gramm explained that "the blueprint for the industrial parks of the future is being created in Jülich." For a long time, people had known that lignite mining would cease by 2038 at the latest, so planning for the future already began in the 1990s. In the current special situation, it is therefore now possible to start implementing a lighthouse project of structural change at short notice, with the help of state funding: the Brainergy Park. l Go to the Report

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A team of experts at FH Aachen is at your disposal to help you successfully set up your own business, to make sure you take the right path and avoid pitfalls, and to provide answers to your individual questions from experienced professionals. | Further information on the subject of start-ups

Sign up Now for the Days of Action for Health!

In-House Health Management invites all employees to the Days of Action for Health (Aktionstage Gesundheit). On 17 September in Aachen and on 25 September in Jülich, there will be health screenings, exercise and relaxation activities as well as theme-specific workshops and nutritional advice under the motto "Healthy Sleep - Powerful and Stress-Free Throughout the Day". Further information can be found on the In-House Health Management (BGM) website.

Aachen Wood Construction Conference 2019

The Aachen Wood Construction Conference (Aachener Holzbautagung) contributes to the mutual exchange both within the industry and, particularly, in NRW. It is being organised for the fourth time by FH Aachen's Faculty of Civil Engineering on September 12th and 13th and aims to facilitate the exchange of practice with researchers, teaching staff and students. The target groups are architects, civil engineers and wood engineers alike. The conference is once again supported by the "Aachener Freundeskreis der Holzingenieure e.V. (AFH)". | More Information

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If you want to start your studies at FH Aachen in the winter semester 2019/20, you can now apply for a university place. The FH Aachen application portal is available online. There, you will also find comprehensive information on the degree programmes offered as well as on the application process.  |  Continue to the Online Application Portal



Welcoming the Freshers 2019

On 25 October 2019, from 8 p.m. to midnight, FH Aachen will be welcoming its new students within the framework of a first semester welcome at the Aula Bayernallee 9, 52066 Aachen. Here, they can get to know their fellow students as well as other members of the university. | More Information


Wir trauern um unsere First Lady

 | 13.09.2019 |  Prof. Dr. Hildegard Reitz ist tot | [more]

Jahrestagung des Arbeitskreises Wirtschaftsinformatik

 | 11.09.2019 |  Tagungsort ist der FH-Campus Eupener Straße | [more]

FH Aachen errichtet Zentrum für Holzbauforschung in der Eifel

 | 11.09.2019 |  Übergabe des Förderbescheids | [more]

Die FH Aachen trauert um Prof. Dr. Thorsten Selmer

 | 10.09.2019 |  Wir haben eine bedeutende und geschätzte Persönlichkeit verloren | [more]

3, 2, 1, Liftoff …

 | 10.09.2019 |  Missionsstart für junge Indenautinnen und Indenauten ist geglückt | [more]

Mit der Kraft der Sonne

 | 09.09.2019 |  33. Summer School zu Erneuerbaren Energien | [more]


Sakralität und Moderne

 | 09.09.2019 |  Ausstellung der FH Aachen in St. Fronleichnam bis 6.10.2019 | [more]

"Innovationstransfer – Erfolgsfaktor in der Digitalisierung"

 | 17.09.2019 |  Veranstaltung des Hochschulnetzwerks NRW, Anmeldung bis 13.09. | [more]

Vortrag von Prof. Kotliar zur Schönheit im Auge des Künstlers

 | 07.10.2019 |  Auftakt zum Studium Generale im WS 19/20 | [more]

Einblicke in die Forschung

 | 08.10.2019 |  IBB Institut für Baustoffe und Baukonstruktionen an der FH Aachen | [more]

Tag der Lehre 2019

 | 10.10.2019 |  "Deep Learning – Vom Wissen zu Verstehen" | [more]

Erstsemesterbegrüßung 2019

 | 25.10.2019 |  Die FH Aachen heißt ihre neuen Studierenden willkommen! | [more]