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Turbulent Times: Christmas Tree in the Wind Tunnel

Scientists at the FH Aachen have found out that, in order to survive a storm unscathed, a Christmas tree has to be anchored to the ground with a weight of about 10 tons. The necessary measurement data were obtained in the wind tunnel of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. A fir tree has a drag coefficient of ca. 0.8 - just about the same as a truck. You can read a detailed report (in German) here.



Blackout@FH_Aachen: The Experiment

In the next few weeks, FH students are going to try to hack the SOPTIM AG's data network. In conjunction with the business company, the FH Aachen wants to raise awareness for the topic of IT security. There will be regular updates on the ongoing campaign. Go to the Campaign's Website

HIT 2018: Introducing the FH Aachen

On Saturday, 3 February 2018, the ten faculties of the FH Aachen will present themselves to the public at the Hochschul-Informationstag (University Information Day, HIT) for the 12th time. The event takes place in the buildings at Eupener Straße 70. There will be 72 exhibits, three of which will be showcased in front of Building 1 and in the parking area at Eupener Straße 70: the large size model of the glider DG 500 of the FAG Aachen e.V. and Aero.Race Lab of the Aixtreme Racing Team which are part of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering as well as the FabBus of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics. | More on HIT 2018 (in German)

Register for "A Good Academic Start" Now

Which university and which field of study suit me the best? "A Good Academic Start in Engineering" (Guter Studienstart im Ingenieurbereich) offers prospective students the opportunity to gain insight into a course of study at the FH Aachen and RWTH Aachen University and to attend the first seminars and lectures. The registration for the "zeroth semester" is now open. | More Information (in German)

Business Studies: Apply Until January 15

If you want to start a Bachelor's course of study "Betriebswirtschaft/Business Studies" at the FH Aachen in the summer semester 2018, you can apply as of now. The application portal will be open until January 15, 2018.  | Go to the Application Page | Go to the Faculty of Business Studies

FH Honouring the Best Students

Every year, the FH Aachen awards the badge of honour, the Ehrenplakette, to its best graduates. Traditionally, the festive awarding takes place in the Coronation Hall of the Aachen Town Hall. This year, the ceremony is scheduled for Friday, 8 December 2017. | Film about the award-giving ceremony 2016 (FH Aachen YouTube-Channel)


FH Aachen verwurzelt in der Städte Region

 | 21.11.2017 |  Rektor Prof. Dr. Marcus Baumann blickt auf die Bergbau-Stadt Alsdorf | [more]

cw-Wert wie ein Lkw

 | 20.11.2017 |  FH Aachen testet Weihnachtsbaum im Windkanal | [more]

Simulierte Cyberattacke

 | 17.11.2017 |  Blackout-Themenjahr: FH-Studierende hacken Firma | [more]

Etwas lernen und dabei viel Spaß haben

 | 16.11.2017 |  Grundschülerinnen und Grundschüler sind als "Helle Köpfe" an der FH Aachen  | [more]

Lohn für Leistung und Engagement

 | 16.11.2017 |  Stipendienfeier der FH Aachen im Aachener Rathaus | [more]

Guter Studienstart im Ingenieurbereich 2018

 | 09.11.2017 |  Das gemeinsame Projekt von FH und RWTH Aachen geht in die vierte Runde. Anmeldephase am 6. November... | [more]


Vortrag zum Studienangebot

 | 22.11.2017 |  Veranstaltung der Allgemeinen Studienberatung | [more]

Infoveranstaltung zum MBA-Studiengang

 | 28.11.2017 |  Praxisnah und berufsbegleitend | [more]

Infoveranstaltung zum Study-Abroad-Programm

 | 29.11.2017 |  Auslandssemester in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA | [more]

"Studieneinstieg leicht gemacht"

 | 29.11.2017 |  Angebot der Allgemeinen Studienberatung | [more]

Technologien für die Raumfahrt von morgen

 | 30.11.2017 |  Der Fachbereich Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik präsentiert die 30. Auflage seines Raumfahrtkolloquiums | [more]

"100 Jahre moderne physikalische Kosmologie – vom statischen Universum zum beschleunigten Kosmos"

 | 04.12.2017 |  Vortrag von Prof. Blome im Rahmen des Studium Generale | [more]