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FH Aachen - Open Campus Day (HIT) 2019

On Saturday, 9 February 2019, on Open Campus Day (HIT), the ten faculties of the FH Aachen will present themselves for the 13th time. Seventy-two exhibits will be on display in the two buildings at Eupener Straße 70. Four exhibits will be showcased in front of Building 1 and in the parking area at Eupener Straße 70: the large size model of the glider DG 500 of the FAG Aachen e.V., Aero.Race Lab and Aixtreme Racing of the FH Aachen Formula Student Teams which are part of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering as well as the FabBus of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics. | Open Campus Day (HIT) Information

Ehrenplakette: FH Honouring the Best Students

Each year, the FH Aachen awards a badge of honour, the Ehrenplakette, to its best students. The festive ceremony will be taking place in the Coronation Hall of the Aachen Town Hall on Friday, 14 December 2018, 5:30 p.m. This year, 98 graduates will receive the award. You are cordially invited! | More Information




Third Day of Teaching (Tag der Lehre) at FH Aachen

Arousing curiousity, promoting motivation, and creating enthusiam: goals that were communicated on the third Day of Teaching (Tag der Lehre) at FH Aachen. Under the motto "Study Success and Study Motivation", 180 FH professors, employees as well as students came together to get further teaching tips and share their experiences in an interdisciplinary manner.   |  Go to the Report

Orientation Before Getting Started

From the summer semester 2019 onwards, the FH Aachen and RWTH Aachen University will, for the first time, offer a joint Electrical Engineering degree programme: ETOS (Elektrotechnik mit Orientierungssemester = Electrical Engineering with Orientation Semester). After an orientation semester at the FH Aachen and RWTH Aachen, students can decide for one the universities. They can then continue their Electrical Engineering course of study in the second semester, at their university of choice, without delay. You can apply starting 3 December. More Information

More FH Scholarships Than Ever Before

During a festive ceremony, scholarship certificates were presented to the recipients in the Coronation Hall of Aachen Town Hall. This year, 98 FH Aachen students have been awarded a scholarship. That's a new record. | More Information


Sing mit!

 | 14.12.2018 |  FH-Studierende entwerfen Kampagne für das sechste Weihnachtssingen auf dem Tivoli  | [more]

Netzwerktreffen zwischen FH Aachen und Wallonischer Delegation

 | 12.12.2018 |  Erstes Kennenlernen an der FH Aachen | [more]

Bachelorarbeit überzeugt

 | 12.12.2018 |  Physiotherapie Studienpreis geht an Absolventin der FH Aachen | [more]

Neujahrsempfang 2019

 | 11.12.2018 |  Das Motto heißt "Luft- und Raumfahrt" | [more]

Licht aus

 | 07.12.2018 |  Studierende entwickeln Notstromkonzepte in Projektwoche PW10 | [more]

Neuer Rekord

 | 06.12.2018 |  FH Aachen vergibt mehr Stipendien als je zuvor | [more]


Meister des Aufschiebens meistern das Aufschieben

 | 17.12.2018 |  Training der Psychosozialen Beratung | [more]

Einzelberatungen des "Team Studien- und Berufswahl" der Bundesagentur für Arbeit

 | 03.01.2019 |  Kostenlose Beratungen | [more]

"Ohne Prüfungsangst durchs Studium"

 | 07.01.2019 |  Seminar der Psychosozialen Beratung | [more]

Informationen zum Studium

 | 09.01.2019 |  Vorträge der Allgemeinen Studienberatung der FH Aachen | [more]

"Ziele finden, setzen und einhalten - so klappt's besser"

 | 10.01.2019 |  Seminar des Career Service | [more]

"Hilfreiche Entspannungstechniken vor und in der Prüfung"

 | 10.01.2019 |  Seminar des Career Services | [more]