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Application For Winter Semester 2017/18 Has Started

If you want to start your studies in the winter semester 2017/18, you can apply now. For admission-restricted Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, the application period ends on July 15, 2017 (preclusive period). The application period for all Bachelor's degree programmes with no admission restrictions ends on July 31, 2017; in some cases, an application is possible until the end of August. | More Information

Excursions Within the Framework of the Scholarship Programme

In the summer semester, altogether fourteen business companies and institutions will open their doors to FH Aachen scholarship holders. During these excursions, students will have the chance to get to know the companies, gain insights into everyday work, and inform themselves about career opportunities. | More Information


COMPASS-2 Is Now in Orbit

On June 23, 2017, at 5:59 a.m., the small satellite of FH Aachen's COMPASS-2 team was successfully launched into space with an Indian PSLV rocket. Since 6:29 a.m, COMPASS-2 has officially been in orbit. The team has been working continuously and is now awaiting a signal from the satellite. Please follow the links below for up-to-date information.







Sommer- und Familienfest

 | 27.06.17 |  Personalräte und Gleichstellung laden ein | [more]

Alumni- Fußballturnier

 | 27.06.17 |  Sieg für die Wirtschaftsingenieure | [more]

Der doppelte Sprung

 | 26.06.17 |  pro8-Woche gibt Einblick in die Studienpraxis | [more]

Alle für einen, einer für alle

 | 26.06.17 |  Sechs Teams der FH Aachen prägen die Institutsolympiade beim FH RWTH Sports Day | [more]

Mit Unterstützung der FH in die Selbstständigkeit

 | 26.06.17 |  FH-Absolventen Dr. Christian Otten und Stephan Klein entwickeln neuartige Schweißtechnologie | [more]

Studium Generale: Das neue Programm ist da!

 | 26.06.17 |  Vier Vorträge im Wintersemester 2017/18 | [more]


Railway Challenge 2017

 | 29.06.17 |  FH-Team startet in Leicestershire | [more]

Gründermesse Aufbruch

 | 30.06.17 |  FH Aachen ist mit von der Partie | [more]

Info-Session: Mit dem MBA ins Management

 |  1.07.17 |  MBA-Studiengang Management und Entrepreneurship | [more]

Vortrag von Fabian Nawrath

 |  3.07.17 |  Studium Generale | [more]

Bewerbermappencheck am Campus Jülich

 |  6.07.17 |  ein Angebot des Career Service | [more]

Sommer- und Familienfest der FH Aachen

 |  7.07.17 |   Das Sommer- und Familienfest der FH Aachen findet 2017 am 07. Juli., ab 15 Uhr statt. Die... | [more]