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Career Path FH Professorship

FH Aachen competes with other universities and the business community to recruit qualified applicants. This means that STEM professorships in particular cannot always be filled promptly. However, a professorship at FH Aachen has many advantages. In addition to the security and the great creative freedom, employees benefit from the excellent family-friendliness.


If you are interested in becoming a professor, you will find some information below. We have also summarised some facts in our FAQs at the bottom of the page. All currently advertised professorships can be found under Job Vacancies.

Requirements for Future FH Professors

Requirements for appointment to a professorship at FH Aachen are based on § 36 of the Higher Education Act of North Rhine-Westphalia. These are the basic requirements:

  1. Completed university studies
  2. Proof of pedagogical aptitude through:
    • a corresponding previous education such as independently conducted courses and lectures in the academic environment
    • the determination in the appointment procedure; as a rule, the holding of a teaching test in the appointment process
  3. Proof of special ability to carry out academic work
    • as a rule, the quality of a doctorate or
    • doctorate-adequate achievements such as scientific publications, awards, patents or exhibitions
  4. At least 5 years of relevant experience, 3 years of which must be outside the higher education sector.

The further requirements of the specific position can be found in the respective job advertisement.

Tasks of an FH Professor

What tasks will future professors have? The field of activity at a university is broad and can be divided into three areas for professorships:

  1. Teaching
    • 18 semester hours per week (SWS) for lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical trainings - one SWS equals 45 minutes
    • Administering examinations
    • Supervision of degrees, student research projects and theses
    • Supervision of doctoral students who are pursuing a cooperative doctorate
  2. Research
    • Designing, applying for and managing projects
    • Development of innovative products and processes, often in cooperation with industry or other (technical) universities
    • Establishing and maintaining a network of research cooperation partners
  3. Self-administration
    • Involvement in academic self-administration, e.g. in committees

Selection and Appointment Process for FH Professorships

Like other positions, vacant professorships must be advertised publicly. An overview of the professorships currently advertised at FH Aachen can be found under the menu item Job Vacancies.

The process of filling a vacant professorship extends over a longer period of time due to the formal requirements of the Higher Education Act (§§ 37 ff.). An appointment committee is formed even before the vacancy is advertised. After the application deadline, this appointment committee makes a preliminary selection of the applicants. The applicants who appear to be the most suitable on the basis of the application documents will be invited to the subsequent selection procedure at the FH Aachen.

After the probationary courses, comparative assessments of suitability are prepared for usually three candidates. The assessments are prepared by external professors who were not previously involved in the appointment process.

Based on the expert opinions and the impressions from the selection process, the appointment committee prepares an appointment proposal. After the faculty has approved this proposal, it is submitted to the Rector for a decision on the appointment.

As the selected applicant, you will then receive a letter of call from the Rector. If you are willing to accept the appointment, you will receive an invitation to the appointment interview at FH Aachen. The interview will be documented in a transcript which will then be sent to you for signature. As soon as you have signed and returned the transcript, the appointment is considered accepted.

Ideally, you will take up your position as professor at the beginning of a semester.

Talent Pool

You currently do not meet all the requirements for one of the FH professorships advertised?

We would still like to get and stay in touch with you. Register in our talent pool to be informed about news. If we advertise a professorship that suits you, you will hear about it directly. You can download the full Data Protection Declaration for our talent pool directly here.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send us an email at ProFHaachenfh-aachen.de.


Who can you reach with your email?

The ProFHaachen project team would like to raise the profile of the FH professorship among STEM professionals. A professorship at FH Aachen comes with many attractive advantages. Find out about the strengths of FH Aachen under FH Aachen as an employer. For example, as a member of our talent pool, you will receive up-to-date information about FH Aachen or interesting job offers through our project team.

We also network with the other universities of the HAWtech HochschulAllianz to offer you contacts to other universities of applied sciences.


All currently advertised positions at FH Aachen can be found on this website.

FH Aachen cooperates with five other universities in Germany in the HochschulAllianz für Angewandte Wissenschaften (HAWtech). Jobs at the other universities HTW Berlin, Hochschule Darmstadt (h_da), HTW Dresden, Hochschule Esslingen and Hochschule Karlsruhe (HKA) can be found on their respective websites.


Do you have any questions about the FH professorship? Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Are you missing information? Then feel free to write to us at profhaachenfh-aachen.de and we will help you.

Is a Habilitation Required for Appointment to a University of Applied Sciences?

No, you do not have to habilitate for an FH professorship. However, in most cases a doctorate is required for the appointment. In addition, you must gain practical professional experience in the field of the professorship. All requirements for potential applicants can be found in the NRW Higher Education Act § 36.

How Many Working Hours Does a FH Professorship Comprise?

In general, a full-time professorship includes 18 semester hours per week (SWS) and the obligation to be available to the FH at least four days per week. One SWS corresponds to 45 minutes. Semester hours include lectures, seminars, exercises and practical trainings. In addition, tasks of academic self-administration have to be taken over.

The basis for this is the Ordinance on TeachingObligations at Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences(Teaching Obligations Ordinance - LVV), in particular §§ 3 - 5.

What Documents Do I Need for My Application for a FH Professorship?

For the application for a FH professorship, you need a cover letter, a CV and relevant proofs and certificates, just as for other applications. The CV should go into detail about your experience in research and teaching. Awards and publications are particularly interesting here. In addition, you should of course provide evidence of the experience you have gained in the form of references or proof of work.

How Long Does an Appeal Procedure Take?

The duration of appointment procedures varies greatly. Due to formal requirements of the Higher Education Act, an appointment process extends over a longer period of time. You should therefore be prepared for the process to take several months.

What Is the Composition of the Appeals Committee?

At FH Aachen, the appointment committee is composed as follows:

  • 4 professors
  • 2 students
  • 1 scientific assistant

At least one of the four professors belongs to another faculty or another university. The appointment committee may also call in advisors who, however, are not entitled to vote.

The Equal Opportunity Officer, the representative of severely disabled persons and the Appointment Officer shall also not be entitled to vote.