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Aerospace Engineering M.Sc.

Become an Expert for Tomorrow

The demand for new, sustainable and improved technologies in the world is higher and more urgent than ever before. Especially in the field of aerospace, structures and industry are in a state of flux - in order for this to move forward, capable engineers are needed who can apply their expertise in a target-oriented manner. In the Master's degree programme "Aerospace Engineering", everything therefore revolves around the combination of proven and tested technology and new knowledge in order to master today's challenges.

Being an engineer does not only mean having know-how, but also being able to implement it in teamwork. The course of study at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering includes various practical group work, practical training in the laboratory and extracurricular modules to provide its students with suitable - and, of course, fun and fascinating - training for their future careers: And that is for working in one of the most fascinating fields of technology.

Information at a Glance

Degree Programme Aerospace Engineering M.Sc.

Aerospace Engineering
Location of Study
Start of Studies
each summer semester and winter semester
Admission Restriction

Numerus Clausus (local NC)

Prescribed Period of Study

3 semesters

Credit Points


Teaching Language
English (1-2 modules in German)

directly to FH Aachen


Broschüre Aerospace Engineering

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Prüfungsordnung Aerospace Engineering/International Automotive Engineering

Short description:

Prüfungsordnung für die Masterstudiengänge „Aerospace Engineering“ (3 oder 4 Semester) und „International Automotive Engineering“ (3 oder 4 Semester) im Fachbereich Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik an der Fachhochschule Aachen
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Study Contents, Application, and More

Experiences and Occupational Fields

Experiences and Occupational Fields

Study Contents and Specialisations

Study Contents and Specialisations
Research Projects



Head of Degree Programme

Braun, Carsten, Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Teaching Subject: Luftfahrzeugtechnik
Photo Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carsten Braun
Fachbereich 6 - Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik
Institute - European Center for Sustainable Mobility (ECSM)
Schedule of Events
List of Publications
Hohenstaufenallee 6
Room O2114
52064 Aachen
Consultation Hours
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Degree Programme Coordination Master

Hornig-Flöck, Corinna, Dipl.-Päd.

Photo Dipl.-Päd. Corinna Hornig-Flöck
Wissenschaftliche Angestellte
Fachbereich 6 - Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik
Senat und Kommissionen - Senat
Hohenstaufenallee 6
52064 Aachen

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