Focus Topics & External Services

Focus Topics

  • Fundamental international economic shifts, such as digitization, future of money and electronic currencies, monetary policy with zero interest, sovereign debt crises, trade wars, demographic change, ... For example, ...

    • ...I talked to the Aachen Chamber of Industry and Commerce on the economic consequences of Corona in November 2020. The interview (in German only) is available here.

    • ...I took part in a web talk of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation with a German member of parliament and a digital expert on the future of money in February 2021. A recording of the web talk is available here (in German only).

  • Their impact on politics, including questions around the design of policy solutions and ensuring the performance of the public sector
  • Their impact on the business world, including questions around strategy development in response to these shifts and enabling employees to perform in a changing world economy. For example, ...
    •   ...I gave a keynote speech to an audience of 100 entrepreneurs in May 2021 focusing on economic trends for the time after Covid-19 and how to best prepare as a company
    • ...between January und June 2021, I conducted workshop with about 75 employees and managers of a healthcare company to upskill their capabilities.

External Services

  • Keynote Speeches on economics and related topics
  • Strategy Consulting for private companies and public sector institutions
  • Trainings and coachings for managers, such as on project management, structured problem-solving, results-oriented communication, leading teams, agile ways of working, change management