Laboratory of Graphic

Data processing

The goal of the Computer Graphics Laboratory under my direction is to provide practical training for students of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, MCD and Mechatronics. As part of their studies, state-of-the-art practical training is provided for the modules Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, Computer Graphics, 2D and 3D Image Processing and Parallel Systems.

New from September 2020:

  • Building a new 4K powerwall for stereoscopic 3D visualization.
  • Establishment of an interdisciplinary laboratory with the colleagues Prof. Elsen and Prof. Hartung for the development of visualization projects from Big Data and generally from 3D data.

Competences & Experiences

  • Development of VRAR applications in the industrial (environment maps for mobile robotics) as well as in the medical field (real-time 3D reconstruction of surfaces from magnettomographic or computed tomography image sequences - MedicVR)
  • Virtualization of environments (development of an autonomous mobile exploration vehicle, among other things for 3D-acquisition of an underground mine, 3D-scan of buildings - e.g. Maschiertor, Campus FH Aachen Eupener Straße, etc.)
  • Object recognition from camera images/LiDar data during autonomous driving from new environments
  • Environment detection (e.g. ARTUS project)
  • Development of a HD-3D body scanner based on Asus Xtion Pro cameras (using RGB and Depth images)
  • Visualization Projects


  • 2D/3D image processing:
    • ToF camera systems (Kinect, Xtion)
    • Various 3D lidar technology (Velodyne Pucks) for scanning the environment as a 3D point cloud for mobile robots
    • Faro Focus 3D scanner: architectural scanner, scans the surroundings up to a distance of approx. 140m as a coloured 3D point cloud
  • Various high-end graphics workstations (desktop and laptops) equipped with the latest Nvidia graphics cards (currently GTX 1080Ti and RTX2080)
  • VRAR technology:
    • Passive Stereo Projection (Front Projection)
    • From September 2020: 4K-3D-Powerwall (active stereo projection as rear projection)
    • Oculus Rift
    • HTC Vive
    • Additional controllers
    • HoloLens (1st and 2nd generation)